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Wooden Dinky Toys

Les Neufeld

With easy-to-follow instructions, anyone can make beautiful versions of these classic toys in wood… Over the past century no toys have been more popular, or were made in greater numbers, than die-cast metal vehicles. They were small, about 2 to 5 inches in length, and included the likes of cars, trucks, boats, and planes. You no doubt played with them, collected them, and bought them for your children or grandchildren. You know the more modern names such as Corgi, Matchbox, and Hot Wheels, but before those brands landed on any kiddo's wish list, there was Dinky Toys. Dinky Toys were the most popular diecast vehicles ever made and they led the charge of metal die-cast vehicles populating many a playroom floor. In Wooden Dinky Toys[/i], Les Neufeld, a professional woodworker and wooden toy expert, redesigns the favorites of the Dinky Toy line so anyone who enjoys working with wood can make beautiful versions of these iconic toys. In Wooden Dinky Toys[/i], all the projects have been chosen by the level of historical popularity, as well as the ease of conversion to a wooden counterpart. Each are made to scale – approximately 1/64, typical of small diecast toys – making a car between 2-1/2 in. and 3 in. long, an airplane 4 or 5 in. long, and large truck 6 or 7 in. long. Some of the projects have a few moving parts, but they are all simple enough to make in a few hours or, at the most, a weekend. Only basic tools are needed and the materials can be found among the scraps of any shop or garage. Best of all, these are woodworking projects that will appeal to all skill levels. Parents or grandparents can work with children to make a favorite while novice woodworkers will feel comfortable tackling any of the toys. Strict adherence to the «blueprints» isn't required and all the toys can be altered to suit personal preference. Many options are provided along the way, with suggestions for ways to customize further, that allow crafters to put their own stamp on each toy while generating lots of ideas for the next project. While there are several wooden toy books showing how to build larger conventional toys, Wooden Dinky Toys[/i] is the only guide you need to successfully craft these popular and realistic small toys.  

Wooden Toy Spacecraft

Gonzalo Ferreyra

When it comes to making that special wooden toy, space is the new frontier. Wooden toy designs have changed very little since long before we first landed on the moon: plenty of cars, p-prop planes, trucks, and trains–and, yes, that occasional Buck Rodgers-era rocket–but few projects that hint at the world of the future. No longer. With  Wooden Toy Spacecraft , the iconic wooden toy blasts off into the 21st century with this collection of 12 state-of-the-art spacecraft that you can build in a weekend. Going well beyond tired old rocket ships, woodworker Gonzalo Ferreyra offers up an intergalactic fleet of original designs that can fly proudly alongside the classics we know from film, television, and our real-world history of space exploration. Dozens of detailed photographs and clear, concise instructions make even the most challenging techniques easy to conquer. With a few pieces of lumber, some cut-offs from your scrap box, and a healthy dose of future-vision, space geeks of all ages can craft a beautiful, awe-inspiring vehicle to proudly display or to gift to that special kiddo for hours of imaginative play.

Safe Senior Drivers: A Guide for a Critical Time

Phil Berardelli

The post-World War II generation, the Baby Boomers, are beginning to retire at a time when U.S. life expectancy has never been higher. As a result, the population of senior drivers is exploding, a phenomenon that will create potentially massive problems for our traffic planners, highway safety engineers and healthcare providers, as more and more Americans in their 70s, 80s and even 90s continue to ply the roadways. Or will it?<br><br>In Safe Senior Drivers, a Guide for a Critical Time, five highly experienced writers take on this serious question. The result is a unique, invaluable tool for keeping yourself &ndash; and your aging parent &ndash; as safe as possible on the roads. Anchored by editor Phil Berardelli, author of two of the best books ever written about driving safety, and packed with useful information and references, Safe Senior Drivers is the clearest, most comprehensive resource available on what indeed is a critical time in the life of everyone who intends to stay behind the wheel and function well in today&#39;s driving environment.

Mondo Man Smartest Dog In All The Land

Janet Ph.D. York

The heroic adventure of a clever Cavalier on a journey to help a very special little girl find her voice.

Hollywood Beauty Secrets: Remedies to the Rescue

Louisa Graves

Celebrity Body Parts Model -Turned- Media Beauty Expert, Louisa Graves, shares scientifically proven advice, that addresses a variety of self-help, &#39;head to toe&#39; beauty and age-proofing solutions. <br><br>Louisa &quot;walks the talk&quot;! Many of the DIY beauty recipes, remedies and budget-friendly products she shares are those that have helped her remain tops in her field in youth-oriented Hollywood as both a celebrity body parts model and beauty expert on TV. Doctors on TV and radio regularly invite Louisa to share her non-invasive approach to halting the aging process, addressing topics ranging from hair loss and skin conditions, to brittle nails, dark circles, acne, enlarged pores, cracked heels, hormones, cellulite, weight loss, and much more. In fact, the doctor-approved slimming tonic she reveals in this book, helped one women lose over 150 lbs. while dropping her medications from 17 &ndash; down to ONE! Her clients and customers are worldwide. They include: Doctors, actresses, models, TV anchors, producers, moms, baby boomers, seniors and teens.<br><br>As a Beauty Expert Louisa has appeared on myriad television shows including: The Talk, The Doctors, Extra, The Style Network and Discovery Channel, to name a few. She has done over 500 radio shows including: Sirius XM&#39;s Doctor Radio, KIIS/FM, WGN/Chicago, Hot 97/ New York, K-Earth-/Los Angeles and many more. Her tips have been featured on the cover of Woman&#39;s World Magazine, in FIRST Magazine, at AOLHealth.com, AOLJobs.com, MSNBC.com, and WomansDay.com, to name a few.<br><br>Louisa&#39;s proven solutions will have you achieving faster results than many conventional methods. There is something for everyone in this concise beauty book &ndash;whether you&#39;re 20, 45 or 80 &ndash; woman or man. Louisa stays &#39;ahead of the curve&#39; so she&#39;s on the pulse of what women want &ndash; proven solutions that work AND don&#39;t cost a fortune! We all strive to be our best and Louisa provides concise, do-able information to help us address our concerns. Her solutions are very timely, given this current economic time.

Understanding Wood Finishing

Bob Flexner

For more than 18 years, Bob Flexner has been inspiring woodworkers with his writings and teachings on wood finishing. Now, from this best-selling author comes the long-awaited and completely updated second edition of UNDERSTANDING WOOD FINISHING-the most practical, comprehensive book on finishing ever published.
The first edition of UNDERSTANDING WOOD FINISHING has sold hundreds of thousands of copies and is widely regarded as the bible of wood finishing. «We use UNDERSTANDING WOOD FINISHING as the textbook for our students training to go into the furniture industry,» says David Miles, wood technology professor at Pittsburg State University. «It's the best written, most accurate, and most thorough wood finishing book in print-by far.»

Simon's Cat 3

Simon Tofield

Feed Me!

Simon Tofield

Wake Up!

Simon Tofield

Play Time!

Simon Tofield