Природа и животные

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The Forever Whale

Sarah Lean

A family secret waiting to be discovered… from bestselling author of A Dog Called Homeless.A shared story can last forever.Hannah’s grandad loves telling stories from his past, but there’s one that he can’t remember… one that Hannah knows is important.When a whale appears off the coast, clues to Grandad’s secret begin to surface. Hannah is determined to solve the mystery but, as she gets closer to the truth, Grandad’s story is more extraordinary than she imagined.Includes beautiful inside artwork from hugely talented illustrator, Gary Blythe.

Невероятные лошади. Все о самых грациозных и сильных существах на планете

Наталья Франк

В этой книге представлены самые известные лошади всех мастей, возрастов и пород – орловские рысаки и итальянские тяжеловозы, арабские скакуны, перуанские пасо, пони и русские верховые. Любой поклонник лошадей оценит великолепные фотографии и интересные факты из истории пород. Вы узнаете об особенностях того климата и местности, в которых формировались популярные и редкие породы, о том, какие преимущества у крохотных пони и гигантов весом более полутора тонн, а также о том, какую роль играли самые яркие представители пород во взаимоотношениях с людьми.

Przerwana wędrówka

Erin Hunter

Подарок для Мамы

Валерия Подсолнух

"Подарок для Мамы" – это новогодняя сказка про семью белочек. Каждый бельчонок готовит Маме подарок, кто-то картину, а кто-то печенье. Отправляйтесь вместе с веселыми рыжулями в сказочный лес, где живет Хомяк-стеклодув, Карамельщик Бобер и даже Еноты-гончары! Сказка в стихах понравится как самым маленьким, так и тем, кто уже умеет читать сам. Каждый найдет своего бельчонка. Кому-то приглянется Хвастуша, кто-то узнает себя в Задире и даже маленький Грызик найдет своего читателя. С первых строчек вы и ваш ребенок почувствуете запах ели, песочного печенья, лесных орехов и мятных леденцов!

Ant and Bee

Angela Banner

These were the books that taught me how to read' Anthony Horowitz.The much-loved classic series of Ant and Bee books is designed for shared reading fun! First published in 1950, Ant and Bee were in print for over 40 years. These new editions feature revised text and illustrations by original Ant and Bee creator Angela Banner. The adorably small format is perfect for little hands. In this very first Ant and Bee adventure, have fun with 3-letter words! Ant and Bee teach children to read via word recognition and encourage story sharing with siblings and parents. Grown-ups read the black words, but the shorter, simpler red words are for young children to call out. These books are for sharing, building confidence and most of all enjoying! Perfect for young children aged 3 and up. Parents and grandparents who grew up with Ant and Bee will love sharing this nostalgic experience from the same era as Ladybird Read it Yourself. Have you collected all of Ant and Bee's learning adventures?Ant and BeeMore Ant and BeeMore and More Ant and BeeAnt and Bee Count 123Ant and Bee and the SecretAround the World with Ant and BeeHappy Birthday with Ant and BeeAnt and Bee and the RainbowAnt and Bee and the ABCAnt and Bee TimeAnt and Bee and the Kind DogAnt and Bee and the DoctorAnt and Bee Go ShoppingLeft and Right with Ant and BeeMake a Million with Ant and BeeAngela Banner was born in 1923. She first wrote Ant and Bee as a way to teach her son how to read. The first book in the series was published in 1950. Since then, Angela has written 22 Ant and Bee books.

Something Delicious

Jill Lewis

The Little Somethings is a charming series, ideal for kids who love collecting Mr Men and Little Miss.Somewhere, not so far away, there's a cave filled with wonderful creatures. They’re called the Little Somethings, which is unfortunate, because the Greedy Guzzler is very hungry … and looking for a little something to satisfy his appetite …Those poor Little Somethings; they’re terrified of being eaten! But this Greedy Guzzler is very particular. He doesn’t want any old little something. He doesn’t want anything skinny, nor anything with wings or nasty stings. Which just leaves … the Miniwiggler and Skiddadler. The Miniwiggler will have to use all his cunning in order to escape the Greedy Guzzler’s clutches!Little Somethings is perfect for kids aged 3 and up. Children will have fun pointing out the different characters with the ‘Spotters Guide’ and following the recipe for ‘Nosh Biscuits’!Look out for the other titles in this series:Something Missing Something DifferentJill Lewis is actually two people! Jill and Alison combine their talents (education and theatre production) to bring a fresh, inventive voice to the world of picture books. Ali Pye graduated from Kingston University with an MA in illustration in 2010. Her work combines digital and hand-drawn elements. She was highly commended (Most Promising New Talent) in the 2012 Junior Design Awards. She has recently collaborated with Claire Freedman on Tenny-Weeny Queenie.

The Akimbo Adventures

Alexander McCall Smith

Three classic adventure tales from the bestselling author of The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency, now together in paperback for the first time.Imagine living in the heart of Africa. Imagine living in a place where the sun rises every morning over blue mountains.Akimbo and his parents live on the edge of an African game reserve. It's his father's task to protect the thousands of amazing animals who make it their home, and wildlife-loving Akimbo dreams of helping him. In these three adventures, Akimbo protects elephants from poachers, saves a lion cub from a trap, and rescues a man from a crocodile!This 3-in-1 collection contains Akimbo and the Elephants, Akimbo and the Lions and Akimbo and the Crocodile Man.Fans of The Jungle Book and the Just So Stories will love these stories of wild animals and thrilling adventures.Alexander McCall Smith grew up in Zimbabwe and then moved to Scotland. He was a professor of Medical Law and has written almost 100 books, including the well-loved and bestselling No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency series. He lives in Edinburgh.Illustrator Peter Bailey has worked with some of Britain's best-known authors and poets, including Allan Ahlberg, Dick King-Smith, Michael Morpurgo and Philip Pullman.


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