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Как найти идею и начать зарабатывать в Инстаграме и не только

Мария Точилина

Маргарита Былинина (маркетолог, основатель «Диджитал академии маркетинга», известный блогер) и Мария Точилина (бизнес-консультант) написали уникальную книгу для тех, кто мечтает найти идею для своего дела и успешно развивать его. Это не волшебная таблетка и не сборник правильных решений. Эта книга – инструмент, который поможет вам получать доход от любимого дела через Инстаграм-канал и другие Интернет-сети. На реальных примерах своих клиентов и участников курсов авторы показывают, с чего нужно начинать, как представлять в Сетях себя и свой продукт, для чего нужна грамотная стратегия продвижения, как находить свою аудиторию и заинтересовывать ее. Специально для читателей М. Былинина приготовила подарок, о котором вы узнаете из этой книги. Он даст хороший старт и поможет начать личный бизнес-проект. В формате PDF A4 сохранен издательский макет книги.

Personalberatung nach allen Regeln der Kunst

Vsevolod Rychagov

Vsevolod Rychagov blickt mittlerweile auf über zehn Jahre Berufserfahrung als Personalberater in der Besetzung von Executive-Positionen in Deutschland, Österreich und im CEE-Raum zurück. Zu seinen Klienten gehören namhafte internationale Unternehmen, die ihm bei der Besetzung von Schlüsselpositionen vertrauen. Zu seinen Spezialitäten zählt unter anderem die Besetzung von Executive-Positionen in der Unternehmensberatungsbranche. Er studierte Betriebswirtschaft und Germanistik an der Universität Wien und der Donau-Universität Krems.

Neuausrichtung JETZT!

Sascha Maurer

"Neuausrichtung JETZT! Erfinde Dich neu, bevor es das Leben tut" ist ein exzellenter Life & Business Guide für Unternehmer, Selbständige und Manager im tiefgreifenden Umbruch von Leben, Beruf und Persönlichkeit. Ein Life & Business Guide, der wertvolle Impulse zur effektiven Neuausrichtung, einfache Übungen zur Selbsteinschätzung der aktuellen Lebenssituation, tiefgründige, persönliche Reflexionsfragen, anregende Informationsboxen und konkrete Fallbeispiele von Unternehmern, Selbständigen und Managern enthält. Ein Life & Business Guide für Unternehmer, Selbständige und Manager, die in der Sackgasse ihres Lebens stecken: Erfolgreich, aber unerfüllt, engagiert, aber erschöpft – Wohlbefinden, Lebensqualität und Leistungsfähigkeit voll im Keller! Ein Life & Business Guide für Unternehmer, Selbständige und Manager, die endlich raus aus der begrenzenden Lebenssackgasse wollen – hin zur besten Phase ihres Lebens! Sascha Maurer zeigt ihnen, wie sie sich als Unternehmer, Selbständige und Manager JETZT neuausrichten können, und macht ihnen unmissverständlich klar und bewusst, warum sie keine Sekunde länger mehr warten sollten, sich nachhaltig für ein Leben voller Sinn, Erfolg und Wohlbefinden zu entscheiden. Der lebens- und berufserfahrene Experte für die Neuausrichtung von Leben, Berufung und Persönlichkeit, Diplom-Psychologe und professionelle Life & Business Coach gibt ihnen inspirierende Impulse, konkrete Tipps und effektive Methoden für die persönliche und berufliche Neuausrichtung an die Hand. «Neuausrichtung JETZT! Erfinde Dich neu, bevor es das Leben tut» ist der Life & Business Game Changer für Unternehmer, Selbständige und Manager im tiefgreifenden Umbruch von Leben, Beruf und Persönlichkeit.

Come Interagire Con Le Persone Al Lavoro

Carolina Meli

Più persone di quante tu possa immaginare passano la maggior parte del tempo a contatto con gli altri in una situazione lavorativa, e, a meno che non siano fortunate, non possono decidere con chi lavorare. Purtroppo, non tutti sanno come andare d’accordo con gli altri, e questo può causare svariate situazioni difficili, rendendo quasi impossibile arrivare sereni a fine giornata. Essere in grado di collaborare con le altre persone è cruciale in qualsiasi situazione, ma è ancora più importante farlo in ambito lavorativo. Perché? Giusto per fare qualche esempio, coinvolge aspetti fondamentali quali l’efficienza, la produttività, e il morale dei dipendenti. La dimensione della compagnia o dell’azienda per cui lavori non è importante. Le regole sono praticamente le stesse sia che tu lavori con un’altra persona, sia che lavori con altre mille. Ognuno merita lo stesso livello di considerazione. Hai mai fatto caso, scorrendo le offerte di lavoro, che quasi sempre vengono richieste “eccellenti doti relazionali”? C’è un’ottima ragione per questo: i datori di lavoro non vogliono assumere qualcuno che non riesca a lavorare bene con gli altri, perché di solito crea problemi fin dall’inizio.

Working From Home

Karen Mangia

Master the delicate art of working from home with this comprehensive resource .   Working from Home:  Making the New Normal Work for You  provides readers with a detailed strategy on how to turn working from home into a powerful career choice. Author and Salesforce executive Karen Mangia teaches readers how to:  Build the future of work in any kind of space: ideas for your home office that fit anywhere Create personalized time management routines designed specifically for remote productivity, impact, and balance—even while wearing your sweatpants Deal with Zoom fatigue, burnout, and isolation, via untapped new strategies for connection and team-building, even when the team is remote Discover how to deliver powerful virtual presentations and build career impact online, with expert communication strategies designed for an online world  Working from Home  explains in detail how to turn even the smallest of living spaces into the ideal remote work environment. It comprehensively explores how you can make yourself vital to any organization without ever setting foot in an office building. Because success isn’t a location: you can move your career forward from anywhere, if you know how to do it. This book will show you how to embrace the new normal and make sure your career doesn’t miss a beat.  Full of concrete strategies and practical advice,  Working from Home  is a must-read for anyone who wants to know how to find that elusive work/life balance when working remote. With guidance on how to create a work-from-home culture designed for success, it’s a perfect choice for early-in-career professionals, sales leaders, team managers, and business executives looking for fresh ideas on the future of work.

Great Pajama Jobs

Kerry E. Hannon

Find out how to secure and thrive in a work-from-home or remote-access job. Get out of your work clothes and into pajamas for good! Did you fall in love with working from home during the months of coronavirus restrictions? Is working in your pajamas appealing? Do you want to earn some income on the side?In 2020, the workplace has been transformed and working from home has exploded. It may, in fact, be the new reality of working for many of us, some full-time, some as a hybrid work scenario. With some information and expert guidance, you can transform your workday, take control of your time, and explore exciting new opportunities. Great Pajama Jobs: Your Complete Guide to Working from Home is your playbook. Until recently, you may have gone to an office that was uninspiring or chaotic, or spent a large part of your busy day responding to emails and working on computer–tasks that could easily be accomplished from home. You may have spent hours commuting each day. Then too, you may be a military spouse in search of an ideal remote job to take with you to a new base, or you may need to manage your personal health issues or caregiving duties. Or you may simply want to inch a little closer to a more favorable work-life balance. The truth is you may need the autonomy and flexibility of working remotely for a myriad of reasons. Great Pajama Jobs is your ultimate guide to finding a job where you can work remotely and advance your career while working in pajamas (or certainly something more comfortable than traditional work garb). Learn the nuts and bolts of how to land a remote-access job you love that will allow you to thrive in your career or bring in extra income in retirement Discover up-to-date resources for finding a solid work from home job for professionals Read insightful interviews with professionals who have already made the move successfully Learn more about leading companies recognized for providing remote employment opportunities Explore great remote jobs in a variety of fields There’s something here for everyone, a job-hunter’s smorgasbord. No, this is not the master list of every job under the sun, but you’ll discover plenty of ideas to spur your imagination about how you can make the most of your talents to create work that, well, works for you. Each job description follows this format: the nitty-gritty, pay range, and qualifications needed, with a smattering of job-hunting tips tossed in. In “Kerry’s Great Pajama Jobs Workshop,” you’ll reap the benefits of professional advice and strategies with information to help you land that work-from-home job, including a resume revamp, the best online job boards for home-based positions, tips on time management and organizing a productive home office, tax advice, and help with saving for retirement when you're on your own. Working from home is here, and it’s real. This year’s work-from-home mandates for many workers around the world, due to the coronavirus, has pushed many employers to embrace and trust remote work. Technology has already boosted the phenomenal growth of home-based employment in recent years and continues to do so. Remote jobs are popular for a good reason. They save you commute time and allow you to focus on completing your work productively and successfully, and they typically provide employers significant cost savings as well. You have the flexibility to choose career opportunities that do not require you to commit long hours inside an office environment. Experience all that a more flexible position can offer when you look to the guidance found in this remote employment roadmap. If you land home office work, comfortable work clothing or even PJs may be your wardrobe of the future. Great Pajama Jobs will

Your 168

Harry M. Kraemer, Jr.

Put your values first and focus on what matters most Despite our good intentions, many of us experience a chronic imbalance between the desire to live our values and the distractions and never-ending to-do lists that can get in the way. In  Your 168: Finding Purpose and Satisfaction in a Values-Based Life , readers learn how to pursue a values-based life by identifying and committing to their values and priorities. The book is written by bestselling author Harry Kraemer, former Chairman and CEO of Baxter International and currently a professor of management and strategy at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management, where he was a Professor of the Year. Kraemer uses personal stories and insights from others to help readers discover the dissonance between what they say is most important and where they actually devote their time. This is an eye-opener for most people, uncovering the obstacles to leading a value-based life. In Your 168 , you will learn how to make changes and build new habits that put your values first by: ● Using self-reflection to identify what matters most and become more aware of how you spend your time ● Re-evaluating priorities such as career, family, health, recreation, spirituality, and making a difference ● Avoiding unpleasant “surprises” and “hitting the brick wall” ● Experiencing better balance in real time amid shifting priorities—personally and professionally Fans of Kraemer's previous books on values-based leadership will embrace this new release – Your 168: Finding Purpose and Satisfaction in a Values-Based Life . The book provides actionable advice, filled with tips on how to live a life of meaning and experience a greater sense of purpose. Everyone will feel inspired to make lasting change. All of Harry’s proceeds from the book sales are donated to the One Acre Fund in Africa.

LinkedIn Profile Optimization For Dummies

Donna Serdula

Give your LinkedIn profile the makeover it deserves—and get the attention you deserve   Look at your profile: you know it could be a little better. Too many LinkedIn users are just posting a basic resume and hoping for the offers to come flooding in, missing out on the incredible opportunity the platform offers to properly showcase their talents, products, and services to 610 million professionals in over 200 countries. LinkedIn is way more than a resume tool—to display your professional past and present—it’s also your career future and personal brand. Used to its fullest extent, it helps you demonstrate the unique value and culture you provide, the skills and aspirations that make you different, to get the outcomes you truly want. But how’s it done? Profile branding expert Donna Serdula pioneered the concept of LinkedIn Profile Optimization and through her Website, LinkedIn-Makever.com, has helped over 5000 professionals use LinkedIn to achieve increased success. In this guide she applies that experience to help you use all of LinkedIn’s capabilities to meet your goals, whether they be job search, reputation management, or sales—including how to: Create a memorable, successful profile Optimize personal keywords Showcase your experience, accomplishments, and unique value Use LinkedIn features to grow your network and more You never get a second chance to make a first impression—and people are Googling you right now: Get a fresh online look and get results!