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Quick Start To Cash Flow

Scott McGillivray

Quick Start to Cash Flow' is for individuals who want to begin purchasing investment properties but don’t have the cash to get started. 'Quick Start to Cash Flow' teaches you the options available to begin building capital in order to start purchasing the long-term real estate investments you want!
Learn about flipping, partnering, bird-dogging, assignments, lease options, and much more!
The books 'Quick Start to Cash Flow' and 'Cash Flow for Life' work together to put you on the right track to creating lifelong wealth. Know your options and create capital to get started!

Cash Flow For Life

Scott McGillivray

Cash Flow for Life is your guide to real estate investing success. Scott McGillivray and Michael Sarracini have the answers to create consistent positive cash flow through rental real estate. This book is your guide to successful real estate investing for the long term.
Learn about purchasing property, leveraging, value-added renovations, managing properties, networking, and much more!
The books 'Cash Flow for Life' and 'Quick Start to Cash Flow' work together to put you on the right track to creating lifelong wealth. Know your options and maintain a consistent cash flow!

Do Your Own Home Staging

Tina Parker

Selling a home is harder than ever before. Do Your Own Home Staging demonstrates, step-by-step, exactly what you can do to sell your home faster and for a better price. Just as you would get dressed up for a job interview, your home needs to be presented in the best possible way to make the sale and get a great price. Do Your Own Home Staging shows you how using tested and often inexpensive techniques to make your home more appealing to buyers. With housing markets in the US and parts of Canada slowing down, selling a home is going to be harder than before. Homeowners are looking for ways to improve their chances of making the sale. This book will be helpful for those who want to sell their own homes and for those who are working with a real estate agent. The book takes you step-by-step through everything that needs to be done prior to putting your home on the market. Covering every room in your house, there are checklists of things to do and budget guidelines.

Your First Home

Kimberley Marr

Buying Your First Home: whether a condominium, townhouse, single family dwelling, or other type of abode, is often the single largest purchase in a person’s life. But just how confident do you feel that you know what you’re getting into? When you're looking to buy your first home, who can you trust? Brokers, bankers, realtors … everyone's biased in their own way. How do you understand what you should look for in these professionals, and what you can or should do yourself? How do you understand how much a mortgage will actually cost, how it works, and how to pay it off quickly? Why do you need a notary or a lawyer? Is mortgage insurance worth it? This multitude of questions can be overwhelming for first-time purchasers, even for people who’ve purchased property in the past. Your First Home: A Buyer’s Kit alleviates some of the stress of buying a home by explaining what you need to know about buying your first (or second) place.

The Right Real Estate Agent Can Make You Rich

David Kline Lovett

The book goes into detail regarding why an investor needs to have a real estate agent. It details the advantages of having an agent. It describes the many tasks, jobs, and services a real estate agent provides for their clients. <br><br>A real estate agent is much more than just an agent, they wear many hats and provide a plethora of services that are not apparent. An agent acts as a friend, partner, legal guide, information center, financial consultant, counselor , negotiator, liability advisor, and much more. <br><br>The reader will learn just how valuable a real estate agent is for them, they will learn how to locate the best real estate agent specifically for them. The reader will be informed on how to utilize a real estate agent not only to make their life easier, but for them to become wealthy.

Virtual Wholesaling for Dummies

TJ Hines aka Mrflipperhouse

Virtual Wholesaling for Dummies is a straight forward guide, on how to make money by creatively investing in Real Estate using No-Money down strategies! Many others besides myself, have ventured into other markets way beyond the market we currently reside in and are operating a full fledged Real Estate business and gone on to turn them into prominent six and seven figure businesses. The main purpose of this book is focused on how to build a successful operation wholesaling in different markets. The techniques and strategies in this book can be applied to all aspects of Real Estate investing. Upon the completion of this book, be prepared to take massive action on the principles taught so you too can start building an empire by creatively investing in Real Estate.

The Life of Real Estate Investing: No Hype, No BS Real Estate Investing Strategies That Work In Any Economy

Antonio Edwards

In &quot;The Life Of Real Estate Investing&quot;, author, Antonio &quot;Hitman&quot; Edwards gives an accounting of how he got started as an investor after slaving away in a dead end job that barely put food on the table. He gives a clear picture of what any aspiring investor needs to know in order to get started in the business. He also provides specific steps the reader can take to duplicate the kind of success he has achieved and continues to enjoy. Antonio even shares a wealth of useful resources essential for an investor to hit the ground running and start making headway almost instantaneously. &quot;The Life Of Real Estate Investing&quot; is not just an ebook any new, or even seasoned, investor needs to get a hold of, it&#39;s an entire crash course in real estate investing in itself designed to get you off your butt and start creating financial freedom for yourself and those you love. It&#39;s a must read.

Cashing In On a Second Home in Mexico: How to Buy, Rent and Profit from Property South of the Border

Tom Kelly

After nearly a decade of work in Mexico insuring real estate properties to foreign purchasers, the same issues always seem to surface regarding second home acquisitions:<br>&quot;If I buy a house in Mexico, don&#39;t I get a 99-year lease from the government?&quot;<br><br>&quot;I understand that I can buy a residence in Mexico only if the title is vested in a Mexican corporation.&quot;<br>&quot;I didn&#39;t think Americans could own Mexican beachfront properties.&quot; <br><br>All of these suppositions are incorrect. This book attempts to help clarify and explain why Mexican real estate, when using the proper safeguards, can be a terrific, secure investment. It will also explore the purchasing mistakes of the past, summarize several of the attractive new locations that are luring foreign dollars and explain why Mexico is so eager to welcome second home buyers from outside its borders.<br><br>The worst thing a potential purchaser can do is to remain ignorant of the law and procedures involved in the conveyance of real estate in a foreign country. As we state several times in this book, Mexico is not the perceived &quot;Wild West&quot; where anything goes and the prevailing Mexican attitude is &quot;trust me, no problema.&quot; It is inherently important for non-Mexican buyers to understand that Mexico has formality of law with authorized regulation of real estate development procedures at all levels. This process is coupled with a statutory government framework for the legal conveyance of real property.<br><br>Great personal wealth has been attained through real estate ownership, but for most of us, it has been limited to investment in a primary residence. Although Mexican real estate also can be a viable investment venue, Americans have had a great deal more trepidation considering properties &quot;south of the border.&quot; And for good reason&mdash;considering the history of some acquisitions. <br><br>Given today&#39;s investment climate, however, Mexico provides an attractive, alternative arena for potential investment. Real estate in Mexico should have a similar appreciation &quot;upside&quot; as does real estate in a U.S. development&mdash;coupled with the advantage of use and enjoyment of the property as a vacation residence.

Quick Flips and Fast Cash: A Moron's Guide To Flipping Houses, Bank-Owned Property and Everything Real Estate Investing

Andrew Boone's Massaro

Attention: Disgruntled 9 to 5&#39;ers, underachievers and wannabe real estate investors.<br><br>You&#39;re about to uncover the secrets to making thousands and thousands of dollars flipping houses, with risk free, recession-proof strategies that anyone can use!<br><br>If you can read, you can implement this amazing blueprint and unlock your money-making power today! Stop allowing these so-called gurus to talk over your head. Finally breakthrough with a simple, step-by-step blueprint to quick cash through real estate investing!<br><br>No risk. No money out of pocket. Unlimited income potential. Recession-proof.<br><br>Wholesale real estate is simply the fastest cash of any real estate transaction. Stop sitting on the sideline. Get in the game today with the insider secrets the pro&#39;s use with Quick Flips and Fast Cash.