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Amaze Your Friends

Peter Doyle

SYDNEY, 1959. Billy Glasheen is flogging mailorder schemes out of a seedy back room in Chinatown. Want to play guitar in 14 days? Learn Italian in your spare time? Win big with an infallible betting system? Master the love secrets of the ancients? Bill’s your man. But there are unsettled accounts in Billy’s past, and they’re coming due. As shadowy factions line up around him, he can’t be sure if he’s the target or caught in someone else’s crossfire. Or is he imagining the whole thing? Finally an ultimatum is delivered: come up with a small fortune in hush money, or cop a bullet and a shallow grave. Six months, and the clock is ticking. It’s time to call in all debts and favours, but right when he needs them most, Bill’s old gang of beatniks, bandits, and hoochie coochie girls seem to have made themselves strangely scarce. He’s on his own. Amaze Your Friends is a dark, wild ride through a city of easy money and sudden falls, of high times and hangovers, of jukebox rock’n’roll and the lowdown flophouse blues.

Murder Boy

Bryon Quertermous

Dominick Prince is out of options. He’s lived in Detroit long enough to use his experiences of crime and poverty to fuel his writing, but he’s ready to move on to bigger and better things. Dominick’s thesis advisor, the elitist Parker Farmington, refuses to let Dominick pass his class, thinking the genre of potboilers beneath him. Which means rather than becoming the next literary sensation, Dominick will spend his life asking customers if they’d like fries with that. And if that’s the only plan, kidnapping doesn’t seem like such a bad plan B.So if Farmington won’t pass him willfully, Dominick will make him do it forcefully. And once he has Farmington’s signature, fame and fortune are within Dominick’s grasp. But while Dominick may have a devious and brilliant mind on the page, in reality he’s more Betty White than Walter White. And before he can write ’the plot thickens,’ Dominick’s plan begins to go horribly wrong. Teaming with Farmington’s jilted mistress and her loose-cannon bounty hunter brother, Dominick finds that if even the best laid plans go awry, then his doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell. And being a great writer won't matter much if he's six feet under.

Bluff Walk

Charles R. Crawford

Private investigator John McAlister is looking for something different. Something that doesn’t involve the divorce surveillance work he is so good at. But when high-powered society attorney Amanda Baker hires him to find a missing accused crack dealer, John gets more change than he bargained for when he learns that other accused drug criminals have gone missing. John’s search leads him through a world of urban drug dealers, country honkytonks, high society and twisted law enforcement, with a stop at one of Amanda’s divorce trials. Along the way, he learns some things he would rather not know, and narrowly escapes with his life. Set in Memphis and the surrounding Delta, “Bluff Walk” is a page-turning mystery thriller that captures the complexity of Southern society, high and low, and the haunting effects of the past on the present. CHARLES R. CRAWFORD has practiced with one of the oldest and largest law firms in Memphis for over twenty years. Author of several published articles and reviews, this is his first novel. Mr. Crawford is currently at work on the second in the John McAlister Mystery series.

Бар 32

Тимоти Ранендхайд

Томас Хэйз был простым парнем, который любил, дружил, занимался фотографией. Он стал другим, когда столкнулся с предательством. Когда из его жизни ушла любимая девушка, забрав часть души парня вместе с собой. Она забрала цвета и звуки, что наполняли его мир. Боль, обида и гнев – все, что есть в его душе после утраты любимой. Во второй раз было больнее. И Томас решается отомстить, теряя самого себя в погоне за справедливостью. Содержит нецензурную брань.

Mood Swings

Bill Moody

Mood Swings offers the reader a behind the scenes look into the world of jazz through the eyes of nine musicians. Like the music itself, the stories range from humor, joy, and success, to failure, and at times, even danger and darkness, as each musician offers a glimpse into some aspect of the jazz life.


Ken Salter

Mindy Rohnert is bored while studying for an exam. She accepts an offer to have a drink from a good-looking fellow she meets in the university library. She has a good time knocking back a few beers with her new friend and his companions at a local watering hole near campus. Feeling comfortable and safe with her new friends, she drinks too much and allows herself to be driven to a secluded house in the hills where she meets two more friends of her new acquaintance. Mindy loves the charades and contests she plays with her three new companions. Unwisely, she continues to drink with them until she passes out. When she regains consciousness, her new acquaintances are stimulating her sexually. She is unable to resist their advances. Have they seduced her cleverly or was she forcibly raped? The police refuse to find the men who gang-banged her and infected her with the H.I.V. virus because it’s a weak case to prosecute. Mindy expects detective R. C. Bean to find the men who abused her and bring them to justice. Thus begins a dangerous hunt for a diabolic group of sadists who prey on naïve and susceptible college coeds. As R. C. Bean unravels the nefarious motives and identities of the murder club members, he and the dazzling women he employs to entrap the sadists become the club’s new targets. The sensational plot is riveting and full of bedazzling twists and surprises. This fast-paced, hard-boiled thriller will keep the pages flying faster than a roller-coaster ride and the reader screaming for more.


Ken Salter

Skip trace investigator R. C. Bean works for a bumbling, alcoholic divorce attorney. He’s asked to trace hidden assets to help their client, Gloria Simmons, defeat a prenuptial agreement. Gloria is the the sexy, scheming wife of a local black, playboy mortician who’s hooked on gambling, drugs and a pretty Asian bookkeeper who’s been installed in his funeral business by Asian drug dealers to monitor a joint venture. Things get nasty fast as a drive-by shooting in the mortuary’s parking lot gets covered up and the client’s mortician husband is plugged full of holes at the entrance to the funeral home while R. C. Bean is doing a a bag job inside on the home’s financial records. R.C. Bean soon realizes that whoever eliminated his client’s husband is on his trail and the killers seek to rub him out, too. Now begins a rollercoaster-like series of events as R. C. tries to stay a step ahead of his pursuers while trying to unmask the murderers. Has his client, who uses her dark beauty and racy ways to seduce his boss, ordered the hit on her husband? Are she and her attorney lover involved? Are the husband’s Asian drug partners calling the shots? The chase for answers leds to the seamy sides of the Las Vegas Strip as R. C. bean uses his street contacts and enlists a beautiful, cinnamon-skinned barmaid to help his solve the murders. Or so he thinks! This noir genre murder mystery’s plot is packed full of twists, turns and surprises. It will take you on a thrilling, page turning rollercoaster ride that will leave you asking for more.

The Man Who Killed

Fraser Nixon

Nominated for an Arthur Ellis Award by the Crime Writers of CanadaNominated for the Amazon.ca First Novel AwardMontreal, 1926. Mick is down on his luck until an old pal offers him a loaded revolver and a job: riding shotgun in a truck running booze across the border. Stateside Prohibition has opened up a market for certain amusements, vicious or otherwise. Mick takes the job—and his problems begin.Through his old friend Jack, Mick falls deeper into the life of the small-time tough. From whorehouse to gentlemen’s club, through back alleys and deluxe hotels, jazz joints, opium dens, baseball diamonds, cheap diners and anywhere trouble is to be found, Mick burns his way through the City of Two Solitudes. Other people are in town for their own reasons. Babe Ruth’s here; Harry Houdini, too.The Man Who Killed is a tale of political corruption and crime, of sexual jealousy and heartbreak, a portrait of a city after last call, of smoke-filled saloons and gunfire in the night. Shot through with dark humour and strange pathos, this is a novel of two friends who do bad things mostly for money, sometimes for fun, and the women they love.