Различные книги в жанре История

Thinking With the Blood

Owen Matthews

This compelling short-read recounts award-winning author and correspondent Owen Matthews’ journey across war-torn Ukraine in the summer of 2014. But not only is this a professional journalist's account: it is an insightful and personal journey into the history of this blood-soaked land of curses and new beginnings.
Matthews retraces the roots of his mother’s tragedy-struck Ukrainian-born family and discovers that "though we believe we think with our rational mind, part of us – a deep part – thinks with the blood.” He understands this country in a way few other foreign correspondents can, and tells the story of Europe’s latest civil war through the eyes of an eccentric cast of participants, from a sic-fi novelist turned general in the rebel capital of Donetsk to a the Jewish leader of an Ukrainian ultranationalist party in Kiev.
It is an extraordinary insight into the disturbing political events of 2014 that tore Ukraine apart and sent Russia spiraling into a vortex of reactionary nationalism. Matthews warns of the long term ramifications for not just for the people of the region, but for all of us in the rest of the world too.

Crimes and Mercies

James Bacque

More than 9 million Germans died as a result of deliberate Allied starvation and expulsion policies after World War II—one quarter of the country was annexed, and about 15 million people expelled in the largest act of ethnic cleansing the world has ever known. Over 2 million of these alone, including countless children, died on the road or in concentration camps in Poland and elsewhere. That these deaths occurred at all is still being denied by Western governments.At the same time, Herbert Hoover and Canadian Prime Minister MacKenzie King created the largest charity in history, a food-aid program that saved an estimated 800 million lives during three years of global struggle against post–World War II famine—a program they had to struggle for years to make accessible to the German people, who had been excluded from it as a matter of official Allied policy.Never before had such revenge been known. Never before had such compassion been shown. The first English-speaking writer to gain access to the newly opened KGB archives in Moscow and to recently declassified information from the renowned Hoover Institution in California, James Bacque tells the extraordinary story of what happened to these people and why.Revised and updated for this new edition, bestseller Crimes and Mercies was first published by Little, Brown in the U.K. in 1997.

Salonica Terminus

Fred A. Reed

A vivid, contemporary travelogue by Fred A. Reed. From Bosnian actuality to Macedonian potentiality, Reed’s travels in this region lead him to encounter a landscape inscribed with a shocking testimony: ethno-racialist aspirations remain the only coin in which peoples feel they can express their belonging, their social solidarity – the only credible alternative to the blight of free market globalism.

Reinventing Collapse

Dmitry Orlov

This new edition of Reinventing Collapse is an update on the growing similarities and differences between the collapse of the Soviet Union and the current unraveling of the United States. With sharp wit and dry humor, Dmitry Orlov shares his personal experiences in post-industrial living and argues that US collapse is survivable given the right attitude and preparation.

Прийти в себя. Вторая жизнь сержанта Зверева. Книга четвертая. Пионеры против пенсионеров

Александр Воронцов

Приключения Максима Зверева и других попаданцев продолжаются. Мастер единоборств, снайпер ГРУ, экс-заместитель министра финансов, бывший рецедивист-катала и инструктор по крав-мага – все они оказываются в самом центре антибрежневского заговора. Но после устранения Брежнева заговорщики продолжают убирать и других "кремлёвских старцев". Советский Союз стремительно меняется… Максим снова попадает уже в другое прошлое – в 1984 год. Видимо, это такая точка бифуркации в истории СССР. Точка, когда страна могла пойти по одному или по другому пути. Но поскольку в далеком 1977 году благодаря Звереву и другим "попаданцам" уже произошли изменения, то попадает Максим в совершенно другую страну. Нет, это все еще СССР, но какой-то другой. Советские войска не вошли в Афганистан, но гражданская война разгорелась в Таджикистане, пылает соседний Узбекистан, неспокойно в других республиках Средней Азии и Закавказья. Надо ли было что-то менять в прошлом? Не сделал ли Максим Зверев ошибку?

Песни Первой мировой и Гражданской войны. Военная история России в песнях

Валерий Шамбаров

Книга Валерия Шамбарова предлагает неожиданный взгляд на историю нашей страны – через призму музыкального творчества. Читатель познакомится с непростыми «биографиями» многих известных песен, с их парадоксальными изменениями и превращениями при Царской, белой, Советской власти. В целом же, автор показывает непрерывную преемственность, чрезвычайную прочность русских культурных и духовных традиций, которые все-таки сохранялись, невзирая на повороты политической конъюнктуры, выдерживали все удары и попытки их уничтожить. К книге прилагается краткий сборник популярных русских и советских песен, рассматриваемых в данной работе.

Voices from Chernobyl

Светлана Алексиевич

Winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature and Winner of the National Book Critics Circle Award A journalist by trade, who now suffers from an immune deficiency developed while researching this book, presents personal accounts of what happened to the people of Belarus after the nuclear reactor accident in 1986, and the fear, anger, and uncertainty that they still live with. The Nobel Prize in Literature 2015 was awarded to Svetlana Alexievich «for her polyphonic writings, a monument to suffering and courage in our time.»