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Queen's Promise, The

Brenda Rickman Vantrease

The enthralling story of two remarkable women caught up in the maelstrom of the English Civil War. February, 1642. With the King and Parliament at loggerheads, England is rushing headlong into a brutal and bloody war. Caught up in the turbulence are two formidable women who face difficult and dangerous times ahead.Forced to abandon her children and leave for foreign shores, the extravagant and unpopular Queen Henrietta Maria discovers that she cannot rely on the loyalty of her former friends and relatives in the royal courts of Europe. Meanwhile, her friend and former lady-in-waiting, the beautiful Countess of Carlisle, determines to remain loyal to the King, despite his craven betrayal of her lover and protector.Separated from their menfolk, these two very different women determine to do what they can to survive in a world where brother is at war with brother, a world where no one can be trusted. But the war will change both their lives in ways they could never have imagined.

The Music Box Enigma

R.N. Morris

Could a mysterious music box hold the key to unlocking the puzzle behind a gruesome murder for Detective Inspector Silas Quinn? London, 1914. Despite a number of setbacks, rehearsals for The Hampstead Voices' Christmas concert are continuing apace. The sold-out event is raising funds for war refugees, and both Winston Churchill and Edward Elgar are expected to attend. But the most disturbing setback of all occurs when the choirmaster, Sir Aidan Fonthill, is discovered dead at a piano, a tuning fork protruding from his ear. Detective Chief Inspector Silas Quinn and his team from the Special Crimes Department at New Scotland Yard soon discover that Sir Aidan had a number of enemies, but who hated him enough to carry out such a heinous crime? Could the answer be linked to a mysterious music box delivered to Sir Aidan's house shortly before the murder, and can Silas solve the puzzle of the music box enigma and catch the killer before the concert takes place?

Кто срубил «священную маслину»?

Иван Аврамов

В Древних Афинах (V век до н. э.) совершено неслыханное святотатство: кто-то ночью срубил “священную маслину”, находящуюся под опекой полиса, – ведь ее прародительницей была та самая олива, которая произросла из копья, воткнутого в землю на Акрополе богиней Афиной, выигравшей спор с могущественным Посейдоном за право обладания Аттикой. Рядом с поверженной святыней найден бездыханным добропорядочный афинянин Клеофонт – кажется, нечестивец вдобавок ко всему еще и убийца? Несколькими днями ранее горожан ошеломило известие о беспримерном кощунстве – безлунной ночью, затаившись на Акрополе, некто взломал дверь сокровищницы Парфенона и похитил бронзовое изображение первого божественного царя Аттики Кекропа. Есть ли какая-то связь между этими преступлениями? Почему от руки злодея вскоре падет еще и раб Клеофонта Закхей? Кто этот таинственный убийца? Что движет тем святотатцем, который не страшится гнева богов Олимпа? На все эти вопросы пытается найти ответы самодеятельный сыщик, земледелец и отважный воин Фокион… Повесть, предлагаемая читателю, построена по современной классической схеме: преступление – расследование – наказание, однако сугубо на античном материале. Возможно, в литературе это первая попытка создать именно такой античный детектив.

Тень Азраила

Иван Любенко

Иван Иванович Любенко – современный автор детективов, совмещающий работу адвоката с литературным творчеством. Сюжеты его произведений сложны, но очень правдоподобны и поддерживают читательский интерес до конца книги. Вам предлагается в аудиоформате очередной ретро-детектив о приключениях Клима Ардашева, присяжного поверенного Ставропольского окружного суда. В этот раз герой отправляется в Персию, где ему предстоит расследовать убийство второго секретаря российского посольства. Под подозрением исламские фанатики, но для Ардашева всё не так однозначно, он намерен раскрыть истинного убийцу, а заодно – загадку исчезновения полумиллиона рублей, выделенных на строительство православного храма в Тегеране. Ждёте подробностей? Слушайте! Исполняет Иван Шевелёв Звукорежиссёр и автор музыки Олег Панфилов Спродюсировано агентством Frontline Creative Продюсер Константин Барышев © Иван Любенко ©&℗ ООО «1С-Паблишинг»

The Final Recollections of Charles Dickens

Thomas Hauser

England, 1870: His health failing, his most important work all but done, Charles Dickens is readying himself for the final bed. But there is still one more story that he must tell. As a young journalist just getting his start, Dickens encountered a story that would affect him for the rest of his life.As his “Sketches by Boz” column is just beginning to find acclaim, young Dickens encounters the wealthy and powerful Charles Wingate. While researching the mysterious businessman, Dickens uncovers a horrific story of corruption and violence, centered on a mutilated prostitute and the murder of her lover. Dickens’s investigation could wreak havoc on Wingate and, more importantly, his beautiful wife Amanda. Dickens, already betrothed to his publisher’s daughter, realizes just how loveless his future marriage will be as he falls in love with Amanda – even as his story threatens to ruin the Wingates.The Final Recollections of Charles Dickensblends a historically-accurate telling of Dickens’s life with a gripping portrait of betrayal, murder, obsession, and love. It’s the story of Dickens’s deflowering and coming of age, caught between the worlds of England’s ruling elite and the seamy underside of London society. In this experience we witness the seeds being sown for what will become Dickens’s most popular and revered novels, and the social philosophies —rich versus poor —behind them. Meticulously researched and masterfully told, The Final Recollections of Charles Dickens captures the voice of the beloved author, the divided city of London, and the uncertain tenor of the times.

Murder in the O.P.M.

Leslie Ford

In the middle of the night, struggling B actor Glenn Harley gets a hysterical phone call from starlet Nancy Rhymer. She needs Harley to come over to her house immediately. Harley, who always has secretly longed for Nancy Rhymer, jumps out of bed and drives quickly to her home. Once there, he discovers she has knifed a semi-famous actor to death “in self defense” and needs Harley’s help to clean things up to protect her from scandal. His affection for the actress is too strong to refuse and he ends up burying the corpse along with it's belongings. Of course as he is digging the grave, we know he is actually digging himself deeper and deeper into a world of blackmail, disloyalty, and hunted persecution.

Nancy Pickard Presents Malice Domestic 13: Mystery Most Geographical

Группа авторов

The Malice Domestic anthology series returns with a new take on mysteries in the Agatha Christie tradition – 30 original tales set around the world! Included are:<P> The Barrister's Clerk, by Michael Robertson<BR> The Belle Hope, by Peter DiChellis<BR> Arroyo, by Michael Bracken<BR> Muskeg Man, by Keenan Powell<BR> The End of the World, by Susan Breen<BR> To Protect the Guilty, by Kerry Hammond<BR> Dying in Dokesville, by Alan Orloff<BR> The House in Glamaig's Shadow, by William Burton McCormick<BR> Summer Smugglers, by Triss Stein<BR> The Jamaican Ice Mystery, by John Gregory Betancourt<BR> Death at the Congressional Cemetery, by Verena Rose<BR> Cabin in the Woods, by Sylvia Maultash Warsh<BR> Mad About You, by G. M. Malliet<BR> What Goes Around, by Kathryn Johnson<BR> Summer Job, by Judith Green<BR> Death in a Strange and Beautiful Place, by Leslie Wheeler<BR> We Shall Fight Them, by Carla Coupe<BR> Marigold in the Lake, by Susan Thibadeau<BR> Murder on the Northern Lights Express, by Susan Daly<BR> Czech Mate, by Kristin Kisska<BR> Keep Calm and Love Moai, by Eleanor Cawood Jones<BR> Isaac's Daughters, by Anita Page<BR> A Divination of Death, by Edith Maxwell<BR> Payback With Interest, by Cheryl Marceau<BR> Island Time, by Laura Oles<BR> If It's Tuesday, This Must Be Murder, by Josh Pachter<BR> The Breaker Boy, by Harriette Sackler<BR> Death on the Beach, by Shawn Reilly Simmons<BR> Ridgeline, by Peter W. J. Hayes<BR> Ho'oponopono, by Robin Templeton<P> Also features a new Foreword, by Nancy Pickard

The Whodunit? MEGAPACK®

Michael Hemmingson

9 great reads for a lonely night of thrills and chills! <P> In Sydney J. Bounds's «The Book Miser» has detective Josephine «Jo» Royal trying to thwart an unscrupulous book collector who's taken advantage of an innocent seller. In «The Purple Glove Murders,» by Mary Wickizer Burgess, attorney Gail Brevard is asked to solve a killing that appears to be linked to another murder from decades earlier. <P> In Victor Cilinca's «Eggs,» a multi-millionaire pasta company executive becomes the target of a scam. In «The Case of the Telbury Halt Ghost,» by Ernest Dudley, well-known detective Doctor Morelle must unravel the mystery behind the apparent haunting of a rural railway station. «The Adventure of the Forgotten Umbrella,» by Mel Gilden, is one of those tales of Sherlock Holmes mentioned—but never actually related—by Doctor Watson. <P>Michael Hemmingson tells the story of an unfortunate young man on the make who's quite simply overwhelmed by his three «Vivacious Vixens!» Francis Jarman demonstrates, «In the Light of What Happened,» that poking around in old Indian temples can have unforeseen consequences! James B. Johnson's «Flankspeed» is one of the most unusual mysteries ever encountered by this editor—and also one of the best. Arlette Lees, a rising star of the noir mystery magazine scene, contributes «Blood Bayou,» one of those backwater places that you probably want to avoid on your next little escape from the law.

Death Wore Fins

Ronal Kayser

Though he did work for a small-town newspaper, Ken Svederup had been around, and to him the expense-paid trip he had won for a front-page news beat seemed pretty phony. But never look a gift horse… He was off to meet the Big Boss in California – and no doubt he’d get the real story. <p> Ken did meet the Big Boss, but he had not anticipated Clara Kelly, whose beauty and peppery temper made him forget the girls back home in Milquevais, Minnesota. <p> And the story was revealed…through a body pulled from the pounding surf after what seemed a deep-sea accident…and Ken found himself on the trail of an underwater killer.

Different Times, Different Crimes

Kathy Lynn Emerson

BLUTimes may change, but crime remains the same!<P> Award-winning author Kathy Lynn Emerson has penned thirteen thrilling tales – from medieval England to modern New England – guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat!<P> "A baker's dozen mysteries, delectable stories ranging from Elizabethan England to contemporary New England, every one intriguing, literate, and enriched by nicely observed details. For those who are Emerson's fans already, and for those who will be as soon as they finish this book." –Lillian Stewart Carl, author of the Jean Fairbairn/Alasdair Cameron series <P> "Mix mischief with murder from medieval to modern times and you have Kathy Lynn Emerson’s marvelous new collection. A must-read for historical mystery lovers!" – Barb Goffman, Agatha and Macavity award-winning author of Don't Get Mad, Get Even RB