Историческая фантастика

Различные книги в жанре Историческая фантастика

Firebrand Tours To The Galaxy Now Boarding

Kevin Colbran

Tired of running a factory why not extend your business to the whole Galaxy? Steve gets his new toy and sets up tours to the Galaxy, Having your own factory is a bonus but being the boss doesn’t get you out of work. The aim is to be a grey nomad extraordinaire. Sequel to Parallel and Somewhere in the long forgotten future

Somewhere in the long forgotten future

Kevin Colbran

Mike gets to see the Galaxy when he meets Humph from Droma, a shape-changing alien who comes to live at his farm. Space is dangerous enough without pirates and Zombi beasts. throw in assorted hazards and follow a simple country boy as he helps run a merchant ship.

Apprentice Lost in Parallel

Kevin Colbran

Where a young man's curiosity leads to an adventure in time and space, perhaps stepping into an elevator and pushing 13 will lead further that you expected.

The Great Horror: Discovery

Patrick Mew

A ragtag group of adventurers comes together to combat local troubles but these disturbances turn out to be the forefront of much more sinister forces at work. Can they locate the source of this evil – and stop it – or will they succumb to the rising tide of darkness?

The Three Sisters

Rebecca Locksley

Three Tari Sisters estranged from the Society they are destined to save.<br /> <br />Elena, more beautiful than any man can resist, is kidnapped, her destiny controlled by the men who desire her.<br />Yani, warrior woman, brave, strong, able to pass as a man, who will do anything to find Elena.<br />Marigoth, powerful female mage, determined to never grow up, equally determined to find her missing sister.<br /> <br />In a country oppressed and cruelly ruled, the fate of many people lies in the unsuspecting hands of these three women.

Cold Comfort & Other Tales

David McDonald

Strap yourself in as three tales from award winning speculative fiction author David McDonald take you on a tour of time and space. Visit a frozen post apocalyptic Earth, a galactic delivery service, and very Australian dystopia to discover what happens to ordinary people faced with extraordinary choices or challenges.<br /> <br />Cold Comfort<br />Ice spiders, snow bears and deadly cold are only most obvious of the dangers a young trader faces as she searches for the secrets of the Elders on a post-apocalyptic Earth.<br /> <br />Deck the Halls<br />A rebellious pilot races against time to make a vital delivery to a planet in need. But in the face of the worst solar storm in years, his only ally is a sentient spaceship who is an outcast even to its own kind.<br /> <br />Our Land Abounds<br />In a world divided by war and wracked by food shortages, the Republic of Australasia is an oasis protected by its isolation and the Border Patrol. But, a chance encounter leaves a weary veteran asking whether the price of plenty is too high.<br /> <br />Praise for Cold Comfort<br />&quot;What a great story. A believable world of snow and ice, and a tough, engaging protagonist. Vanja is a trader moving between isolated settlements, navigating the hazards of a harsh environment and sometimes prejudiced attitudes towards women as she searches for relics relating to the mysterious 'Builders'. This story has it all: ice spiders, snow bears, and terrific action sequences – immersive and beautifully paced. More! More! More!&quot; – Ambelin Kwaymullina, author: The Interrogation of Ashala Wolf


Kerry Greenwood

'My sandals were made to glide over the marble floor of the Palace of Mycenae, not to walk the road like a common market trader. Of course, as a princess, I was unused to walking. Only female slaves and whore are seen in public. Only female slaves and whores walk…' Electra is the final book in The Delphic Women trilogy. Electra is forced to flee her home after witnessing the shocking murder of her father, Agamemnon. But life outside the palace walls is frightening. The free and easy ways of her foreign companions disturb her – especially the scandalous relationship between the Trojan woman, Cassandra, and the two men – but she needs their help to survive. Along the way, Electra's travels – driven by a burning desire for revenge – become a different kind of journey. Electra evokes the dark perils and pleasures of the ancient world with a contemporary sensual intensity.


Kerry Greenwood

Sorceress, Princess of Colchis, Securer of the Golden Fleece.<br /> <br />Her very name is a byword for infamy.<br /> <br />Legend has it that she murdered her own children for revenge.<br /> <br />But love in Ancient Greece was often a dangerous game; and legends are not always what they seem.<br /> <br />Medea, devoted wife of Jason, was also a loving mother, a loyal friend of Herakles and a brave adventurer with the Argonauts.<br /> <br />A woman both betrayer and betrayed, the real story of Medea is strange, sensual and heroic.<br /> <br />Medea – first in the Delphic Women trilogy – followed by Cassandra and Electra

The Melded Child

Rebecca Locksley

Sequel to The Three Sisters<br /> <br />The destiny of the Three Sisters is nigh – an ancient prophecy has come to pass.<br />The peace negotiated by the Tari has held firm for ten years, but a new demon master is rising.<br />When Yani the Raven is kidnapped, sorceress Marigoth and her companion Ezratah are drawn into a trap set by a brutal necromancer and his insane sister.<br />Meanwhile Elena Starchild's daughter Alyx, heir to the throne of the Mori, finds herself wounded and on the run in a forest full of dark magic; and in the company of a bitter enemy.<br />Can the insular Tari, dreaming in the secret land of Ermora, be awoken before the demon fire consumes them?<br />And can a Melded Child bring harmony before it is too late?

Другой мир. Скорбная песнь

Джордж Гранд

Что делают люди, когда приходит безысходность, когда впереди ждёт только одно – смерть! Одни выбирают смерть с честью, а другие? Все ли доживут до утра в битве с армией колдунов?