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Закон притяжения

Рокси Купер

Аманда – обычная девушка из провинции. Но ей повезло устроиться на престижную стажировку. К несчастью, туда же попадает Мартин Грегг, надменный выскочка, с которым Аманда училась в юридической школе. С первого же дня они начинают бороться за место под солнцем. Аманда – хороший специалист, зато Мартин играючи очаровывает людей и вдобавок шантажирует Аманду ее же секретами, которые ему удалось раскопать. А еще Аманда влюблена. Но и здесь проблема. Сид – потрясающий, но вот его бывшая, Кларинда, – гроза любого, кто к нему приблизится. А уж если она споется с Мартином… Аманде срочно нужна действенная стратегия выживания! К такому ее юридическая школа не готовила.

En Equilibrio

Eva Forte

Una novela policíaca ambientada entre Roma y los Alpes. Una historia de amor, nacida del deseo de vivir una doble vida en un lugar lejos de casa. Sara empezará así a redescubrirse, a reencontrar pasiones adormecidas y acabará involucrada en varios homicidios cometidos en paisajes lejanos. Una novela policíaca ambientada entre Roma y los Alpes. Una historia de amor, nacida para el juego. La protagonista, enviada varios días a la semana a trabajar fuera de casa, descubrirá un nuevo yo. Así, de forma natural, empezará a vivir una doble vida en un lugar lejano entre las montañas, y será la de siempre con su familia, en la gran capital. Sara empezará a redescubrirse, a reencontrar pasiones adormecidas y acabará involucrada en varios homicidios cometidos en paisajes lejanos. Su llegada hará resurgir hechos pasados, historias que han provocado dolor a la vida de un pequeño pueblo montañoso y su vez avanzará en el misterio encerrado de la desaparición de una mujer, que cada vez será más claro. Paisajes que mezclan naturaleza y metrópolis con un avance y retroceso entre dos vidas. Personajes que se entrelazarán hasta enfrentarse a delitos no resueltos con el retorno del detective que nunca abandonó la pista del despiadado criminal que asesinaba a mujeres desfigurándolas mediante un ritual sangriento. Llegará el punto en el que Sara se verá amenazada y sus dos vidas volverán a fundirse en una sola, dejando que el juego poco a poco le ceda el puesto a la vida real. Una vida nueva, concreta, que le hará abrir los ojos a la protagonista hasta la última página.

Чувство смелости

Davide Piccolo

История мужчины, находящегося в поиске счастья. Марко Грасси, успешный руководитель, которого любят и уважают друзья и коллеги, который стоит на пороге бракосочетания с прекрасной женщиной и который очень привязан к своей любящей матери, набирается смелости оставить все в погоне за «американской мечтой». Но все в жизни имеет свою цену. Сможет ли Нью-Йорк компенсировать ему все, от чего он отказался?

The Helen Bianchin Collection


M&B brings you the very best of Helen Bianchin in these 18 wonderfully glamorous tales of seduction! This thrilling collection includes:Married for ConvenienceForgotten HusbandThe Marriage ArrangementThe Husband TestLatin LoversA Convenient BridegroomIn the Spaniard’s BedThe Martinez Marriage RevengeMistress ArrangementsPassion’s MistressDesert MistressMistress by ArrangementGreek’s PrideThe Stephanos MarriageA Passionate SurrenderThe Greek BridegroomThe Marriage Bed An Ideal Marriage?The Marriage CampaignThe Bridal BedSeduction AssignmentThe Seduction SeasonThe Marriage DealThe Husband Assignment

The Parting Glass

Emilie Richards

USA TODAY bestselling author Emilie Richards continues the journey begun in her beloved novel Whiskey Island with this unforgettable tale of star-crossed lovers, murder and three sisters who discover a hidden legacy that will lead them home at last to Ireland.Megan, who is feeling hopelessly unprepared in her new marriage, has no idea how to fix the problems already facing her relationship. Casey, who is happily married to her high school sweetheart, is facing a new challenge: motherhood. And Peggy, who always dreamed of becoming a doctor, has put medical school on hold with the discovery that her young son is autistic.Each facing her own difficulties, the Donaghue sisters are brought to the remote Irish village of Shanmullin by Irene Tierney, a distant relative who hopes that they will be able to help her learn the truth about her father’s death in Cleveland more than seventy-five years ago.As a stunning tale of secrets and self-sacrifice, greed and hidden passions unfolds, the life of each sister will be changed forever.

Wolf In Waiting

Rebecca Flanders

Forbidden loversHe was the standard against which all others were measured–the strongest, the smartest, the sexiest and the most noble kind: Noel Duprey, whose birthright forbade him even to look Victoria St. Clare's way, for his destiny would never allow him to take her as his bride.Furthermore, Noel believed she was a traitor, out to destroy his legacy–out to destroy him. But all she was really after was his heart….Within a few lost souls, the Heart of the Wolf beats fierce and wild. Feel them, fear them, tame them….

Who Needs Decaf?

Tanya Michaels

Hmm…give me something tall, dark and full-bodiedSheryl Dayton needs two cups of high-octane java to fuel her from morning-face-and-hair to PR Executive chic–not to mention an endless supply to keep her psyched around her boss, who just happens to be her ex-boyfriend. Ugh! But all that caffeine never keeps her up nights. Her love life is guaranteed to make her snore.Until now, that is.Enter Nathan Hall. The investigative journalist is digging for dirt on her workplace, and Sheryl's busy doing damage control. But the cynical, wisecracking, dangerously sexy Nathan is like a jolt of espresso to her once-snoozing libido. Just the thought of Nathan has Sheryl losing sleep. And after one taste of him, suddenly every other guy seems like decaf.

Who Is Deborah?

Elise Title

The face in her mirror…It was her face. It had to be. But it looked as unfamiliar as this morning's headlines, as frightening in its strangeness as the bogeyman who'd haunted her childhood dreams.The man in her bed was Nicholas Steele, and it seemed likely that he was her husband.Though his touch was unfamiliar, she was unable to escape his power to stir her passion.She might indeed be Deborah, a woman who had taken her husband's love and twisted it into something foul and frightening. That would be bad enough. Because if she wasn't Deborah, then Nicholas had murdered his wife–and she was in love with a man who had blood on his hands.

Watching For Willa

Helen Myers R.

Someone was out thereWilla's new neighbor was watching her. Her every move, her every breath. A horror writer with a questionable past, Zachary Denton was an irresistible enigma. He claimed he only wanted to warn her, protect her–possess her.And like a butterfly drawn into a deadly web, Willa could not resist his mesmerizing, sensual pull.But was Zachary a loving protector–or a scheming predator? Willa had to determine his true motives before she lost her heart further. Because a madman was stalking the women of her quiet Texas town–and his victims looked exactly like Willa.

Undercover with the Mob

Elizabeth Bevarly

It's true what they say–all the good guys are married……or have Mob connections!And Natalie Dorset should know. The guy who moved in downstairs may be gorgeous, but the things he says–who uses «whacked» anymore?–and the way he dresses… Well, let's just say that Jack Miller isn't the type you bring home to Mom. Good enough reason for Natalie to stay clear.Too bad their landlady is cracking matchmaking schemes that make covert ops look like child's play. But before this little–okay, it's a pretty big–attraction can get out of hand, Natalie is determined to get to the bottom of Jack's story.Because maybe…just maybe…this time the good guy wears black.