Зарубежная эзотерическая и религиозная литература

Различные книги в жанре Зарубежная эзотерическая и религиозная литература

Twelve Months of Sundays

N.T. Wright

Covering all the Sundays and major festivals of all three years in the lectionary cycle, renowned scholar Tom Wright offers reflections on the readings in the Revised Common Lectionary for Years A, B and C.
Drawn from his hugely popular columns in the British Church Times, and with new material, Twelve Months of Sundays weaves together scholarship, history and insights into the world and language of the Bible to add richness and a deeper understanding of the Word of the Lord.

Black Battle, White Knight

Michael Battle

• A fascinating profile of one of the most colorful, controversial and celebrated religious figures of our time, Malcolm Boyd—best-selling author, civil rights activist, gay cleric, and spiritual director • Foreword by Nobel Laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu • Written by a well-known Church leader and popular author Michael Battle
Through unparalleled access to the personal recollections, writings, and archival records of Malcolm Boyd, Michael Battle chronicles one of America’s most celebrated—and reviled—public religious figures. In the dialogue between Battle, a younger, black heterosexual priest, readers will gain a fresh perspective and appreciation for the older, white, gay man’s Christian life of activism and ministry.

For Christ's Sake

Bishop Geoffrey Robinson

In this new book, Bishop Geoffrey Robinson pulls no punches in his effort to go beyond merely ‘managing’ sexual abuse in the Church. He leads up to a call for nothing less than a Council of the whole Church to confront the issues raised in the book, within which he insists that the laity must play a major role.

The Complete Leader

Robert Shaw B.

The Complete Leader: Handbook of Essentials for Human Services Leadership gives leaders within human services organizations with lay or professional leadership responsibilities, over 25 essential practices for human services. Special attention is paid to supervision, case management, evaluation, teamwork and character. The content of this handbook was developed over three decades by respected leader Robert Shaw, working in various services with individuals and families. His approaches are holistic and integrated for both the needs of families and the nature of a human service organization's leaders. It is estimated there are over 100,000 non-profit organizations in Canada and almost 2 million in the USA in the health care, social services, schools and universities, community and recreation services, churches and arts organizations. An estimated 6,000,000 American and 500,000 Canadian lay and professional leaders provide services to troubled children and their families. This book is an essential tool for these leaders in the areas of professional practices, client services and organizational skills.

Bent Hope

Tim J Huff

The winner of 3 book awards as best book in it's category, Bent Hope was born out of Tim Huff’s first twenty years of unique and extensive work among homeless and street-involved youth and adults, in one of North America’s largest urban centres—Toronto, Canada. Bent Hope is a collection of thoughtful narratives birthed beneath crumbling bridges and in the hidden alcoves of darkened alleyways after midnight. These gripping true-life stories surface quietly from unforgiving corridors of fear, hurt and uncertainty—and unexpectedly and supernaturally transform them into fascinating places of intimacy and godly anticipation.

An Experiential View of Conflict in the Local Church: Focusing on Smaller and Medium-Sized Protestant Churches

Cleon E. Spencer

There are several other books on the topic of conflict in the local congregation. They all make their contribution towards solutions to this problem. However, this brief work zeros in on specific happenings, how they affected the congregation and/or the minister, and are then followed by a denouement of each case. This book also suggests that in many cases there are practical remedies that from experience can be shown to work. Also included in this writing there are some general suggestions on how to approach the overall problem of such conflict in any church in which it may occur. As stated in the book, people are people. And as long as there are people there will be problems. But informed and fair handling can nearly always bring remedy or improvement. Even declaring a type of conflict unresolvable, and one party or the other walking away from it, is an improvement over continuous quarreling. Names of people and places are not used out of respect for the privacy of all concerned. About the Author: The author, Cleon Spencer, has had a varied experience with people, both within and outside the church. So with a people oriented mindset, he seeks, in this his third book, to bring his experiences to a unique focus on trouble spots that frequently exist in the administration area of a local church. Hopefully the author’s descriptions of these troubles will help bring about understanding of them, which in turn will make the troubles more treatable. This being so, the local church thus treated, will be more likely to go on to become a successful congregation; which is the goal and purpose of the book. It is the author’s sincere desire that this book will be effective in the above stated manner.


Кристиан Окерхиельм

Если вы только осмелитесь, вас ждет приключение веры с Господом. Бог уже все предназначил, Он ждет только вашего «да». Вы все еще колеблетесь? Хорошо. Значит, вызов уже брошен. Потому что вам в прямом смысле придется разрушить некоторые преграды. И когда вы это сделаете, гораздо больше свободы и радости придет в вашу жизнь, вы начнете ощущать реальность Божьей мечты. Он мечтает, чтобы вы стали теми, кем вы были сотворены; чтобы вы сказали «да» своему призванию и увидели, как ваши дары начинают действовать. Бог хочет преобразить вашу жизнь, чтобы через вас изменять жизни других людей. Нет ничего более увлекательного! Нет ничего более значимого! В этой книге Кристиан Окерхиельм делится своим опытом с теми, кто хочет всерьез следовать за Господом, кто хочет быть вооружен, чтобы принимать смелые и правильные решения. Она наделит вас силой преодолевать вызовы, стоящие перед вами. Эта книга о вере и мужестве – о такой вере, которая придает мужества. Сам автор, принявший спасение в 18 лет, покинул безопасную гавань аристократической семьи, когда решился радикально последовать за своим призванием. Он точно знает, о чем говорит. Осмелившись однажды «отдать швартовы», вы будете свободны войти в реальность, которую Бог для вас предопределил.

Valguse tähed

Urmas Viilma

Meie ümber on palju sõnu. Keegi on sõnad vabaks lasknud ja need ümbritsevad meid kõikjal. Kui sõnad on täiesti vabad ja nende vabastaja neile mõtet ei anna ega piire sea, upuvad üksikud sõnad sõnarohkusesse. Juhtub midagi, mida liiga ereda valguse puhul tajumepimestamisena. Sama võib juhtuda sõnadega, kui neid saab nii palju, et me ei kuule ega mõista enam midagi.1993. aastal diakoniks ja 1998. aastal õpetajaks ordineeritud Urmas Viilma (1973) pühitsetiEELK peapiiskopiks 2. veebruaril 2015.„Valguse tähed“ koondab mõtteid tema Tallinna Toomkoguduse õpetaja ja peapiiskopi ametiaja jutlustest, karjasekirjadest, kõnedest ja artiklitest.

Свобода от себя

Мухаммед Шафии

Книга интересна не только людям, которые профессионально занимаются психологией, но и полезна тем, кто занят поисками истины и реальности как в собственной душе, так и в окружающем мире, в котором древность подчас новее современности. Новые поколения и цивилизации подвержены шовинистическим представлениям о культуре прошлого, низводя ее на уровень примитивности. Автор книги Мохаммад Шафии – доктор медицинских наук, профессор психиатрии, относится к тем людям, которые знают, насколько уникальны и ценны сокровища духовного опыта древности. По его мнению, «магия прошлого представляет собой науку настоящего. Мистицизм сегодня – это психология будущего».