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Кошка на раскаленной крыше. Стеклянный зверинец

Теннесси Уильямс

В этот сборник вошли две классические пьесы Теннесси Уильямса, объединенные вечно актуальной, увы, темой женского одиночества. Мучительно одинока юная Лаура – беспомощная и безгласная жертва амбиций громкой, авторитарной матери, замкнувшаяся в игрушечном «стеклянном зверинце» своих грез и фантазий и обреченная, словно ее любимец – сказочный единорог. Но не менее одинока и красавица Мэгги по прозвищу «Кошка» – нищая южная аристократка, чужая в грубоватом клане миллионеров-нуворишей и изнывающая в сложном, полном жгучей любви, ядовитой ревности и ненависти браке. Есть ли лекарство от этого одиночества? Возможно ли выплыть, вырваться из него или в нем можно лишь утонуть?

Half Truths

Tracy Ann Rodriguez

Anthony's been away from home for nearly two in half years. With his little brother Julian in a coma and him carrying his brother's secret. He must return home but he isn't coming home alone. Julian Sanchez has a secret no one can know of. His brother Anthony is determine to keep it from coming out.



Aristophanes's «Lysistrata» is one of the great comedies from classical antiquity. Central to the work is the vow by the women of Greece to withhold sex from their husbands until they end the brutal war between Athens and Sparta. A hilarious and decisively anti-war comedic drama, «Lysistrata» stands as one of the great works from the classical age of drama.

The Alchemist

Ben Jonson

Benjamin Jonson (1572-1637) was a Renaissance dramatist, poet and actor, known best for his satirical plays and lyric poems. He had a knack for absurdity and hypocrisy, a trait that made him immensely popular in the 17th century Renaissance period. However, his reputation diminished somewhat in the Romantic era, when he began to be unfairly compared to Shakespeare. The Theatre in London had had been denied to «The Admiral's Men» in 1597, but the troupe regained control of it sometime between 1608 and 1610 and «The Alchemist» was among the first plays chosen to be performed there. The comedy transported a classical drama into contemporary London, resulting in a fully modernized depiction of human folly, vice and foolishness. The Alchemist is generally considered one of Jonson's most vivid and characteristic works, and was recognized by Samuel Taylor Coleridge as one of the three most perfect plots in literature. It remains one of Jonson's most revived plays.



Jean Baptiste Poquelin, better known by his stage name of Moliere, stands without a rival at the head of French comedy. His many great plays include «The School for Husbands» and «The School for Wives,» «The Misanthrope» and «The Hypocrite» (Tartuffe), «The Miser» and «The Hypochondriac,» «The Learned Ladies,» «The Doctor in Spite of Himself,» «The Citizen Turned Gentleman,» and many others, in which he exposed mercilessly one after another the vices and foibles of the day. His characteristic qualities are nowhere better exhibited than in «Tartuffe.» Compared with such characterization as Shakespeare's, Moliere's method of portraying life may seem to be lacking in complexity; but it is precisely the simplicity with which creations like Tartuffe embody the weakness or vice they represent that has given them their place as universally recognized types of human nature.

The Litigants

Jean Racine

The 17th century dramatist Jean Racine was considered, along with Molière and Corneille, as one of the three great playwrights of his era. The quality of Racine's poetry has been described as possibly his most important contribution to French literature and his use of the alexandrine poetic line is one of the best examples of such use noted for its harmony, simplicity and elegance. While critics over the centuries have debated the worth of Jean Racine, at present, he is widely considered a literary genius of revolutionary proportions. In this volume of Racine's plays we find «The Litigants», the fourth of twelve plays by the author. Inspired by Aristophanes' «Wasps», Racine removes all political significance in this farce. As the only comedy by Racine «The Litigants» stands apart from his other works. The action of the story revolves around Judge Dandin, who in his old age has begun to go crazy. Hilarity ensues as Leander, Dandin's son, and Petit Jean, a house porter, attempt to wrangle the out of control patriarch of the family.

Arms and the Man


One of George Bernard Shaw's most performed and studied plays, «Arms and the Man» is a classic example of Shaw's comedic wit. Set during the Serbo-Bulgarian war, «Arms and the Man» is a biting social commentary on the conflict that occurs in both love and war. Raina Petkoff, who is engaged to a young soldier by the name of Sergius, has a romantic notion of war. That is until an escaping soldier by the name of Bluntschli tries to convince her otherwise.