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The Artist's Impression

Julia Schulz

Georgina Harris, a voracious reader and daughter of a prominent Law Professor at the University of Cambridge, must learn to find her own way in life, after both her parents are killed in a horrific car accident. She moves to Oxford to live with her Aunt Jemima, and accepts a job at Balzac's Bookshop; and at the same time is introduced to Philip Morris: a wealthy liquor merchant, who is completing a Doctorate on the effects of solitude on Swedish citizens, at the University of Oxford. Then, she meets Henry Xavier. A colleague at Balzac's Bookshop. Henry is a dynamic, narcissistic and selfish third year Philosophy student. Henry lures Georgina into his esoteric world with disastrous consequences.

The Supine Cobbler

Jill Connell

Abortion is of course a highly contentious issue. This play deftly wields feminist, pro-choice politics without hitting one over the head with it, using complex characterizations, smart dialogue, emotional nuance and audience implication.Produced in Toronto in September 2015 and in Edmonton in April 2016 to rave reviews, the written script is just as delightful to read, and we love that it is, in some ways, a different thing than the performed play. 5 character play.Connell is a graduate of the National Theatre School of Canada, the country's most prestigious theatre school. We plan to include production notes and production stills. See trailers and production stills here: http://www.itcouldstillhappen.com/#!supinecobbler/c13ay

Испытание любви

Анатолий Амдур

Любовь, попавшая в ловушку, неблагоприятных жизненных обстоятельств. Как эти обстоятельства повлияли на отношения героев повести?


Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


Stanisław Wyspiański


Stanisław Wyspiański