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Наша книга позволит посмотреть новым взглядом на простые и сложные жизненные ситуации обычных семей. Здесь Вы найдете новые ответы на вопросы о воспитании детей, ежедневно возникающие у большинства мам и пап, описанные простым и понятным языком. Мы не претендуем на звание "истины в последней инстанции", мы делимся новым взглядом на привычные ситуации. Опытом, который практически применяем и используем в жизни, и допускаем мысль о том, что этот опыт может быть полезен и Вам!

Половое воспитание детей и подростков

Анна Котенёва

По последним данным, большинство российских граждан считает, что половое воспитание детей и подростков необходимо. Только вести разговоры на «эту» тему должны родители или, в крайнем случае, учителя. В этой книге отечественные ученые и педагоги доступным языком рассказывают взрослым, что, как, когда можно и нужно говорить о сексуальности по мере взросления ребенка. На основе исследования реальных вопросов подростков предлагаются ответы, которые родители могут донести до своих детей.

Лекция «Как начать отношения с ребенком с чистого листа» (2019)

Дима Зицер

Нам часто кажется, что мы общаемся с детьми единственно возможным способом – как же иначе?! Ведь, кажется, человечество проделало длинный путь к пониманию того, что такое дети и что такое детство. Так вот давайте посмотрим вместе на этот путь, а заодно попробуем понять, чем руководствовались наши предки, помещая детей в те или иные ниши в общественной иерархии. Почему школа выглядит именно так, какова эволюция в отношениях взрослых и детей, насколько и как далекое и близкое прошлое влияет на нас сегодняшних? Вместе с Димой Зицером мы поразмышляем и о том, что определяет наши отношения сегодня, насколько возможно все-таки двигаться навстречу друг другу. Ну и наконец, как изменить и наладить отношения с собственным ребенком? Дима Зицер – Ph.D по педагогике, известен своей деятельностью по популяризации гуманистического подхода в современной педагогике и технологий неформального образования. Автор статей по практической педагогике, книг «Современное педагогическое искусство: азбука НО» и «Свобода от воспитания». Директор Института Неформального образования INO.

How Not to Be a Perfect Mother

Libby Purves

A fresh new look brings this parenting classic up-to-date for a new generation of mothers and mothers-to-be. Taking an irreverent and humorous look at the trials and tribulations of motherhood, Radio 4’s Libby Purves has created an invaluable survival guide so that even the most unpromising madonna can cope with the baby years.This is a parenting book with a difference- rather than a serious tome laying down the law, Libby Purves’ lighthearted book shamelessly describes how to cut the corners and bend the rules that never mattered much anyway. Forget the other parenting books that hide the real truth- this is the true battle manual for mothers on the front line!This timeless guide to coping with motherhood has been revised, bringing it up-to-date for a whole new generation of mothers and mothers-to-be.Based on Libby Purves’ own experience of domestic havoc with two babies and on the wit and wisdom of fifty like-minded mothers, this motherhood companion guide is full of down-to-earth tips and hilarious anecdotes.Topics covered include pregnancy, preschoolers, sibling fights, fraught outings, nannies and careers.This is an invaluable guide to being an imperfect mother- and, more importantly, enjoying it.

Babycalming: Simple Solutions for a Happy Baby

Caroline Deacon

This book will show you how to soothe your baby and solve any problems you may come across with sleeping, feeding, crying and colic. Drawing on her experience as a mother and advisor to the NCT, Caroline Deacon has devised a simple but effective 3-step plan to help parents understand and care for their baby’s needs without neglecting their own.Summary of contents• The three basic universal needs of both parent and child are comfort, sleep and food. Caroline Deacon works with these three needs to bring you her three-step plan.• Written in five parts, the first three explain and address the needs of:1) newborns 2) from six weeks 3) from six months 4) from the toddler years. The fifth part focuses on colic and babies who cry a lot, giving parents clear guidance and practical solutions.• Includes other parents' shared experiences, providing empathy as well as practical advice.

Yes, Please. Thanks!: Teaching Children of All Ages Manners, Respect and Social Skills for Life

Penny Palmano

The essential guide to teaching children of all ages manners, respect and the social skills to get ahead in life.This first hand guide filled with humour and anecdotes will explain how to teach your children to behave at home, in restaurants, airports, trains and public places.Even if you think your children's behaviour in public leaves you in need of psychological help, this book explains how to turn bad behaviour into good in a matter of weeks. Imagine actually receiving compliments on your children's behaviour and manners. Yes, it is possible and no, it's not difficult. You will be happier and less stressed and your children will be happier, more respectful, more popular with their friends and teachers (oh yes that helps) and dare I say, exactly what you thought having a family should be like.The good news is it's never too early to start or too late to learn.

Truly Scrumptious Baby: My complete feeding and weaning plan for 6 months and beyond

Holly Willoughby

**AWARDED A MUMSNET RATED BADGE 2017**‘Exceeded my expectations! In-depth introduction to weaning, including useful nutritional information, plus lots of lovely recipes appropriate to each stage of weaning – and the ones for toddlers are fantastic for the whole family to share, too!’Mumsnet ReviewerWeaning my little ones was a joyous, messy and occasionally testing experience! This book aims to help you through the next development phase: introducing your baby to the colourful, flavourful, wonderful world of food.The thought of weaning can be daunting to the most self-assured mums and dads. I know I felt that way, even with my third! But while every baby is different, one thing is the same for all parents: the importance of serving them delicious, nutritious dishes with minimal fuss and maximum benefits.There is no one-size-fits all approach and there are decisions to be made: spoon-feeding purees or baby-led weaning? What equipment don’t you need and where should you spend extra? With so much contradictory advice out there, I wanted to provide a go-to guide that arms you with everything you need to know as your baby starts on solids.You’ll read about the basics of good nutrition; techniques; equipment; ages and stages (what they can have, and when). I’ll also share my go-to recipes for the key stages in the first 15 months, developed over the process of weaning my three children. These are simple, easy-to-follow meals and plans that require minimal prep time, make the most of your ingredients and won’t break the bank. I’ve also provided recipes for the months and years that follow, including sections on feeding the entire family (the ultimate goal!) and the perfect things to serve at party time.There will be testing moments but there will be joyous ones too – I’ll never forget the look on my children’s faces when they first tasted baby rice! So take a deep breath, trust your intuition and dive in!Love, Holly xxx

They Are What You Feed Them: How Food Can Improve Your Child’s Behaviour, Mood and Learning

Dr Richardson Alex

Dr Alex Richardson, one of the UK's leading authority on how nutrition affects behaviour and learning, exposes the truth behind the foods we are feeding our children and offers simple, practical solutions all parents can use. An empowering book that will transform the lives of children and help them reach their full potential.Senior Research Fellow at Oxford University and former school teacher, Dr Alex Richardson is one of the UK's leading expert on how what we do and do not feed our children impacts their learning, concentration, co-ordination and behaviour.Empowering and extremely practical, this book sorts out food fact from food myth and shows parents how to bring the best choices into their children's everyday diets. Includes simple meal plans and recipes as well as practical guidance on other lifestyle factors, such as time spent in front of TV and computer screens.A highly influential book that offers concerned parents concrete information and real solutions.

Making Happy People: The nature of happiness and its origins in childhood

Paul Martin

All parents want their children to be happy – but no parent knows how to guarantee it. Now this groundbreaking book explores the ways in which parents can influence their children’s happiness, providing a positive framework for emotional growth.Happiness is simultaneously the most sought after and the most elusive human property. But it is also poorly understood. Making Happy People breaks new ground in two ways: by offering a scientific perspective on a subject often dominated by philosophers, artists and self-help gurus; and by looking at the origins of happiness in the individual.Essential reading for everyone who wants to be happier, or to make others happy, this remarkable book combines the latest research with indispensable advice to illuminate a little explored subject of large importance.

First-Time Parent: The honest guide to coping brilliantly and staying sane in your baby’s first year

Lucy Atkins

Forget unrealistic childcare manuals – this is the book you really need to help you cope brilliantly with those first chaotic days and months ahead.As a health journalist and mother-of-three, Lucy Atkins is familiar with both the medical aspects of childbirth and baby development, and the reality of day-to-day life as an exhausted first-time mum or dad. In her feisty, humorous style, she begins with that first mind-blowing day and addresses the issues unique to the first-time parent who stares at their newborn and thinks “Where are the instructions?”Anticipating the questions and concerns of all new mothers–Why does my baby cry so much? Will I ever lose all this weight? Am I a bad parent because…?–the book provides practical advice and level-headed reassurance. It addresses the needs of the baby and, very importantly, those of the parent during the first year of their baby’s life.Contents include:• Starter’s orders – the equipment and kit you really need, as opposed to what the department store tells you• Hello – how to cope with the first few hours• Start – coming home, bonding, how to survive the first few days• Sleep – for everyone!• Cry – why your baby cries, what to do, why you'll want to cry, too• Eat –breastfeeding, supplemental feeding, moving to solids, nutrition• Grow – baby's physical and mental development• Play – yes, you two actually can have fun• Thrive – health considerations for baby and parent• Live – adapting to your new life, the changing mother-father relationship• Work – coping with being at home and with going back to work• Also includes information on single parenting, and on adopted, multiple and special needs babies.The First-Time Parent is on your side, and reassures that you can cope brilliantly with your new baby and your new life.