Great Book of Fairy Patterns. Lora S. Irish

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Great Book of Fairy Patterns

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isbn 9781607658870

Автор произведения Lora S. Irish

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Издательство Ingram

Lora S. Irish, author of Great Book of Dragon Patterns and other useful reference guides for artists, proudly introduces her latest book for Fox Chapel Publishing – with more than 100 patterns of those most mystical and elusive beings called «Fairies.»
The folklore of fairies – sometimes referred to as faes and flutterbyes – has been passed down through the generations, and they have captured the hearts and minds of artists for centuries. This book is brimming with tips and techniques for artists and craftspeople with any number of projects, including painting, woodworking, quilts, garden decorations, needlepoint, ceramics and more.
Bring the magic of fairies to your art. Features dozens of original fairy patterns and the expert tips and techniques for successfully incorporating them into any medium or craft. Inside, you'll find the history of fairies in legends, and clear descriptions of the various fairy types and their appearances.
– Wing patterns: Including bee wings, dragonfly wings, butterfly wings, moth wings, and modern options – Poses: Handy tips on creating one fairy manikin and turning it into dozens of poses – it's easier than you think! – Outfits: Dress your fairy in the best and brightest fashions – Settings: From ponds to flower gardens to forest floors, you'll learn how to place your fairy in your favorite scenes and backgrounds