Secure Your Retirement. Брюс Кэмерон

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Secure Your Retirement

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isbn 9781776095858

Автор произведения Брюс Кэмерон

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Издательство Ingram

Pensioners are facing a major fallout from South Africa’s downgrading to junk status and the plummeting of the rand as a result of government corruption. On top of this, the COVID-19 pandemic and the economic lockdown have hit retirement savings hard, and their effects will continue for a long time. Secure Your Retirement unpacks the challenges facing pensioners, and outlines what they can do to improve their situation. The book explains how to avoid the pitfalls that cause pensioners to run out of money. It provides guidance about selecting the right pension products and offers other solutions to guide pensioners to better financial outcomes. It gives advice for women, who are particularly at risk, and it deals with the rising costs of health care and the increasing threat of dementia. Written by award-winning author Bruce Cameron and leading financial planner Wouter Fourie, and based on research by the country’s largest pension fund administrator, Alexander Forbes, as well as life companies Just SA and Sanlam, this book is essential for anyone concerned about their financial future in this worrying time.