Femdom. Bdsm. Spanking. Summer rods for Marek. Zofia Melnik

Эротика, Секс.

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Femdom. Bdsm. Spanking. Summer rods for Marek

Год выпуска 2000


Автор произведения Zofia Melnik

Жанр Эротика, Секс


Издательство ЛитРес: Самиздат

The novel of the modern writer Sofia Melnik is devoted to female domination (femdom, bdsm) and corporal punishment (spanking, canning). The hero of the book, Marek Dembicky, is a lazy, undisciplined young man. Pani Felicia loves her nephew, however, this does not prevent her from severely punishing Marek when the young man commits bad deeds. Along the way, many other characters subject Marek to corporal punishment and humiliation: teachers Kazimir, Zdenek and Bozhena, maids Gracia and Alisha, neighbor Zofia, her daughter Irenka and others. To punish a young man, various devices are used – a comb, nettle, belt, rod, rattan cane. The novel features scenes of foot fetish and cunnilingus, as well as descriptions of forced oral and anal homosexual sex. All characters in the book are over 18 years old. Содержит нецензурную брань.