Society's Most Scandalous Viscount. Anabelle Bryant

Сказки. Regency Charms

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Society's Most Scandalous Viscount

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isbn 9781474035934

Автор произведения Anabelle Bryant

Жанр Сказки

Серия Regency Charms

Издательство HarperCollins

When rules are made to be broken…Viscount Kellaway may sound like a gentleman, but he doesn’t act like one. As far as Kell is concerned, drink, women and the wrong side of the law are much more attractive indulgences than could be found in polite society – much to the scandal of the ton.With all of Brighton’s women to choose from, Kell has never settled for one – and his devilish good looks have meant he’s never had to. But when he spies Angelica Curtis walking on the beach by moonlight, the living vision of a familiar dream, all that changes.Suddenly, Kell finds himself craving the touch of a single woman…and it just so happens that the woman in question won’t have him! But if Kell’s bad ways have taught him anything, it’s that nothing is truly out of bounds…Fans of Regency romance will adore Anabelle Bryant’s Regency Charms series:1. Defying the Earl 2. Undone by His Kiss 3. Society’s Most Scandalous Viscount 4. His Forbidden DebutantePraise for Society’s Most Scandalous Viscount‘Anabelle Bryant is a genius. Her characters, language and expression make her a master of the written word and leave you wishing for your own happily ever after. A definite must read for all historical and romance lovers. – ’Cindy von Hentschel‘Absolutely fantastic read. Anabelle Bryant has done it again. I love her stories and they just keep getting better and better and better with each book she puts out. Highly recommend.’ – Kristina O’Grady, author of the Copeland Ranch Trilogy‘Regency Romance readers will absolutely adore Kell and Angelica’s story, it has all the passion, mystery and love that any of us could wish for in an Historical Romance.’ – Marsha @ Keeper Bookshelf, via Amazon