Rising Stars. Maisey Yates

Эротическая литература. Mills & Boon e-Book Collections

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Rising Stars

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isbn 9781472095497

Автор произведения Maisey Yates

Жанр Эротическая литература

Серия Mills & Boon e-Book Collections

Издательство HarperCollins

Rising Stars Collection – 12 glamorous intense romances by four marvellous rising star authorsVolume One – For One Night OnlyRECKLESS NIGHT IN RIO by Jennie Lucas ‘All you need to do is…pretend to love me. ’The task should be easy for Laura Parker – after all, Gabriel Santos is outrageously good-looking, it’s for one night only, and he is offering her a million dollars…TO LOVE, HONOUR AND BETRAY by Jennie Lucas Callie Woodville had imagined her wedding day since she was a little girl…She thought she’d found the perfect man in her boss Eduardo Cruz—but, ‘Get out!’ wasn’t exactly the morning-after treatment she’d hoped for.A NIGHT OF LIVING DANGEROUSLY by Jennie Lucas Lilley’s fairy-tale wish is about to be granted. She’ll swap her grey suits for a fabulous dress and killer heels, and dance the night away with the man every other woman wants…but only for one night.Volume Two – Married on PaperTHE ARGENTINE’S PRICE by Maisey Yates It’s time for the housekeeper’s son to collect his dues… Lazaro Marino will stop at nothing to reach the top. He’s climbed his way out of poverty, but there’s still one thing that’s been denied him: entry into the highest echelons of society.THE INHERITED BRIDE by Maisey Yates Princess Isabella desperately didn’t want to marry the Sheikh to whom she was betrothed… And there was more to the darkly handsome, dark-hearted desert stranger escorting her back to the altar than met the eye…MARRIAGE MADE ON PAPER by Maisey Yates When ambitious public relations expert Lily Ford signs a contract with hot-shot property tycoon Gage Forrester, she signs her life away!Volume Three – One Reckless DecisionMAJESTY, MISTRESS…MISSING HEIR by Caitlin Crews As formidable as the desert he wishes to rule, Sheikh Tariq bin Khalid Al-Nur is furious that he cannot take the throne until he marries. But he cannot wed until he’s rid his dreams of Jessa Heath…KATRAKIS’S LAST MISTRESS by Caitlin Crews Notorious Nikos Katrakis was looking for a new mistress when, out of the blue, heiress Tristanne Barbery offered herself to him. Could satisfaction and revenge really be that easy to obtain?PRINCESS FROM THE PAST by Caitlin Crews Behind the imposing walls of the castle, free-spirited Bethany Vassal discovered that her whirlwind marriage to Prince Leo Di Marco was nothing like the fairy tale she’d imagined.Volume Four – Keeping Her CloseIN CHRISTOFIDES’ KEEPING by Abby Green When one night with ruthless playboy Rico Christofides leaves her pregnant, Gypsy Butler is determined to spare her unborn baby the heartache of her own childhood. But a shock meeting is about to change her plans…THE CALL OF THE DESERT by Abby Green Twelve years ago Julia lost her heart to Sheikh Kaden in the scorching Burquati desert.THE LEGEND OF DE MARCO by Abby Green Rocco de Marco. Legendary financier and billionaire. Waitress Gracie O’Brien’s first meeting with Rocco was memorable and the second is unforgettable.