Muscle Car Interior Restoration Guide. Daniel Strohl

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Muscle Car Interior Restoration Guide

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isbn 9781613256695

Автор произведения Daniel Strohl

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Издательство Ingram

The photos in this edition are black and white.<p>A muscle car has not been fully restored until the interior has been returned to original or like-new condition. Whether a car operates in a northern or southern climate, seats, carpets, and other equipment deteriorate and wear out over time. A factory-original and professional-grade interior restoration is critical for enjoying the driving experience. However, many enthusiasts and owners do not fully understand the techniques and procedures necessary to produce a premium-quality or original restoration. <P>While factory service manuals and magazine articles might cover bits and pieces of the interior restoration process, this book has been entirely dedicated to the process of restoring the interior. <I>Muscle Car Interior Restoration</I> provides expert insight into the tools, materials, techniques, and procedures for professionally completing a muscle car restoration. It covers instrument panel and dashboard restoration, electrical system restoration, firewall pad, steering wheel, steering column, and pedal restoration. It also provides insight and expert guidance for restoring carpet, headliners, doors, door panels, glass restoration or replacement, convertible top restoration, upholstery replacement, and vinyl and leather seat repair. <P>With the prices of muscle cars high enough to make Wall Street investors pay attention, a tasteful modified or quality restored interior will mean the difference of thousands – if not tens of thousands of dollars when it comes time to sell. Whether you're looking to cash in with a quality restoration, or just want to make the cockpit of your favorite muscle car a pleasant place to be, this book will help you do the trick.