Big Book of Women's Trivia. Alicia Alvrez

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Big Book of Women's Trivia

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isbn 9781609250324

Автор произведения Alicia Alvrez

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Издательство Ingram

Useless Facts and Funny Trivia for Women "Women's matters are anything but trivial." –Anon (who was a woman) Fun facts.  Women outnumber men by five to one in shoplifting convictions. The very first Artichoke Queen was Marilyn Monroe in 1947. Diamonds didn’t become a girl’s best friend until the thirteenth century. Before that, they were for men only. The first human cannonball was a woman named Zazel, who was launched into the air through the use of a giant spring inside a cannon. Researchers at Northwestern University want us to know that men change their minds two to three times more than women. Queen Mary I of England and Ireland was a Catholic who had Protestants tortured and killed. Her actions provoked the nickname “Bloody Mary”, which inspired the cocktail. (Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.) Trivia challenges.   The Big Book of Women’s Trivia  arms you with little known facts about the history, fame, fortunes, fashions, and fictions of the female species–enough to impress your mother and your boss, to win arguments with your boyfriends and husbands, and to generally know more about your fabulous female self. The Big Book of Women’s Trivia  spans history, crosses cultures, ranges from the silly to the salacious to the truly useful and back again. Designed to delight the feminist in you, Alicia Alvrez's book is organized into ten trivia-filled chapters: Women and Their Wardrobes, The Body Beautiful—and Not So, Ladies’ Matters of Love, In the Ladies’ Room, Ladies Look at the Animal Kingdom, Women Doing It for Themselves, Saintly Manifestations and Royal Subjects, Women’s Sporting Life, Celebrity Sightings of the Female Variety, and finally, Final Feminine Facts You Absolutely Can’t Live Without. If you are a fan of the board game Trivial Pursuit and books such as  What If ,  399 Games Puzzles & Trivia Challenges ,  Uncle John's Bathroom Reader , or  The Totally Awesome Book of Useless Information ; you will love owning  The Big Book of Women’s Trivia .