Teleportation. Technic. Opportunities. The consequences. Nikolay Lakutin


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Teleportation. Technic. Opportunities. The consequences

Год выпуска 2016

isbn 978-5-532-08261-8

Автор произведения Nikolay Lakutin

Жанр Эзотерика


Издательство ЛитРес: Самиздат

Hello, dear friend (gender does not matter as it is an illusion). So we met… You probably don't remember me, I looked different, I had a different name, I had different habits, and I did a lot of things. Today I have come to give you what you have been looking for. Be careful, fight the fate, but do not offend people. I have always loved you, though my actions have sometimes suggested otherwise… love and now. See you later… "hug" and "smile" where words are not needed…