In the compartment. Play for 5-6 people. Николай Владимирович Лакутин


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In the compartment. Play for 5-6 people

Год выпуска 2019


Автор произведения Николай Владимирович Лакутин

Жанр Драматургия


Издательство ЛитРес: Самиздат

A connoisseur of morality, honor and canons, which were still taught in Soviet times, returning from a business trip, gets into a compartment with a rampant and rollicking company. They will go together. With the male part of the neighbors-passengers, the main character manages to remain neutral, but to the girl there are tender trembling feelings, which are also mutual. The hero is married! Would he now be able to keep within the usual framework of morality? The rails are rattling, time is passing, the final destination is approaching, and the temptation is so great…Содержит нецензурную брань.