Yester-times. Сергей Александрович Стрельцов


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Год выпуска 2008


Автор произведения Сергей Александрович Стрельцов

Жанр Сказки


Издательство ЛитРес: Самиздат

Sergey Streltsov.Yester-times.Talantus, the king of Saint Lakes, dies when offering sacrifice to God. His daughter Lavinia inherits his throne. Knights promised their loyalty to her. Mercenaries put up mutiny but soon are driven out by loyal knights of Lavinia. Elizora, the enchantress was told by Evil Genius Nemigo to spread power of Hieroglyph, the chief of marine robbers, who is controlled by her over Saint Lake and to kidnap Lavinia.