Numerical Optimization of Regulators for Automatic Control System. Вадим Аркадьевич Жмудь


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Numerical Optimization of Regulators for Automatic Control System

Год выпуска 2019

isbn 978-5-7782-3802-2

Автор произведения Вадим Аркадьевич Жмудь



Издательство Новосибирский государственный технический университет

The book is intended for students and PhD students in the field of automatics, mechatronics, robotics, digital or analog feedback control. Par-ticullary, in NSTU (Novosibirsk, Russia) it is intended for the students enrolled in the educational field 27.03.04 “Control in Technical Systems” in the course “Computer-aided design tools and control systems” (for Bachelors in their 4th year). It includes training materials and guidelines for selfassessment (questions for self-testing). The basic knowledge of previously studied mathematical disciplines is required for successful study of this course. The book is prepared due to the financial support from the European Foundation Erasmus+, projects KA-107A and SmartCity.