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The Private Equity Toolkit

Tamara Sakovska

Master the navigation of private equity deals from sourcing to exit with this comprehensive guide   The Private Equity Toolkit : A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Deals Done from Sourcing to Exit  offers readers the first complete guide to executing a private equity deal from start to finish. Written by an accomplished professional with twenty years of experience in the private equity space, this book is perfect for current private equity analysts and associates, as well as business students and professionals seeking to enter the private equity field.  This book covers every stage of the private equity process, from sourcing the deal to company exit. It provides a systematic overview of how to:  · Originate attractive investment opportunities;  · Generate superior deal insights;  · Form effective working relationships with management teams;  · Add value on portfolio company boards; and  · Achieve profitable investment exits.  The Private Equity Toolkit  equips its readers with actionable frameworks and proprietary tools that can be applied on a daily basis in the private equity industry. The content found within is designed to be current and helpful for years to come and appeals to a global audience.

The New Retirement

Jan Cullinane

Craft your complete retirement plan with help from this straightforward and robust blueprint In the newly revised Third Edition of The New Retirement: The Ultimate Guide to the Rest of Your Life , best-selling and award-winning retirement author Jan Cullinane delivers an organized, engaging, and holistic treatment of retirement planning. With extensive updates and additions throughout, the book includes surveys, questionnaires, and worksheets to help readers understand and apply the critical steps affecting retirement planning. In this book, you’ll also find: Fresh and informative examples from real people about all aspects of their retirement journey, from savings and tax issues to location selection to second careers/remote work, and leaving a legacy Thorough explorations of niche retirement lifestyles, established locations, and new retirement communities Discussions of critical issues affecting potential and current retirees, including health, relationships, politics, climate, demographics, and workingPerfect for anyone contemplating full or phased retirement, as well as for those who are already retired, The New Retirement, 3rd edition, is an invaluable handbook for planning the penultimate chapter of your life.

The New Retirement

Jan Cullinane

История инвестиционных стратегий. Как зарабатывались состояния во времена процветания и во времена испытаний

Биггс Бартон

Бартон Биггс, легендарный инвестор с Уолл-стрит, показывает, как ключевые моменты Второй мировой войны влияли на динамику инвестиционного рынка и как уроки истории способны помочь инвестору XXI века. Автор обсуждает эффективность акций как в странах победителей, так и в странах побежденных. Он изучает биографии людей, которым удалось сохранить свои богатства, даже несмотря на продолжавшиеся битвы и мировой кризис. И Бартон Биггс не ограничивается анализом одних ценных бумаг, его также интересуют золото и недвижимость – консервативные способы инвестирования, за которыми особенно интересно наблюдать в кризисные периоды.

Mutual Funds For Dummies

Eric Tyson

Build substantial wealth with mutual funds (and ETFs)! Mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are great for professional management, diversification and liquidity into your portfolio, but what are the costs and risks? And how have the best investment strategies changed with the rise of robo-investing, ETFs, and new tax rules? Mutual Funds For Dummies answers all your questions, giving you insight on how to find the best-managed funds that match your financial goals. With straightforward advice and plenty of specific fund recommendations, Eric Tyson helps you avoid fund-investing pitfalls and maximize your returns. This new edition covers the latest investment trends and philosophies, including factor investing, ESG investing, and online investing. You’ll also find completely updated coverage on the best mutual funds and ETFs in each category. Earn more with funds! Learn how mutual funds and ETFs work and determine how much of your portfolio to devote Weigh the pros and cons of funds, and use funds to help you pick your own stocks Make the most of online investing and other new technologies and trends Maximize your gains by choosing the funds and strategies that work for you Mutual Funds For Dummies is a trusted resource, and this update has arrived to help you plan and implement a successful investment strategy. The fund market is rebounding—get on the train and take advantage of the opportunity today!

Финансовая независимость. Как быстро создать капитал и обеспечить себя на всю жизнь

Грант Сабатье

Эта книга содержит таблицы, графики и иллюстрации в виде ПДФ-файла, который вы можете скачать на странице аудиокниги на сайте после её покупки. Можно ли обрести финансовую свободу к 30 годам и больше никогда не работать? Безусловно, да. Если вы умеете управлять заработком, расходами и инвестициями. В своей книге Грант Сабатье, предприниматель, миллиардер и владелец Millennial Money, рассказывает, как всего за 5 лет выйти из наемного рабства и обеспечить себя на всю жизнь. В его книге вы найдете более 100 идей и формул, которые помогут вам увеличить сбережения, грамотно инвестировать и правильно экономить.