Короткие любовные романы

Различные книги в жанре Короткие любовные романы

Разговор вечером

Дарья Викторовна Шаповалова

Вечер. Муж приходит усталым с работы и хочет поговорить с женой о произошедших обстоятельствах.

Жизнь – странная штука

Юрий Юрьевич Ульяновский

Очередной серый и ничем не примечательный день. Главный герой возвращается с работы и размышляет о том, как же его жизнь однообразна. Он шёл через парк, как вдруг его накрывает странное чувство. Лишь потом он понимает, что жизнь – странная штука.

Письмо капитана

Анжелика Дмитриевна Иванова

Капитана в живых держали письма его возлюбленной. Но чувства меняются и не всегда о них возможно говорить. А война идёт не первый, не второй год. Кажется, что столетие, кажется, что час. А буран за окном так и метёт, Андрей всё ещё воюет.

Океан Лу

Яна Слямгазыевна Жексембинова

Слишком короткий роман, чтобы называться книгой. Однако в наше время шаблоны и правила нередко подвергаются изменениями, а порой и разрушениям. Эта недетская история о детях, которые любили играть в игры своих родителей. Стоит сказать, что все описанное – выдумка, кроме самого пожара. Хотя кто-то может встретить себя в этой истории. Как и в любой другой. Содержит нецензурную брань.

After You've Gone

Jeffrey Lent

After You’ve Gone in paperback, it is a moving, sublime love story set in the cataclysmic decades around the turn of the twentieth century. Henry Dorn has spent years building a family, but it only takes a single afternoon for it to fall apart. Abruptly widowed of the love of his life, Henry buys a steamer ticket for Amsterdam, the city of his heritage, hoping to start life anew. But nothing could have prepared him for the woman he meets on the ship: the fiery, self-sufficient Lydia Pearce, one of a new generation of women. Before long the two have fallen into an affair of a depth and significance for which neither was prepared. But the memory of his wife and the vexed relationship he had with their son haunt Henry in the midst of his new beginning. Jeffrey Lent is one of our finest novelists, and After You’ve Gone delivers a tale that beautifully charts the sweep of a life, the grim reach of a war, and the discovery—and loss—of life-defining love

Турнир Императора

Алина Никольская

Она притворилась леди, чтобы попасть на турнир Императора, но теперь ее разоблачили. Император готов подписать смертный приговор, а его советник просит и вовсе отдать права на ее жизнь в его полное распоряжение. Одна надежда – послы из дружественного государства, предложившие ей свое покровительство взамен на победу в турнире. Ее мотивы и прошлое неизвестны. Впрочем, никто и не интересуется… Содержит нецензурную брань.

Maria's Window

Karen Tatro

As the boat set sail, in search of the mysterious Island, Maria gazed out into the water's horizon, lost in thought of what was sure to be an amazing adventure. A woman's journey into the deepest depths of her own Ocean. "There are hidden secrets that lie deep within ourselves. How far are you willing to go to release them?"

A Grateful Dragon

Karla Schuurs

Some decisions are choiceless… But it wasn't enough, none of it was. Not giving up her well paid job and risking everything to follow her heart and paint. Not defiantly testifying against her predator boss. Not being there for her family and friends whenever they needed her. Because, you see, it's one thing to find yourself; but it's something else entirely to keep yourself. And Mira found herself yet again wrapped up in a tangled web of good intensions that was slowly choking her. Would she ever be truly free? There wasn't really anything to complain about though. She had a good job at the deli, which allowed her time to paint, and all her family and friends were well and happy. And she had the most adoring, kind, cashed-up, easy-on-the-eye boyfriend. So what on Earth was wrong with Mira? Why couldn't she just be more grateful? …Because sometimes you know exactly what you need, you just pretend like you don't want it.

The Other Side Of The Lies

Callie Ansar

Its 1996. A heartbroken, 18 year old Karen Faris sits crying on a bench beside a payphone at the Jersey shore. All she wants is to hear David's voice, but it's a different voice that pulls her away from her past and leads her to happiness. Or so she thought. What Karen thinks is love at first sight turns out to be lies at first sight. From the day they met, all Ramsey does is spew lies to Karen about his past, only telling her minimal truths to keep her close to him. When Ramsey gets too caught up in his own lies, he turns to suicide as his only escape. Ramsey's death leads a devastated Karen to uncover unfathomable truths about his secret life. Tormented by the letter that sits in the sealed envelope in her nightstand, Karen finally decides to read it months after it is given to her. It isn't until then that she finally gets a glimpse into what Ramsey's life was like on the other side of the lies.

Flying Along

Donald H. Coventry

Flying Along is a romantic/social comedy following the adventures of two final year visual art students living in a regional country town. It involves Henry, a photographer and body-pilot, his anarchic friend Meat Carver, and James McGuire (who partners with an internet based female artificial lifeform) as they encounter love, lust and manage disturb, distract and disrupt much of the life and times of the Old City and bring about the collapse of digital society. It is also a story on Henry's searching for love and finding it in Jane, a short angry tractor mechanic, who is both attracted to their creative mayhem but also feels challenged by what that could bring. This story is a nonstop romp covering art, indulgence, folly, self-delusion that combines humour, social commentary and science fiction in an original mix that makes for an immersive and fun read.