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Конструирование и моделирование юбок

Алия Варганова

В данной книге описаны расчеты, формулы, чертежи построения юбок. Для изучения рассмотрим построение основы юбок: солнце клеш, полусолнце клеш, колокол, 5 клиньев, 6 клиньев, 7 клиньев, годе, 2 шовной прямой юбки, а также моделирование всех этих юбок.

Self-Sufficiency: Natural Household Cleaning

Rachelle Strauss

More and more consumers are seeking a healthier, greener, and more self-reliant lifestyle. There is also a growing movement of people interested in quality, handcrafted, local products. These introductory handbooks for the fast-growing self-sufficiency movement are now being published in paperback for the first time, at a lower, attractive price point. They offer accessible, practical advice on what to do, how to do it better, and how to save money. Self-Sufficiency Natural Household Cleaning shows readers how to turn a chore into a pleasure and discover a whole new way to clean. Readers will use this book to make informed decisions about the harmful chemicals found in commercial cleaning products, and discover how to use common household supplies to make their own cleaners that are both greener and cheaper.

Love... Sewing

Pippa Cuthbert

This must-have compendium features 130 most popular savory and sweet recipes from around the world. Dishes from the US, Caribbean, North Africa, Middle East, Mediterranean, Europe, India and Asia are featured. Burgers, risottos, pasta dishes, curries, mezze, pizzas, stir-fries, patties, stews, rotis, desserts – all make an appearance. The book is broken down into starters, mains, sides and desserts. Any unusual ingredients or terms are fully explained at the front of the book.

Self-Sufficiency: Herbs and Spices

Linda Gray

This clear and concise directory provides all the essential information readers need to grow, use, and store a wide selection of flavor-enhancing herbs and spices. Some herbs are annuals, some are perennials, and some can be grown indoors—but all of those highlighted here can be grown either in pots or directly in the soil. Each individual plant profile includes detailed growing advice. Home and garden expert Linda Gray tells how to prepare the soil, when to sow and plant out, and when to harvest and gather. Linda also examines the culinary uses of each herb and spice, and explores other uses from medicinal remedies to insect repellents and sleep remedies. Tips on container growing and hints on how to store the harvest make Self Sufficiency: Herbs and Spices an indispensable guide.

The Joy of Tiny House Living

Chris Schapdick

• Comprehensive review of the practical considerations that go into building, owning, and living in a tiny home on wheels.• What it means to upgrade to tiny, and what readers should know about design, construction, and the legalities of living in a tiny home.• Chris Schapdick is the founder of Tiny Industrial, a tiny house building company. He was awarded the “Best Tiny House Award” by the New Jersey Tiny House Festival in 2017.• Other tiny house and small home plans books sold on average over 10,884 copies, with $66,804 in net sales.• Tiny House trend continues to grow in popularity since HGTV show launch 12/2014.

Brickwork Projects for Patio & Garden

Alan Bridgewater

From the decorative to the practical, Brickwork Projects for Patio & Garden offers a range of projects for all levels of expertise. Sixteen original projects range from a simple garden wall to a beautiful raised herringbone patio. Each project has been photographed step-by-step during construction and the finished piece is shown in its garden setting. Clear construction diagrams and concise text accompany every project. A comprehensive techniques section provides expert advice and information on designing, planning, tools, materials, foundations, concrete, mortar and cutting and laying brick. This attractive and accessible DIY book is full of ideas for creating practical garden features using this simple and traditional material.

Building Your Own Dock

Sam Merriam

Build your own sound, functional dock that will overcome almost any waterfront challenge with this essential guide. In Building your own Dock you’ll find detailed plans, expert tips, advice on building methods, and insight on materials and specialty parts for all the most popular types of docks. Professional dock builder Sam Merriam explains the wide variety of modern docks, from traditional wood structures to modular, pre-built docks made with aluminum, plastic, or composites. Sam helps you design the best kind of dock for your application and waterfront environment as he explains their relative advantages, disadvantages, and customization options. Whether you decide to build your own dock, hire a builder, or purchase a ready-made, this book will reveal your choices, enhance your dock building knowledge, and empower you to create the dock you’ve always dreamed of.

Love... Crochet

Carol Meldrum

The wonderful thing about crochet is its versatility – using very little more than one ball of yarn and a crochet hook you can create stylish fashion garments and unique accessories for your home, with ease. The beautiful and contemporary designs in this book – from the narrow stripe beret and deep v skinny tunic to the mock pleat shoulder bag and crochet squares blanket – all use the latest yarns and colours and have been designed with the style-conscious in mind. There are also shorter projects so if you're really pressed for time, you can simply make a few pretty crochet cupcakes or jam jar covers – perfect for adding a personal touch to your home or for giving as gifts to friends and relatives. With a comprehensive introduction to the techniques of this fulfilling craft, as well as step-by-step instructions throughout the projects, this book is your one-stop guide to crochet. All patterns have been thoroughly tested and give clear instructions and close-up detail shots make the book suitable even for a beginner.

Конструктор презентаций

Николай Чисторосов

Книга дает практические рекомендации по процессу составления презентаций как в случае исполнения задачи в одиночку, так и работы в команде. Рассмотрены необходимые этапы и компетенции, наполнение и последовательность слайдов презентации. Учтены различия между способами донесения информации, а также, впервые рассмотрены конкретные различия в наполнении презентаций в зависимости от их назначения: показана содержательная часть общих презентаций для продуктов, презентации для инвесторов, обучения, доклада и выступления. Книга, также, содержит уникальный контент по описанию процессов, необходимых для создания презентаций в крупных компаниях.

Как вести семейный бюджет по своим правилам

Евгения Иштыкова

Знакомство с семейным бюджетом, руководство к первым шагам. Как подступиться и с чего начать. Книга- помощник, настольная подсказка.