On Temporal and Spiritual Authority. Robert Bellarmine

Философия. Natural Law and Enlightenment Classics

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On Temporal and Spiritual Authority

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isbn 9781614872443

Автор произведения Robert Bellarmine

Жанр Философия

Серия Natural Law and Enlightenment Classics

Издательство Ingram

Robert Bellarmine was one of the most original and influential political theorists of his time. His writings present coherent definitions of the nature and aim of temporal authority and its relationship to spiritual authority.This fresh translation will be interesting to a wide readership of both scholars of political thought and the educated general public.Robert Bellarmine (1542–1621) was a Jesuit cardinal.Stefania Tutino is a Professor of History and Religious Studies, University of California, Santa Barbara. Please note: This title is available as an ebook for purchase on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and iTunes.