Simply Laura Lea. Laura Lea

Кулинария. Laura Lea Balanced

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Simply Laura Lea

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isbn 9781951217303

Автор произведения Laura Lea

Жанр Кулинария

Серия Laura Lea Balanced

Издательство Ingram

Featuring recipes drawn from familiar classic dishes and new favorites, Laura Lea’s new book, Simply Laura Lea , offers delicious home-cooked food without sacrificing healthy eating. In Simply Laura Lea the author of The Laura Lea Balanced Cookbook and creator of offers a collection of over 130 delicious, balanced, and healthy recipes based on the food she eats every day. Unlike diets that prescribe food restrictions that are neither attainable nor desirable on a long-terms basis, Laura Lea promotes an attainable approach to cooking and eating healthy for life. All of the recipes collected here follow the LL Balanced Approach to Food: Focus on whole, fresh foods that make you feel great.Ditch any preconceived idea of what you should eat, and list to your body; it is your best wellness guru.Indulge in moderation, and occasionally, not in moderation!Have fun and don’t take yourself, or your food, too seriously. Enjoy food in a relaxed atmosphere and in the company of dear ones.Above all, practice self-love and patience in the kitchen. It will translate to the rest of your life.In Simply Laura Lea , you’ll find familiar dishes that can be cooked in 30 minutes or less. And with ingredient lists comprised of a limited number of easy-to-find items, recipes are approachable and easy-to-follow for new or seasoned home cooks. As Laura Lea likes to say: «No diet, no dogma, just great healthy food.»