Crises in European Integration. Группа авторов

Политика, политология. New German Historical Perspectives

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Crises in European Integration

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isbn 9781845458829

Автор произведения Группа авторов

Жанр Политика, политология

Серия New German Historical Perspectives

Издательство Ingram

While the major trends in European integration have been well researched and constitute key elements of narratives about its value and purpose, the crises of integration and their effects have not yet attracted sufficient attention. This volume, with original contributions by leading German scholars, suggests that crises of integration should be seen as engines of progress throughout the history of European integration rather than as expressions of failure and regression, a widely held assumption. It therefore throws new light on the current crises in European integration and provides a fascinating panorama of how challenges and responses were guiding the process during its first five decades.