Mother's Day Murder. Leslie Meier

Ужасы и Мистика. A Lucy Stone Mystery

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Mother's Day Murder

Год выпуска 0

isbn 9780758260123

Автор произведения Leslie Meier

Жанр Ужасы и Мистика

Серия A Lucy Stone Mystery

Издательство Ingram

Two of her four kids may be out of the nest, but Lucy Stone knows only too well that mothering is a lifetime commitment. At least she gets to kick back and enjoy a fancy Mother's Day brunch with her brood–that is, before the festivities are interrupted by a nasty scene courtesy of Barbara Hume and Tina Nowak. Opposites in every way, the only thing these mean moms have in common is the need to best each other at every turn, using their teenage daughters as pawns in elaborate games of one-upsmanshipEven after witnessing the women's claw sharpening rituals, Lucy never expects to see actual blood spilled–until Tina is shot dead on the public tennis court. Now Lucy is determined to unravel the close-knit knot of suspects. But when the threads threaten to entangle one of her own, Lucy will come face-to-face with a killer who has a thing or two to learn about motherly love. . . «As charming and enjoyable as ever.» – Romantic Times