The implementation of the economic cycle: freedom, trust, duty. Николай Камзин


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The implementation of the economic cycle: freedom, trust, duty

Год выпуска 2012

isbn 978-3-659-13623-8

Автор произведения Николай Камзин

Жанр Экономика


Издательство Камзин Николай Леонидович

Existentialism proclaims the idea of a man present, performing a search for meaning, making choices, self-determining in its relation to reality, possessing an active subjective entity. In the process of economic activity a person is faced with the action of their own will influence other areas of the will of the active agents. He needs arise that require his satisfaction, he is involved in the economic cycle, some of which sectors are investigated in this study, namely: entrepreneurship, as a consequence of the implementation of a new combination of natural factors, business risk as a source of entrepreneurial profit and a catalyst for economic activity, business as routine economic activities aimed at developing the existing building, international business, as economic activity is possible at a potential that is created by public constraints, international payments, as the movement of financial resources for a business, writ proceedings, as inevitable, the procedure of execution of mutual obligations with the participation of the public entity, collateral relations, as security relationships that create a safety buffer for the counterparty.