Tanya Grotter and the Golden Leech. Дмитрий Емец

Сказки. Таня Гроттер

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Tanya Grotter and the Golden Leech

Год выпуска 2003


Автор произведения Дмитрий Емец

Жанр Сказки

Серия Таня Гроттер

Издательство Емец Дмитрий Александрович

Thunder shakes the magic school Tibidox. Lightning beat at exactly one point – the masonry on the roof of the Big Tower. And in the neglected gatehouse by the swamp Tanya Grotter discovers the forgotten prophecy of The Ancient One. If an ancient spirit is released, the Golden Leech will begin to crawl into the magic fire and the Rope in the fingerboard of the double bass will break, time will swing in the opposite direction, the revived pagan idols will go to war on the Tortoise of Eternity and the Sinister Gates will collapse! The forecasted events begin to happen one after another… And all this during the dragonball world championship, in which the composite Tibidox team must battle with the team of the Invisibles, in which the incomparable Gury Puper shines!