Tanya Grotter And The Vanishing Floor. Дмитрий Емец

Книги для детей: прочее. Таня Гроттер

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Tanya Grotter And The Vanishing Floor

Год выпуска 2002


Автор произведения Дмитрий Емец

Жанр Книги для детей: прочее

Серия Таня Гроттер

Издательство Емец Дмитрий Александрович

Tanya Grotter has no luck. When Sardanapal, Medusa Gorgonova, and other instructors rebuild anew the destroyed school of magic Tibidox, they send the students home. Here Tanya is also forced to return to Moscow to the Durnev family. On top of that, as an obligation, she has to take with her a full trunk of troublesome ghosts. Well, not too bad! During training in Tibidox Tanya had time to master something, so that Uncle Herman and Aunt Ninel will have to be unhappy. And here finally the time comes to return to Tibidox. It has been rebuilt anew and is even better than before, but the Vanishing Floor… Something incredible has happened to it. Nobody who dared to venture there had returned. Or nevertheless some did?