Tanya Grotter And The Magic Double Bass. Дмитрий Емец

Сказки. Таня Гроттер

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Tanya Grotter And The Magic Double Bass

Год выпуска 2002


Автор произведения Дмитрий Емец

Жанр Сказки

Серия Таня Гроттер

Издательство Емец Дмитрий Александрович

The black sorceress Plague-del-Cake, whose name they dread even to utter aloud, climbing to power, destroys the brilliant magicians one by one. Among her victims is the remarkable white magician Leopold Grotter. His daughter Tanya, by some unknown means, manages to avoid death, but on the tip of her nose, a mysterious birthmark remains for life… Plague-del-Cake mysteriously disappears, and Tanya Grotter turns out to be abandoned to the family of businessman Durnev, her distant relative… She lives with this extremely unpleasant family until the age of ten, and then finds herself in the unique world of the Tibidox School of Magic…