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    The Parks Empire: Secrets, Lies and Loves

    Marie Ferrarella

    Romancing the Enemy by Laurie Paige Sara Carlton was on a mission ; to seek revenge against the man who nearly destroyed her family. Moving in next door to her nemesis's handsome son was part of her plan. Falling head over heels in love with him was not!Diamonds and Deceptions by Marie Ferrarella When the tall, dark stranger walked into her bookshop, sheltered Brooke was ready for romance. In the blink of an eye, the beautiful dreamer saw the wounds of the emotionally scarred private eye and gave herself to him completely. . . Too completely?The Rich Man's Son by Judy Duarte Rowan was stumbling down a country road and couldn't remember a thing ; not even his name. Luckily, the most beautiful woman in Texas found him ; and he's starting to remember everything, including how to love again. . .

    The Danforths: Reid, Kimberly and Jake

    Maureen Child

    The Cinderella Scandal by Barbara McCauley Wealthy playboy Reid Danforth was teaching baker’s daughter Tina Alexander all the ways a man could please a woman…over and over again. But passion had a price and if their families found out, there would be hell to pay…Man Beneath the Uniform by Maureen Child Seasoned warrior Zack Sheridan spent thirty days and thirty nights shadowing sharp-tongued, wealthy Kimberly Danforth’s every move, breathing her scent, memorising every curve of her body… And duty fought desire every second…Sin City Wedding by Katherine GarberaLarissa had kept her son’s birth a secret. But now she had to tell Jake Danforth the truth. She was prepared for Jake’s shock, anger, and the desire flooding her veins each time he touched her…She wasn’t prepared for a quickie Vegas wedding.

    Beneath the Mistletoe

    Susan Crosby

    Make-Believe Mistletoe by Gina WilkinsWhen a storm left Lucy Guerin stranded in Arkansas, she was forced to accept shelter with Richard Banner. Handsome as sin and twice as grumpy, Banner was not quite what Lucy had envisioned when she’d added ‘eligible bachelor’ to her Christmas wish list. Christmas Bonus, Strings Attached by Susan CrosbySecretary Lyndsey couldn’t believe her sexy private eye boss had actually proposed! Of course, it wasn’t for real – although they’d be sleeping together! Perhaps if she took his mind off business, she could make him yearn to spend this Christmas Day – and every day after – with her…

    Romancing the Crown: Max & Elena

    Linda Winstead Jones

    The Disenchanted Duke by Marie Ferrarella Who was Max Ryker? The sinfully sensual private investigator had the looks of a playboy and the bearing of a king. Bounty hunter Cara Rivers could only dream of being Cinderella for a night in Max’s strong arms. She wished she was the one woman to stir this secret royal’s restless heart…Secret-Agent Sheikh by Linda Winstead Jones The future of his people rested on second-born son Sheikh Hassan Kamal’s mission to infiltrate Rahman Oil. Courting seemingly innocent CEO Elena Rahman was the safest way to learn corporate secrets. But as passion between them raged, instant and hot, Hassan fought a losing battle against falling for the daughter of his country’s deadly enemy…

    The Millionaire's Club: Connor, Tom & Gavin

    Michelle Celmer

    Welcome to Royal – a town filled with secrets, gorgeous bachelors and unstoppable passions!Round-the-Clock Temptation Michelle Celmer Connor Thorne was once one of Special Ops best fighters. When he meets Nita, the fierce passion he feels for her rises dangerously close to the surface. Will he be putting her life on the line by falling for her?Highly Compromised Position Sara Orwig Five months ago Rose shared a red-hot night of sex with a stranger – and now she’s expecting his baby! Rose never expected to see him again and the feisty beauty is ready to face motherhood alone – until the tall, dark rancher rides into town looking to reignite their affair!A Most Shocking Revelation Kristi GoldWhen Valerie Raines comes to Royal, she is determined to keep to herself. Yet sexy Sheriff Gavin O’Neal’s sensual seduction soon means she’s in his bed. Now it’s imperative that her secrets stay hidden from her lawman lover…

    The Ashtons: Jillian, Eli & Charlotte

    Bronwyn Jameson

    The Ashtons – a family with dark passionate secrets… Just a Taste Bronwyn Jameson Jillian Ashton had been lied to, cheated and tragically widowed. Seeing her through it all was Seth Bennedict – her brother-in-law. He’d held her, comforted her – and she’d felt the simmering of an impossible attraction. But now the fire was getting more intense… Awaken the Senses Nalini Singh Charlotte Ashton had never belonged anywhere – until she met worldly vintner Alexandre Dupree. Shy Charlotte was completely fascinated. He seemed to know all her secret desires, all her dreams – as if he’d been put on Earth just for her pleasure…Estate Affair Sara Orwig Maid Lara Hunter knew an uncharacteristic one-night stand with a stranger was a bad idea. Yet her body obeyed his commands. Lara’s independent streak forbade her to give him her heart: she would go to him on her own terms – or not at all!

    Their Child?

    Karen Rose Smith

    A decision had to be made – for the child’s sakeLori’s Little Secret Christine Rimmer Lori Lee Billingworth’s son was the result of a one-night stand. Little did lawyer Tucker Bravo know that he was the man involved. For Lori and her twin sister had traded places one night. Although Tucker knew he cared for Lori and her son, there was no reason to suspect that the boy was his…Which Child is Mine? Karen Rose Smith For three years, single mother Jillian Kendall had raised Abby. But their happiness was threatened by Chase Remmington’s claims that their babies had been switched at birth. Jillian would do anything to keep the child she loved, but she also wanted Marianne, the baby she’d given birth to…Having the Best Man’s Baby Shawna Delacorte Fifteen years had passed since Ry Collier broke her teenage heart. But quickly Ry realised why Jean looked familiar. And they shared a bed. And Jean Summerfield became pregnant. Now she had to tell Ry that one reckless, remarkable night of passion had made a baby.

    Saying 'Yes!' to the Boss

    Susan Mallery

    He’s the most powerful man in her world – and the sexiest too!Having Her Boss’s Baby Susan Mallery When Noelle saw the positive results of her pregnancy test, she didn’t know what to do. The baby’s father was gone, killed serving his country. So when her take-charge boss, Devlin Hunter, offered to marry her how could she possibly refuse? Business or Pleasure? Julie HoganDaisy Kincaid had finally given up on getting her gorgeous playboy boss’s attention. Until Alec asked her to work one last special project with him. How could she say no? Especially with her body saying “Yes! ”Business Affairs Shirley Rogers An impulsive bid at a bachelor auction had won Jennifer a romantic getaway with her sexy boss, Alex. Jennifer had always been incredibly attracted to Alex, but bedroom fantasies were one thing – having her dreams come true in the flesh was quite another.

    The Ashtons: Paige, Grant & Trace

    Roxanne St. Claire

    Back by popular demand! These great value titles feature stories from Mills & Boon fans' favourite authors. The Ashton Dynasty – Scandalous, passionate and built on lies! Nothing is as it seems. The Highest Bidder Roxanne St Claire Socialite Paige Ashton hadn’t planned on taking part in the charity auction, but suddenly she’d been ‘bought’ by the most handsome man in the room! And Paige found herself wanting to do everything he asked…Savour the Seduction Laura Wright Grant Ashton thought of beautiful single mum Anna Sheridan as forbidden fruit, for she deserved a perfect life…one his family history would never allow him to give her. But would Anna allow him to walk away, to sacrifice their future for his birthright?Name Your Price Barbara McCauley Millionaire Trace Ashton had been cruelly betrayed when his fiancée had accepted a one-hundred-thousand-dollar bribe. Trace was left an angry, vengeful man. So when Becca Marshall dared to return to Napa Valley he planned a seductive revenge.

    Desiring the Reilly Brothers

    Maureen Child

    The Tempting Mrs ReillyBrian Reilly was a man on edge. It had been two long weeks since he and his brothers had made “the” bet. But now that Tina Coretti, his beautiful ex-wife, was within arm’s reach again, he didn’t know how he’d survive! And Tina wanted a baby. Brian’s baby.Whatever Reilly Wants… For two years, gorgeous Connor Reilly had been coming to Emma’s shop and she’d listened to him talk about his women. She’d thought their relationship was special. Until he said how “safe” and “comfortable” he felt with her. Well, war was declared!The Last Reilly StandingOnly three more weeks and Aidan Reilly’d be the winner of the no-sex bet he made with his brothers. Then he met Terry Evans. Her voice was soft and just the kind a man liked to hear coming from the pillow beside his. He wanted her. In his bed…