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    Her Secret Valentine

    Cathy Gillen Thacker

    Once upon a time, Cal and Ashley Hart were blissful newlyweds. But all of that changed when Ashley moved to Hawaii for three years, leaving her oh-so-sexy husband alone in Holly Springs. They told themselves it was for the good of their careers. And of course, there were the weekends – fiercely hot, passionate moments that left them both aching for more….Now Ashley has returned to Holly Springs – temporarily – to try to salvage their marriage. They still can't keep their hands off each other, but Cal and Ashley are both hiding secrets that promise to affect their tenuous union. Can this Valentine's Day bring two Harts together – forever?

    Child of Mine

    Bonnie K. Winn

    It was love at first sight when Matt Whitaker opened his door to see a baby in his brother's arms – Matt's nephew, Danny, abandoned by his heartless high-society mother.And then Danny's father was killed in an accident, and Matt, an ill-prepared bachelor, vowed before God to love and protect this child as his own. Danny's mother, Leah Hunter, had been desperately searching for her baby for eight years – ever since his father snatched him. At last, a clue leads her to the small town of Rosewood, Texas and her son's guardian.

    Lone Star Secret

    Lenora Worth

    David Ryland's final mission is to fly a Middle Eastern orphan to Texas for lifesaving surgery. Yet, the secret awaiting the brave pilot at home requires courage of a new kind. The father David never knew suddenly has a name.A late war hero confessed his parentage in a deathbed letter–a letter that beautiful charity worker Anna Terenkov knows all about. If David can open his heart to the truth, will he also find room there for Anna?

    Gold in the Fire

    Margaret Daley

    As a firefighter, Joshua Markham was used to taking risks.So when unexplained fires started disrupting the quiet town of Sweetwater, he was prepared to stop them – whatever it took. What he wasn't prepared for was Darcy O'Brien, the beautiful woman he found trying to save horses as her family's barn smoldered.After a recent relationship filled with heartache, Joshua wasn't ready for the protective feelings Darcy and her young son evoked in him. Joshua wasn't willing to take risks when it came to love. But he was a man of faith. Could it be mere coincidence that he'd pulled this remarkable woman from a burning barn…and into his life?

    Amazing Love

    Mae Nunn

    Texas beauty Claire Savage learned a hard lesson the day her father left to pursue his selfish dreams. Trust no one.Now in possession of an MBA, and the owner of her own business, she felt in control. A woman like her had no use for church newcomer and former rocker Luke Dawson. What kind of a man had nothing better to do than produce music for her church's youth band? The kind of man she needed to keep an eye on.She never expected Luke's noble spirit to soothe her, yet could even his gentle touch curb her mistrust when his past resurfaced to threaten them both?

    Carbon Copy Cowboy

    Margaret Daley

    Amnesiac BrideAn injured woman in a wedding veil on Jack Colby’s ranch property? Jack has no idea who she is—and neither does she. “Kendra” doesn’t know her name, what the veil is all about or where she belongs. And since Jack’s entire life changed with the unwelcome discovery of a twin brother he never knew, he’s not in the mood for secrets or surprises.Like finding out that Kendra might be spoken for. Yet even as she helps him open his heart to his family, he finds himself praying for the opportunity to make new memories. Texas Twins: Two sets of twins, torn apart by family secrets, find their way home Enjoy a special 15th anniversary bonus story from Love Inspired Suspense When Night Falls by Margaret Daley

    Christmas Peril

    Margaret Daley

    Christmas bells ring with danger in these suspenseful holiday storiesMerry Mayhem by Margaret DaleyWhen single mom Annie Coleman unexpectedly arrives in Christmas, Oklahoma, police chief Caleb Jackson suspects she's hiding secrets. He'll be watching her closely. And his protection is just what Annie and her daughter need, as danger has followed them to their new home.Yule Die by Debby GiustiIt's hardly a happy holiday for medical researcher Callie Evans…until she discovers her ailing patient is her long-lost brother. And he's being watched by undercover police officer Joe Petrecelli. When the trio is abducted by a cadre of bad guys, Joe and Callie will have to fight to keep her brother–and themselves–alive.

    A Hopeful Heart and A Home, a Heart, A Husband

    Lois Richer

    A hopeful heart Melanie Stewart knew her recent contest money would allow her to fulfill her dream of helping others.Until brilliant, handsome Mitch Stewart came along and claimed the prize was his! The town's matchmakers set to work, yet maybe it was God's own plan to join their two hearts in love.A home, a heart, a husband Widow Maggie McCarthy struggled to raise twin daughters and maintain the family farm–until Grady O'Toole showed up at her door, bringing kindness, strong shoulders and second chances. But for Maggie, rebuilding shattered dreams required something doubly precious–faith.

    From This Day Forward

    Irene Hannon

    It Was A Shocking Proposal…But Cara Martin had to say yes. After a frightening ordeal, she needed a safe haven, and her estranged husband, Dr. Sam Martin, offered to share his home. Live with Sam? The man she'd married had become a stranger long before their separation had broken her heart.Yet when she arrived in his small Missouri town, Cara discovered the workaholic surgeon had become a general doc who cared about people…cared about her. Could they possibly love, honor and cherish each other again, from this day forward?

    Small-Town Dreams and The Girl Next Door

    Kate Welsh

    SMALL-TOWN DREAMSPreacher Josh Daniels lives in the present. Then he meets Cassidy Jamison. Before long, he begins to yearn for a future he fears is impossible. But fate brought this big-city girl into this tiny town for a reason. And with Josh's help, Cassidy just might find what she truly wants–a home for her heart.THE GIRL NEXT DOOR After an accident destroys his Olympic dreams, Jeff Carrington feels lost and bitter. Still, Hope Taggert won't give up on the man she's loved all her life. Restoring Jeff's faith takes patience and determination, but with God's help, anything is possible.