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НЛП для соблазнения. Версия 2.0. Совершеннолетнее издание

Сергей Горин

В истоках и основе российского пикапа лежит книга «Соблазнение», которую вы держите в руках. Её авторы – Сергей Огурцов и Сергей Горин – известны не только тем, что именно они ввели в русский язык слово «пикап» в его нынешнем значении знакомства и соблазнения, но и тем, что они создали и провели первые тренинги по психологии соблазнения и первыми внятно и чётко заявили о внутренних установках пикапера. Сейчас у вас есть последний шанс отказаться от этой книги, если вы считаете, что завладевать сексуальным партнёром при помощи высокоэффективных методов – аморально. Это – ваше право. Но у изложенных в книге техник есть одно важное качество: они работают! Более того, авторы ответственно утверждают, что методы и техники из этой книги работают не только в любовной сфере. Содержит нецензурную брань! В формате PDF A4 сохранен издательский макет.

Любовь и уважение. Как научиться понимать свою вторую половину и обрести гармонию в отношениях

Эмерсон Эггерих

В чем секрет гармоничных отношений в браке? Основываясь на поведении тысячи пар и тридцатилетних исследованиях, доктор Эмерсон Эггерих вывел простую формулу счастливой семьи. Главное стремление женщины – быть любимой, а мужчины – чувствовать уважение к себе. Научившись уважать потребности друг друга, мы сможем избавиться от взаимных претензий и обид и научиться настоящей близости.

Психология Насилия

Juan Moisés De La Serna

В этой электронной книге представлен новый взгляд на одну из важнейших проблем нашего времени – насилие, как физическое, так и психологическое. Прочитав эту электронную книгу, вы сможете понять целый мир, о котором мало говорят вне круга профессионалов в сфере здоровья и безопасности, мир, который распространяется на всю нашу жизнь.

Mediating Dangerously

Группа авторов

Sometimes it's necessary to push beyond the usual limits of the mediation process to achieve deeper and more lasting change. Mediating Dangerously shows how to reach beyond technical and traditional intervention to the outer edges and dark places of dispute resolution, where risk taking is essential and fundamental change is the desired result. It means opening wounds and looking beneath the surface, challenging comfortable assumptions, and exploring dangerous issues such as dishonesty, denial, apathy, domestic violence, grief, war, and slavery in order to reach a deeper level of transformational change. Mediating Dangerously shows conflict resolution professionals how to advance beyond the traditional steps, procedures, and techniques of mediation to unveil its invisible heart and soul and to reveal the subtle and sensitive engine that drives the process of personal and organizational transformation. This book is a major new contribution to the literature of conflict resolution that will inspire and educate professionals in the field for years to come.

The Marriage Garden

H. Goddard Wallace

Practical steps for making marriage last a lifetime Two noted relationship experts Wally Goddard and James Marshall offer down-to-earth advice for any couple who wants to strengthen their marriage and make it last a lifetime. In this important book the authors outline their six-step program-commit, grow, nurture, understand, solve, and serve-that has proven to be effective. Using a bountiful garden as a metaphor for a healthy marriage, the book encourages couples to invest time in growing their relationship, shine the light of encouragement on each other, deal with «bugs» and «thorns,» and share time and resources to make the whole world blossom. Shows how to turn differences into blessings and transform difficult times into rewarding experiences Authors are part of the National Extension Marriage and Education Network An honest and accurate look at relationships that offers couples a solid foundation for nurturing and growing their love.

There Goes the Bride

Rachel Safier

There Goes the Bride is your personal guide to calling off a wedding— maybe your own! It walks the reader through the reasons, logistics, and emotions associated with breaking an engagement and provides down-to-earth advice, support, and encouragement from women who have been there. Rachel Safier— the widely recognized expert on the topics of cold feet and broken engagements— addresses all your concerns, including figuring out if it's more than just cold feet, dealing with friends and family who don't understand, giving back the ring, and more. Filled with stories from sixty-two 'almost brides' from twenty-five. states and four countries who've been through this difficult process themselves, There Goes the Bride offers comfort, inspiration, practical advice, some tears, and quite a few laughs.

Helping Children and Families

Группа авторов

Bridging the gap between child and family therapy Written by a nationally recognized expert on treatment, Helping Children and Families: A New Treatment Model Integrating Psychodynamic, Behavioral, and Contextual Approaches presents a practical approach for helping children and their families work through a diverse array of issues. Goldenthal's clinical model offers specific techniques for working with children and adolescents, and shows the important connection that involving families in their treatment can make in therapeutic outcomes. Unlike other books that focus either on children or families, this insightful new work demonstrates how to help children in their own unique family context. The book features detailed advice on: * How to create a therapeutic environment that supports every person in a family * How to reassure an anxious parent * How to engage very young children * How to determine when a parent needs individual therapeutic work and how to engage the parent in this process * The five most effective ways to confront a client and reach a positive outcome * When to let a parent decide on the frequency of counseling visits and when to set an agenda * When to invite other people to participate in therapy * When to refer clients for medication evaluation or neuropsychological testing Goldenthal's integrated model offers a commonsense approach to treating childhood disorders. Addressing problems from early childhood to late adolescence, Helping Children and Families provides an engaging and accessible guide to putting this approach into practice.

The Handbook of Family Dispute Resolution

Группа авторов

No matter your profession (attorney, clinician, family therapist) or skill level (seasoned professional or novice), The Handbook of Family Dispute Resolution is an invaluable resource that outlines the most effective mediation approaches, techniques, and skills. The Handbook of Family Dispute Resolution is a practical and comprehensive guide that includes * A review of professional ethics and standards * Help for attorneys who are not trained in the skills needed for working with families * Information about cultural issues that affect families during mediation * Highlights of key legal and negotiation skills * Guidelines for understanding complex family dynamics and conflicts * A screening tool for evaluating domestic violence * A matrix for starting discussions of parenting plans based on children's needs * An examination of specialized practices for family mediation * Direction for assessing one's professional approach to family mediation

Young Men Surviving Child Sexual Abuse

Группа авторов

Young Men Surviving Child Sexual Abuse examines a largely neglected area in child protection: the sexual abuse of boys. Andrew Durham, a consultant social work practitioner, describes his original research undertaken with young men close to or in the midst of adolescence. The book features extensive narrative, as the life story approach taken allows the young men to theorise their own experience and to understand how and why child sexual abuse has had a harmful and long lasting impact on their day-to-day lives. Alongside the research stories the author presents a theoretical framework for understanding male sexual abuse, as well as a wide range of accessible practice materials. This book will be invaluable to those working with children and young people who are recovering from child sexual abuse.

How to Survive a Breakup

Lisa Cleary

At 31 years old, self-help writer Lisa Cleary experienced a mass layoff, a tumultuous breakup after three years, the subsequent start of a new job, and two unexpected moves in three months. Cleary ditches the cheerleader mantra in this breakup survival guide to share her awkward, snarky account of her meltdown – like how it feels to live alone for the first time and why she resents her friends – all from the perspective of a never-married female and everyone’s go-to bridesmaid.
Cleary’s hilarious portrayal of getting over the milestone mentality at her age will help you get over your breakup – and then over yourself.