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Одной любви недостаточно. 12 вопросов, на которые нужно ответить, прежде чем решиться на брак

Гэри Чепмен

Последние 35 лет Гэри Чепмен консультирует супругов, чьи мечты о счастливом браке разбились о мир грязной посуды, неоплаченных счетов, несогласованных графиков работы и плачущих младенцев. Гэри убежден: развод – это отсутствие подготовки к браку и навыков партнерства. Он написал эту книгу, чтобы помочь молодым парам осознанно подойти к самому важному шагу в жизни. Ответив на 12 вопросов из книги, вы сможете построить брак своей мечты.

Все, что вы хотели знать о мужчинах

Александр Ермак

Мужчины – очень закрытые существа. Они редко делятся тем, что их действительно волнует. Такова природа мужчин: чтобы выжить и защитить свою семью, им нужно быть сильными и, в том числе, выглядеть сильными. Поэтому они не плачут на людях, не рассказывают о своих душевных драмах друзьям и подругам. Но они очень хотят, чтобы их понимали без слов, принимали такими, какими создали со всеми их достоинствами и недостатками. Эта книга поможет женщинам лучше понимать мужчин, найти к ним правильный подход и быть счастливыми рядом с ними.

Les Très Riches Heures de Mrs Mole

Ronald Searle

47 jewel-like drawings by Ronald Searle made for his wife, Monica, each time she underwent chemotherapy.On New Year’s Eve 1969, Monica Searle was diagnosed with a rare and virulent form of breast cancer. Each time she underwent treatment, Ronald produced a Mrs Mole drawing ‘to cheer every dreaded chemotherapy session and evoke the blissful future ahead’. Filled with light and illuminated in glowing colours, the drawings speak of love, optimism and hope. Like the mediaeval illuminated manuscripts such as the 15th-century Les Tres Riches Heures du Duc de Berry, to which the title of this book refers, the 47 drawings are on an intimate scale and were never intended for publication. The story of Monica’s survival against the odds and the part played by the encouragement of her husband will move many people who have either experienced cancer for themselves or been affected through a close family member of friend.*Due to the full colour illustrations within this book, it is best viewed on a colour screen device*

A Spoonful of Sugar

Liz Fraser

Timeless wisdom for modern mothers.It all began with a conversation with my grandmother…When Liz Fraser spent a month with her grandmother, she was at her wits' end as a parent, fed up with crop-tops, pester power and the pressure to consume. So she asked her grandmother – what works? What helps make a good childhood?The answers were surprisingly simple – and stunningly effective.From early bedtime to giving your child room to play, the old-fashioned common sense of her grandmother's generation changed Liz's family life for good.Liz reveals the traditional rules that allow you to give your children back their childhood, while adding her own experience as a modern mum, aware we have to work with the world we live in now. The result is a book that reminds us how precious and short childhood is, and delivers practical solutions that every parent can employ.Comforting, friendly and reassuringly traditional, this is all everyone needs for a happier, simpler family life.

Are You the One for Me?

Barbara Angelis De

From Barbara De Angelis, author of 14 bestselling relationships titles and internationally-recognised relationship psychologist, comes the definitive book on compatibility. Are You The One For Me? is an engaging and lucid guide to creating – and sustaining – the fulfilling relationships you deserve.Are You The One For Me? is an engaging and lucid guide to creating – and sustaining – the fulfilling relationship you deserve.World-renowned relationship counsellor Barbara De Angelis reveals everything you need to know about compatibility. You’ll learn:• Why you’ve chosen the partners you have – and how to make better choices,• How much sexual chemistry you and your partner really have,• The ten types of relationships that won’t work,• How your childhood memories may be affecting your love life,• The six essential qualities to look for in a mate,• How to spot fatal flaws in a partner,• Why you may be falling in love for the wrong reason.If you’re single or divorced: read this book to understand why your past choices weren’t right for you and how to get it right this time.If you’re in love: learn how to be 100% certain that this relationship is the one for you.If you’re married: discover how to understand and balance your differences so that you can live happily together every day.Repackaged and redesigned for the modern reader with an iconic new cover, Are You The One For Me? is the last word in finding the right type of companionship for you.

Raising Babies: Should under 3s go to nursery?

Steve Biddulph

Steve Biddulph, the favourite number one name in parenting psychology – and bestselling author of Raising Boys – examines how different childcare options are likely to affect you and your child in this rivetting and highly topical bookThis topical book tackles a key issue all new parents face. Steve Biddulph looks at childcare choices and the dilemmas that so often arise:– ‘I want to stay at home with my child but don’t know how I can’– ‘I don’t know what is better: nursery, creche or childminder’– ‘if other people look after my child will it affect its development and happiness?’It examines the two-income ‘slaves to work’ culture in the UK and how in the past ten years, the number of babies and toddlers under three who are spending all day (8am to 6pm) in nurseries has quadrupled. Biddulph urges caution and warns that the hurried and disconnected way that families now live their lives could be damaging to a whole new generation’s mental stability and development.The book is an eye-opener in terms of child development and provides useful case studies from parents who are stay-at-home and those using all-day or part-time childcare – groups sociologists have named ‘slammers’ and ‘sliders’ respectively.

Cool Irish Names for Babies

Linda Rosenkrantz

A must-have guide for parents-to-be everywhere. Whether you’re Irish, of Irish heritage or you simply love Celtic-inspired names, this book is packed full of the most popular, unusual and creative names around.By the best-selling authors of Cool Names for Babies and Brilliant Book of Baby Names, this collection takes you beyond the straightforward listings of other books and gives opinion on what’s hot and what’s not in the world of Irish baby names.The information given really helps parents to make the right choices and includes loads of original features – pronunciation guides; which names are going up and which down in popularity; which are unisex, which are good as middle but not first names; and which should really be avoided at all costs.Packed full of creative lists such as Names that are Classic But Not Boring, Place Names, Names from Literature, Spiritual Names and Names of Irish Heroes and Heroines this is every new parent’s one-stop guide to selecting the coolest Irish name for their baby.

If You Love Me: Part 3 of 3: True love. True terror. True story.

Jane Smith

'You said I was the perfect boyfriend. If you can prove you really love me, perhaps I can be that way again.'This is the chilling true story of a woman trapped in a devastating relationship as she tries to prove her love – over and over again.Within days of spending their first evening together, Alice and Joe were talking about getting married and spending the rest of their lives with each other. Everything about Joe seemed perfect, and Alice was the happiest she’d ever been.Then one day Joe saw a message on her phone from an old love, and that changed everything. He ignored Alice’s explanations and desperate pleas. And soon the violence and abuse began.As she attempted to prove to Joe that he really was her world, Alice gave up everything that mattered to her, including her family, her friends and her job. But still it wasn’t enough.Then the ‘challenges’ started, and finally Alice dared to hope that this time, maybe this time, Joe might just believe she loved him …

The Rules for Marriage

Ellen Fein

Time-tested secrets that will make your marriage work and keep him keen forever.From the bestselling authors of The Rules.The Rules helped single women find their man. Now you’ve found the perfect partner Rules advice will ensure you manage your man and stay happy, together.Following the phenomenal success of The Rules comes The Rules For Marriage – long term relationship advice that really works.'Happy ever after' does exist, you just have to work a little to make it happen. This practical, no nonsense guide reveals the new Rules for the no-longer single woman. Advice on every aspect of marriage helps readers get from white wedding to golden anniversary.Say what you mean, but don't say it mean• Don't find fault with things you knew about when you married him.• Keep your own interests – have a life!• Don’t ask single friends for marital advice.

Don’t Tell Mummy: A True Story of the Ultimate Betrayal

Toni Maguire

This heart-wrenching memoir from Toni Maguire tells the deeply moving story of an idyllic childhood that masked a terrible truth. Underneath her mother's gentility and her father's roguish charm lay horrifying secrets, which eventually led to their only child's near destruction.The first time her father made an improper advance on Toni, she was six years old. Her father warned her not to tell her mother, or anyone else, because they would blame her and wouldn't love her any more. It had to remain ‘our secret.’When she finally built up the courage to tell her mother what had happened, she was told never to speak of the matter again. With no one to turn to, isolated and alone in rural Ireland, the abuse continued unhindered.At fourteen Toni fell pregnant by her father, and when her state was discovered she was made to have a late abortion which almost killed her. The truth of her childhood could no longer be kept hidden but, just as her father predicted, Toni found herself judged and rejected by her family, teachers and friends. The blame and anger she was treated with only worsened when her father was sent to prison as a result of his actions. This is the compelling story of her struggle to put the ghost of her childhood to rest, and emerge ultimately triumphant.