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White Christian Privilege

Khyati Y. Joshi

Exposes the invisible ways in which Christian privilege disadvantages religious minorities in America The United States is recognized as the most religiously diverse country in the world, and yet its laws and customs, which many have come to see as normal features of American life, actually keep the Constitutional ideal of “religious freedom for all” from becoming a reality. Christian beliefs, norms, and practices infuse our society; they are embedded in our institutions, creating the structures and expectations that define the idea of “Americanness.” Religious minorities still struggle for recognition and for the opportunity to be treated as fully and equally legitimate members of American society. From the courtroom to the classroom, their scriptures and practices are viewed with suspicion, and bias embedded in centuries of Supreme Court rulings create structural disadvantages that endure today. In White Christian Privilege , Khyati Y. Joshi traces Christianity’s influence on the American experiment from before the founding of the Republic to the social movements of today. Mapping the way through centuries of slavery, westward expansion, immigration, and citizenship laws, she also reveals the ways Christian privilege in the United States has always been entangled with notions of White supremacy.Through the voices of Christians and religious minorities, Joshi explores how Christian privilege and White racial norms affect the lives of all Americans, often in subtle ways that society overlooks. By shining a light on the inequalities these privileges create, Joshi points the way forward, urging readers to help remake America as a diverse democracy with a commitment to true religious freedom.


Святитель Игнатий (Брянчанинов)

Отечник был составлен святителем Игнатием (Брянчаниновым) на основе текстов «Пролога», «Добротолюбия» и других назидательных христианских произведений, содержащихся в «Патрологии» Миня. Книга содержит назидательные истории, повести из жизни великих христианских подвижников, преимущественно египетских, неуклонно шествовавших к Богу, а также их душеспасительные поучения. Примеры жизни и самоотречения великих отцов и старцев, представленные в этой книге, помогают и современным христианам успешно пройти путь земной многотрудной жизни и наследовать Царствие Небесное.


Ирина Владимировна Артюхина

Древняя Русь, X в. В глуши вятских лесов в роду Бортников появляется необычный ребенок. Она закручивает судьбы всех, кто прикасается к ней, распутывая родовые проклятия и позволяя простым смертным приблизиться к миру Богов. Это история про быт и культуру древних славян, про забытую магию наших предков, про любовь и силу духа, про непостижимого бога Велеса и исчезнувший город Дедославь.

Dhammapada, a collection of verses; being one of the canonical books of the Buddhists


Transcribred from: The Sacred Books of the East, Translated by Various Oriental Scholars, Edited by F. Max Muller, Volume X, Part I. (The introduction, notes and index have been omitted.) libreka classics – These are classics of literary history, reissued and made available to a wide audience. Immerse yourself in well-known and popular titles!

Размышляя. Сборник афоризмов и размышлений

Яна Белл

Данная книга – это сборник давно пылящихся в блокнотике афоризмов и размышлений, которые начали рождаться после прочтения автором сборников белых стихов и большого сборника афоризмов различных известных гуру философии в далеком 2007 году. И с тех пор афоризм – ее любимый вид выражения мысли. Поэтому предлагаем и Вам оторваться от дел и немного поразмышлять…

Changing the Script

Daniel Schultz

Jesus, the Unprecedented Human Being

Giosuè Ghisalberti

Does Jesus remain concealed by the very traditions intended to portray him? History and theology define Jesus to be a 1st-century Galilean or the son of God, a man limited by his time and place or exalted as the Messiah and Christ. He has been recognized as a Jewish rabbi or the prophet of a coming apocalypse. The quest for the historical Jesus and theology’s Christ of faith may both be essential and undeniable in the history of scholarship. Secular historians and the Christian church have made their claims. Jesus’ self-conception, however, has been neglected, his consciousness largely ignored. A new interpretation of the gospels presents Jesus as a unprecedented human being who will «utter things which have been kept secret from the foundation of the world» (Matt. 13:35) and make their meanings significant for the here and now. Jesus’ life from the virgin birth to the resurrection can neither be reduced to history’s scepticism nor theology’s affirmation. Is it possible to re-imagine the life and words of Jesus? He reveals himself to be a «first-born» who makes possible the second act of creation for every individual no less than for the social world.