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Журнал Publish №09/2020

Открытые системы

«Publish» – журнал о современных издательских и полиграфических технологиях, от графического дизайна и допечатных процессов до послепечати. В номере: Тема номера: Светодиодное отверждение в широком формате Широкий формат в лучах светодиодов УФ-ускорение для «Принт Стандарт» Цифровое «золото» для «Технологий рекламы» Лучшая послепечать для производства фотокниг Дизайнерские коллекции в эпоху пандемии Тайный Покупатель: плакаты Обзоры. Ricoh Pro C5300S Детали. Konica Minolta AccurioPress C14000 и многое другое

Литературная мастерская. От интервью до лонгрида, от рецензии до подкаста

Дмитрий Быков

Перед вами руководство по нон-фикшн от школы литературного мастерства Creative Writing School. Каждая глава – практическое введение в какой-либо жанр, написанное признанным мастером. Среди авторов – известные писатели, журналисты и блогеры, преподаватели Creative Writing School и Высшей школы экономики. В книге рассмотрены классические жанры документальной литературы – например, биография, рецензия, эссе, – а также самые актуальные направления журналистики и блогинга: лонгриды, подкасты, каналы в Telegram. Все права защищены. Никакая часть данной книги не может быть воспроизведена в какой бы то ни было форме без письменного разрешения владельцев авторских прав.

Rural Houses of Two Stories - With Information on the Architecture of Rural Houses and Cottages

D. H. Jacques

Many of the earliest books, particularly those dating back to the 1900s and before, are now extremely scarce and increasingly expensive. We are republishing these classic works in affordable, high quality, modern editions, using the original text and artwork.

Qatar Heavens


The Book
There is a lot of visions around the world countries, some of them for sustainability, economics, energy, resources, health…etc. Each vision definitely has its limitation, either number of years or clear goals or other aspects and this is due to the foundation or elements that this vision actually built on.
This book is trying to open all possible limitation in front of all kind of visions by the inspiration of the limitless heavens to enable humans to create what I call in this book «The Optimum Vision Solution», in order to have a clear path for our far future.
The Author
Hamad Alrewaily is an electronics and communications engineer. He worked for QP «Qatar Petroleum» for 10 years and now he is working for QNBN «Qatar National Broadband Network». Also he is the Founder & CEO of Ticketfun (www.ticketfun.me)
[email protected]

Little Rice

Clay Shirky

Almost unknown to the rest of the globe, Xiaomi has become the world's third-largest mobile phone manufacturer. Its high-end phones are tailored to Chinese and emerging markets, where it outsells even Samsung. Since the 1990s China has been climbing up the ladder of quality, from doing knockoffs to designing its own high-end goods.Xiaomi — its name literally means «little rice» — is landing squarely in this shift in China's economy. But the remarkable rise of Xiaomi from startup to colossus is more than a business story, because mobile phones are special. The common desiderata of the global population, mobile phones offer the kind of freedom and connectedness that autocratic countries are terrified of. China's fortune and future clearly lie with «opening up» to the global market, requiring it to allow local entrepreneurs to experiment.Clay Shirky, one of the most influential and original thinkers on how technological innovation affects social change around the world, now turns his attention to the most populous country of them all. The case of Xiaomi exemplifies the balancing act that China has to perfect to navigate between cheap copies and innovation, between the demands of local and global markets, and between freedom and control.

Dynamics of Physical Systems

Robert H., Jr. Cannon

A comprehensive text and reference for a first study of system dynamics and control, this volume emphasizes engineering concepts — modeling, dynamics feedback, and stability, for example — rather than mechanistic analysis procedures designed to yield routine answers to programmable problems. Its focus on physical modeling cultivates an appreciation for the breadth of dynamic systems without resorting to analogous electric-circuit formulation and analysis.After a careful treatment of the modeling of physical systems in several media and the derivation of the differential equations of motion, the text determines the physical behavior those equations connote: the free and forced motions of elementary systems and compound «systems of systems.» Dynamic stability and natural behavior receive comprehensive linear treatment, and concluding chapters examine response to continuing and abrupt forcing inputs and present a fundamental treatment of analysis and synthesis of feedback control systems. This text's breadth is further realized through a series of examples and problems that develop physical insight in the best traditions of modern engineering and lead students into richer technical ground.As presented in this book, the concept of dynamics forms the basis for understanding not only physical devices, but also systems in such fields as management and transportation. Indeed, the fundamentals developed here constitute the common language of engineering, making this text applicable to a wide variety of undergraduate and graduate courses. 334 figures. 12 tables.

Advanced Strength of Materials

J. P. Den Hartog

Four decades ago, J.P. Den Hartog, then Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, wrote Strength of Materials, an elementary text that still enjoys great popularity in engineering schools throughout the world. Widely used as a classroom resource, it has also become a favorite reference and refresher on the subject among engineers everywhere.This is the first paperback edition of an equally successful text by this highly respected engineer and author. Advanced Strength of Materials takes this important subject into areas of greater difficulty, masterfully bridging its elementary aspects and its most formidable advanced reaches. The book reflects Den Hartog's impressive talent for making lively, discursive and often witty presentations of his subject, and his unique ability to combine the scholarly insight of a distinguished scientist with the practical, problem-solving orientation of an experienced industrial engineer.The concepts here explored in depth include torsion, rotating disks, membrane stresses in shells, bending of flat plates, beams on elastic foundation, the two-dimensional theory of elasticity, the energy method and buckling. The presentation is aimed at the student who has a one-semester course in elementary strength of materials. The book includes an especially thorough and valuable section of problems and answers which give both students and professionals practice in techniques and clear illustrations of applications.


Richard J. Diven

As the built environment ages, demolition has become a rapidly growing industry offering major employment opportunities. During the 1990s the number of contractors grew by nearly 60 percent and there are now over 800 US companies focused on demolition, as well as many more offering this service as part of their portfolio. It has also become an increasingly complex business, requiring a unique combination of project management skills, legal and contractual knowledge, and engineering skills from its practitioners. Created in partnership with the National Demolition Association, Demolition: Practices, Technology, and Management is written specifically with students of construction management and engineering in mind, although it will also be an invaluable reference resource for anyone involved in demolition projects. Since demolition has become such a central part of construction management, this audience includes practicing architects and engineers, general contractors, building and manufacturing facility owners, as well as government officials and regulators. Covered in the book is the full range of technical and management issues encountered by the demolition contractor and those who hire demolition contractors. These include modern demolition practices, the impact of different construction types, demolition regulations, estimating demolition work, demolition contracts, safety on the demolition project, typical demolition equipment, debris handling and recycling, use of explosives, demolition contractors' participation in disaster response, and demolition project management.

Out of Office

Gihan MDiv Perera

What would your life be like if you didn&#39;t have to spend every working day at an office?<br><br>Perhaps you would have a more enjoyable work environment, be able to spend more quality time with your family, reduce or eliminate the time and expense of a daily commute, reduce interruptions and increase productivity, be more flexible with scheduling personal tasks, and enjoy a more relaxing lifestyle.<br><br>This is not just a pipe dream. The Internet makes this possible and practical for millions of people, and you could be one of them.<br><br>This book is for you if you like your job or your business, but you&#39;d like to use the Internet to give you more convenience, comfort and freedom in where and when you work. It will help you move &quot;out of office&quot;, part-time or full-time, without being out of sight and out of mind.