Различные книги в жанре Математика

The Simplified Money Tree - Children's Money & Saving Reference

Baby Professor

Money should not always be equated to spending. For young learners, money is about the ability to recognize numbers, value and skip counting too. It is a subject discussed as early as kindergarten but you can introduce it earlier if you want to. How? You can use this book, of course! Grab a copy today.

Money Lessons and Practicums -Children's Money & Saving Reference

Baby Professor

It is so much better to teach today’s kids about how to manage wealth in their young age than in their teens. This Money and Saving Reference is a perfect guide to do just that. Your children will be introduced to the values of money, lessons on handling it and even be exposed to practicums to better execute what they have learned. Get this reference book here.

The Great Guide to Children's Money & Saving Reference

Baby Professor

Financial analysts would tell you that it’s always a good idea to start worrying about your finances the earliest time possible. Your kids are not exempted. The younger they start being knowledgeable about money and the importance of savings, the better their future will be. Go ahead and see the results. But first, grab a copy of this Guide to Money and Saving today.

Курс развития интеллекта ребёнка. Математика

Светлана Зубова

Подготовить дошкольника к нелёгкому труду обучения в школе – непростая задача. От качества этой подготовки зависит его дальнейшая успешность. Цель комплекта пособий «Курс развития интеллекта ребёнка. Математика» (он состоит из рабочей тетради для учащегося, куда включены также рекомендации для родителей, и методического пособия для учителя) – научить будущего первоклассника мыслить и применять эту способность в процессе учёбы. Осваивая доступный и необходимый для возраста 5,5–7 лет математический материал, дошкольник научится сравнивать, анализировать, моделировать, проводить индуктивные и дедуктивные рассуждения. Для наглядности работа в классе сопровождается поурочными презентациями, которые можно скачать на сайте «Издательства Кузнецовой» в разделе «Файлы к книгам». Комплект пособий предназначен для преподавателей, работающих с дошкольниками, а также родителей, которые хотят максимально эффективно и продуктивно подготовить своего будущего первоклассника к школьной жизни.

The Game of Balls: Ball Games All Over The World

Baby Professor

If your child is a sport-loving little person, he/she would find this book of ball games highly appealing! This book effectively cultivates a love for learning because it is very visual. There isn't a lot of reading to do, so it's great for non-readers too! The best thing about picture books is they speak the universal language of images so they're easy to understand. Order a copy today!

Medical Mathematics (Speedy Study Guides)

Speedy Publishing

Mathematics in medicine is a very important part of the health care process. Nurses and doctors must be able to perform math functions to administer proper dosages of medicine. Medicinal amounts are based on the weight of a patient. A doctor must convert weight from pounds to kilograms and then into milligrams to determine correct prescription dosages. A medical professional must be able to read bodily fluid test amounts in terms of microlitres and deciliters. In medical research statistics are used to gather data and publish results of studies. Cat scans and x-rays use mathematical calculations. Luckily there are charts to help nurses and doctors quickly make conversions, however these professionals must understand how to perform these calculations without them in certain situations.

Math Common Core Problems Il (Speedy Study Guides)

Speedy Publishing

Common core math problems are problems designed to teach a student problem solving skills and unlike, the standardized system which relies heavily on memorization, the common core math problems trigger an analytical approach to the solving of the math problem. A chart would help one to understand the difference between a common core math problem and how the answer is derived and a standard math problem and how that answer is calculated.

Math Common Core 7Th Grade (Speedy Study Guides)

Speedy Publishing

The Math Common Core 7th grade represents a program of study to be taught in public schools. Specifically, by the end of the seventh grade, students are taught and expected to master five critical domains: (1) expressions and equations; (2) geometry;(3) ratios and proportional relationships; (4) the number system; and (5) statistics and probability. A national education standard is one of the many benefits that was created by the Math Common Core 7th grade. Further, the standard provides rigorous academic goals. In doing so, students are better prepared to compete with their foreign counterparts, thus ensuring a promising future.