Различные книги в жанре Культурология

Feeding the Crisis

Maggie Dickinson

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), formerly known as food stamps, is one of the most controversial forms of social welfare in the United States. Although it&rsquo;s commonly believed that such federal programs have been cut back since the 1980s, Maggie Dickinson charts the dramatic expansion and reformulation of the food safety net in the twenty-first century. Today, receiving SNAP benefits is often tied to work requirements, which&#160;essentially subsidizes&#160;low-wage jobs. Excluded populations&mdash;such as&#160;the unemployed, informally employed workers, and&#160;undocumented immigrants&mdash;must rely on charity to survive.<BR /><BR /><I>Feeding the Crisis</I>&#160;tells the story of eight families as they navigate the terrain of an expanding network of assistance programs in which care and abandonment work hand in hand to make access to food uncertain for people on the social and economic margins. Amid calls at the federal level to expand work&#160;requirements for food assistance, Dickinson shows us how such ideas are bad policy that fail to adequately address hunger in America.&#160;<I>Feeding the Crisis</I>&#160;brings the voices of food-insecure families into national debates about welfare policy, offering fresh insights into how we can establish a right to food in the United States.

Adventure Capital

Julie Kleinman

Paris&rsquo;s Gare du Nord is one of the busiest international transit centers in the world. In the past three decades, it has become an important hub for West African migrants&mdash;self-fashioned adventurers&mdash;navigating life in the city.<BR /><BR /> In this groundbreaking work, Julie Kleinman chronicles how West Africans use the Gare du Nord to create economic opportunities, confront police harassment, and forge connections to people outside of their communities. Drawing on ten years of ethnographic research, including an internship at the French national railway company, Kleinman reveals how racial inequality is ingrained in the order of Parisian public space. She vividly describes the extraordinary ways that African migrants retool French transit infrastructure to build alternative pathways toward social and economic integration where state institutions have failed. In doing so, these adventurers defy boundaries&mdash;between migrant and citizen, center and periphery, neighbor and stranger&mdash;that have shaped urban planning and immigration policy. <I>Adventure Capital </I>offers a new understanding of contemporary migration and belonging, capturing the central role that West African migrants play in revitalizing French urban life.<BR /> &#160;

Uncertain Citizenship

Megan Ryburn

Uncertain Citizenship&#160;explores how Bolivian migrants to Chile experience citizenship in their daily lives. Intraregional migration is on the rise in Latin America and challenges how citizenship in the region is understood and experienced. As Megan Ryburn powerfully argues, many individuals occupy a state of&#160;uncertain citizenship&#160;as they navigate movement and migration across borders. Drawing on multi-sited ethnographic research, this book contributes to debates on the meaning and practice of citizenship in Latin America and for migrants throughout the world.

Addicted to Christ

Helena Hansen

How are spiritual power and self-transformation cultivated in street ministries? In <I>Addicted to Christ,</I> Helena Hansen provides an in-depth analysis of Pentecostal ministries in Puerto Rico that were founded&#160;and run by self-identified &ldquo;ex-addicts,&rdquo; ministries that are also widespread in poor Black and Latino neighborhoods in the U.S. mainland. Richly ethnographic, the book harmoniously melds Hansen&rsquo;s dual expertise in cultural anthropology and psychiatry. Through the stories of ministry converts, she examines key elements of&#160;Pentecostalism: mysticism, ascetic practice, and the idea of other-worldliness. She then reconstructs the ministries&#39; strategies of&#160;spiritual victory over addiction: transformation techniques to build spiritual strength and authority through pain and discipline; cultivation of alternative masculinities based on male converts&rsquo; reclamation of domestic space; and radical rupture from a post-industrial &ldquo;culture of disposability.&rdquo; By contrasting the ministries&rsquo; logic of addiction with that of biomedicine, Hansen rethinks roads to recovery, discovering unexpected convergences with biomedicine while revealing the allure of street corner ministries.

In the Field

Prof. George Gmelch

This book offers an invaluable look at what cultural anthropologists do when they are in the field. Through fascinating and often entertaining accounts of their lives and work in varied cultural settings, the authors describe the many forms fieldwork can take, the kinds of questions anthropologists ask, and the common problems they encounter. From these accounts and the experiences of the student field workers the authors have mentored over the years, <I>In the Field</I> makes a powerful case for the value of the anthropological approach to knowledge.

Good Quality

Ayo Wahlberg

From its crude and uneasy beginnings thirty years ago, Chinese sperm banking has become a routine part of China&rsquo;s pervasive and restrictive reproductive complex. Today, there are sperm banks in each of China&rsquo;s twenty-two provinces, the biggest of which screen some three thousand to four thousand potential donors each year. Given the estimated one to two million azoospermic men–those who are unable to produce their own sperm–the demand remains insatiable. China&rsquo;s twenty-two sperm banks cannot keep up, spurring sperm bank directors to publicly lament chronic shortages and even warn of a national &lsquo;sperm crisis&rsquo; (<I>jingzi weiji</I>).<BR /> &#160;<BR /><I>Good Quality </I>explores the issues behind the crisis, including declining sperm quality in the country due to environmental pollution, as well as a chronic national shortage of donors. In doing so, Wahlberg outlines the specific style of Chinese sperm banking that has emerged, shaped by the particular cultural, juridical, economic and social configurations that make up China&rsquo;s restrictive reproductive complex.<I> Good Quality</I> shows how this high-throughput style shapes the ways in which men experience donation and how sperm is made available to couples who can afford it.

Владимир Шаров: По ту сторону истории


Владимир Шаров (1952–2018) как личность и как писатель вобрал в себя несколько интеллектуальных и культурных традиций, без которых нельзя понять Россию ХХ и XXI веков. Эта книга – первая попытка осмыслить вклад Шарова в художественный мир последних десятилетий. Литературоведы, историки и философы размышляют над поэтикой, философией и историософией его романов. Шаров писал свои тексты, задаваясь прежде всего вопросом об истоках и причинах русской революции и советского террора. Он сам произвел революцию в жанре исторической прозы, причем не только русской. Авторы сборника ищут разгадку тайны созданного Шаровым типа исторического письма – одновременно фантастического и документального, философского и пародийного, трагического и до слез смешного. Они пытаются дать ответы на вопрос о том, как идеи Шарова соотносятся с мыслями его предшественников и учителей, от Толстого до Платонова.