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Твоя жизнь – твоя сцена

Степан Савченко

Книга является кратким пособием (путеводителем) для начинающих актёров и людей, выступающих на публике. Так как актёры постоянно занимаются саморазвитием, с помощь ёмких заметок автор показывает через театральную школу, как можно, вложившись в себя, развить новые грани. И неважно, вы выступаете перед небольшой группой или общаетесь с симпатичным для вас человеком, пишете сообщение, или же целую повесть, через искусство сцены можно понять, как создаются шедевры или просто хорошее настроение. Книга написана режиссёром-самоучкой, через которого прошло десятки людей, которые хотели показать себя на сцене. Здесь вы поймёте, с какими трудностями сталкиваются начинающие актёры и публичные люди, как выступать на публике. А также некоторые приёмы актёрского мастерства (красивая речь (как дать словам жизнь), импровизация, завораживающее молчание).

Искусство монтажа. Путь фильма от первого кадра до кинотеатра

Уолтер Мёрч

«Уолтер – первооткрыватель, каким я хотел бы стать, и человек, к которому нужно внимательно прислушиваться и которым нужно наслаждаться». Фрэнсис Форд Коппола, режиссер Впервые на русском языке! У вас в руках книга-легенда, входящая в золотой фонд литературы о кинематографе. Ее автор Уолтер Мёрч – прославленный мэтр Голливуда, опытнейший режиссер монтажа и блестящий рассказчик. Он работал над такими культовыми фильмами, как «Крестный отец», «Апокалипсис сегодня», «Английский пациент», является обладателем «Золотой пальмовой ветви» на Каннском фестивале и трех «Оскаров». Эта книга – лучшее пособие по монтажу, которая будет интересна не только профессиональным читателям, но и всем, кто увлекается миром кино и хочет в нем разбираться: вас ждет немало открытий! Специально для этого издания Уолтер Мёрч обновил и дописал некоторые главы, а также составил предисловие для своих русских читателей. В формате PDF A4 сохранен издательский макет.

A Companion to the Biopic

Deborah Cartmell

The most comprehensive reference text of theoretical and historical discourse on the biopic film The biopic, often viewed as the most reviled of all film genres, traces its origins to the early silent era over a century ago. Receiving little critical attention, biopics are regularly dismissed as superficial, formulaic, and disrespectful of history. Film critics, literary scholars and historians tend to believe that biopics should be artistic, yet accurate, true-to-life representations of their subjects. Moviegoing audiences, however, do not seem to hold similar views; biopics continue to be popular, commercially viable films. Even the genre’s most ardent detractors will admit that these films are often very watchable, particularly due to the performance of the lead actor. It is increasingly common for stars of biographical films to garner critical praise and awards, driving a growing interest in scholarship in the genre. A Companion to the Biopic is the first global and authoritative reference on the subject. Offering theoretical, historical, thematic, and performance-based approaches, this unique volume brings together the work of top scholars to discuss the coverage of the lives of authors, politicians, royalty, criminals, and pop stars through the biopic film. Chapters explore evolving attitudes and divergent perspectives on the genre with topics such as the connections between biopics and literary melodramas, the influence financial concerns have on aesthetic, social, or moral principles, the merger of historical narratives with Hollywood biographies, stereotypes and criticisms of the biopic genre, and more. This volume: Provides a systematic, in-depth analysis of the biopic and considers how the choice of historical subject reflects contemporary issues Places emphasis on films that portray race and gender issues Explores the uneven boundaries of the genre by addressing what is and is not a biopic as well as the ways in which films simultaneously embrace and defy historical authenticity Examines the distinction between reality and ‘the real’ in biographical films Offers a chronological survey of biopics from the beginning of the 20 th century A Companion to the Biopic is a valuable resource for researchers, scholars, and students of history, film studies, and English literature, as well as those in disciplines that examine interpretations of historical figures

Filmmaking For Dummies

Bryan Michael Stoller

Everything you ever wanted to know about making a movie but were afraid to ask… Lights, camera, action! We all have at least one movie in us, and the amazing and affordable advances in digital technology makes it increasingly easy to make your dream a reality and share it with the world. Filmmaking for Dummies is your definitive guide to bringing a project to life, from the comedy antics of loveable pets to the deepest, most meaningful independent film. Bryan Michael Stoller is your friend and guide, sharing his knowledge gained over 100 productions (directing and working with Dan Aykroyd, James Earl-Jones, Barbra Streisand and Drew Barrymore, among others) to show you how to take your movie from the planning and storyboarding stage, through shooting and editing, to making it available to your adoring audiences through television broadcast, streaming online or in movie theaters. For the do-it-your-selfer, the book includes tips on how to finance your project, a look at the latest software and apps, including advancements in digital technology, and for the passionate director, advice on how to hire and work with your cast and crew and find great scenic locations. Whether you want to become a professional filmmaker or just create great YouTube videos or nostalgic home movies, shooting with your smartphone or with consumer or pro-gear, this practical guide has it all. Learn how to compose your shots and when to move the camera Make the perfect pitch to sell your story Take advantage of helpful contacts and tons of new resources Get up-to-date on the latest and greatest digital technology Find the right distributor, or learn how you can be your own distributor! So, you really have no excuses to make your masterpiece. Get rolling with a copy of Filmmaking for Dummies today and start shooting for the stars!

Ballet For Dummies

Scott Speck

Whether you want to participate in ballet or just watch it, the ballet experience can excite and inspire you. Ballet is among the most beautiful forms of expression ever devised: an exquisite mix of sight and sound, stunning, aesthetics, and awesome technique. Ballet For Dummies is for anyone who wants to enjoy all that the dance forms offers – as an onlooker who wants to get a leg up on the forms you're likely to see or as an exercise enthusiast who understands that the practice of ballet can help you gain: More strength Greater flexibility Better body alignment Confidence in movement Comfort through stress reduction Infinite grace – for life From covering the basics of classical ballet to sharing safe and sensible ways to try your hand (and toes) at moving through the actual dance steps, this expert reference shows you how to: Build your appreciation for ballet from the ground up. Choose the best practice space and equipment. Warm up to your leap into the movements. Locate musical options for each exercise. Look for certain lifts in a stage performance. Tell a story with gestures. Picture a day in the life of a professional ballet dancer. Identify best-loved classic and contemporary ballets. Speak the language of ballet. Today you can find a ballet company in almost every major city on earth. Many companies have their own ballet schools – some for training future professionals, and others for interested amateurs. As you fine-tune your classical ballet technique – or even if you just like to read about it – you'll become better equipped to fully appreciate the great choreography and many styles of the dance. Ballet For Dummies raises the curtain on a world of beauty, grace, poise, and possibility! Ballet For Dummies (9781119643104) was previously published as Ballet For Dummies (9780764525681). While this version features a new Dummies cover and design, the content is the same as the prior release and should not be considered a new or updated product.

The Fantasy Film

Группа авторов

The Fantasy Film provides a clear and compelling overview of this revitalized and explosively popular film genre. Includes analyses of a wide range of films, from early classics such as The Wizard of Oz and Harvey to Spiderman and Shrek, and blockbuster series such as The Lord of the Rings trilogy and The Harry Potter films Provides in-depth historical and critical overviews of the genre Fully illustrated with screen shots from key films

The Religious Film

Группа авторов

From The Gospel According to Matthew to Jesus Christ Superstar, from The Passion of Joan of Arc to The Last Temptation of Christ and Jesus of Montreal, The Religious Film captures the glory, gore, and centrality of this important genre. A short, accessible introduction to religious film, exploring the genre as spectacle, as musical, and as controversy Examines the historical, cultural and critical background for religious films from the silent era through to the present day Introduces the complexities and characteristics of this iconic genre of film, including common sounds and images, and the values that most traditional films of this kind uphold

A Companion to Film Theory

Toby Miller

This volume of specially commissioned work by experts in the field of film studies provides a comprehensive overview of the field. Its international and interdisciplinary approach will have a broad appeal to those interested in this multifaceted subject. Provides a major collection of specially commissioned work by experts in the field of film studies. Represents material under a variety of headings, including class, race, gender, queer theory, nation, stars, ethnography, authorship, and spectatorship. Offers an international approach to the subject, including coverage of topics such as genre, image, sound, editing, culture industries, early cinema, classical Hollywood, and TV relations and technology. Includes concise chapter-by-chapter accounts of the background and current approaches to each topic, followed by a prognostication on the future. Considers cinema studies in relation to other forms of knowledge, such as critical studies, anthropology, and literature.

The French New Wave

Michel Marie

The French New Wave: An Artistic School is a lively introduction to this critical moment in film history by one of the world's leading scholars on the New Wave. Provides a concise account of the French New Wave by one of the world's leading film scholars. Outlines the essential traits of the New Wave and defines it as a school that changed international film history forever. Includes a chronology of major political and cultural events of the New Wave, black-and-white images, and an extensive bibliography.