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Secrets of Certification Success

Paul Sr. Dwyer

Paul Dwyer is a veteran IT professional with thirty plus years as a software developer. In 2002 he became a Microsoft Certified Trainer and passed eight straight Microsoft Certification exams without a single failure. Over a two and half year period he passed twelve exams with no failures.<br><br>In &quot;Secrets of Certification Success&quot; Paul reveals the system that he developed to allow him to consistently make a six figure income for the past ten years by leveraging his IT Certifications.<br><br>Let Paul show you how to duplicate his results!


Till Bay

This book describes the agile software development process of Comerge AG from Zürich, Switzerland. Founded 2008 as a startup with four employees, the team consists now of over twenty members. Embracing an agile approach from the beginning, the Comergers have developed a lightweight yet efficient project management toolkit which lead to the successful release of more than 280 projects for over twenty clients. Covering the SCRUM approach, the Co-Pilot helps you focus on efficient and elementary project management techniques. It serves as a guideline to keeping the customer in the loop and particularly focuses on the often underestimated „Testing“ part of the agile software delivery process.

Windows 8.1 Quick Reference Guide (Speedy Study Guides)

Speedy Publishing

Windows 8.1 is an all new version of Windows software that runs faster, sleeker and better than you've ever experienced. With all new built in app features, Windows 8.1 provides the same familiarity of Windows with an updated interface to keep up with the ever changing times. Users would benefit from a chart about Windows 8.1 to help visually explain all of the new features of the software. A chart would allow clarification of how to navigate the new interface as smoothly as possible.

Computing Fundamentals. Digital Literacy Edition

Kate Shoup

The Basic Computing Skills You Need to Enhance Your Academic Education Computing Fundamentals provides students with the basic computing skills needed to get the most from their educational endeavors, regardless of field of study. Written by Microsoft Office Master Instructor Faithe Wempen, this detailed resource helps you develop a strong understanding of how computers work and how they affect our society. In addition to helping you master essential computing tasks such as working with operating systems, applications, and the Internet, this book also provides you with all the knowledge you need for computing basics. Learn the types of computer hardware and how they work together Understand operating systems and application software Get a complete introduction to Windows® 7 Learn the basics of Microsoft® Office applications Understand the essential technologies behind networking, the Internet, and the web Learn how to protect your online privacy and security Explore legal, ethical, and health issues of computing Each chapter includes a summary, list of key terms, and sample questions to help you master basic computer skills.