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Jim Dratfield

DOGPHORIA celebrates the joy of dogs and their innate ability to experience euphoria in everyday moments of life. Embracing his signature sepia style, renowned fine art photographer Jim Dratfield takes us on an inspiring pictorial journey of happy dogs and reflective quotes reminding us that joyful dogs can elevate our own heights to happiness. Foreword by Dr. Turner-Bell, CBS News Correspondent. In association with PETCO's Think Adoption First Campaign and Leader Dogs for the Blind.

Granny's Tails

Pam Bell

For years Granny was a fixture at the veterinary clinic where Pam Bell works. As she watched this special little dog, Pam began to think about all the things that Granny had experienced, and how they would have appeared through her eyes. She decided to tell some of the stories that Granny had experienced during her time in the clinic. These stories are special and real. They are an authentic picture of what happens from day to day in a veterinary clinic. They are told from Granny's perspective.

Parenting With Pets, the Magic of Raising Children With Pets [Revised, Second Edition]

Margaret Hevel

Parenting with Pets offers insight into the magic of raising children with animals. It also highlights the learning opportunities that pets bring to the family. Written by Christine Hamer and Margaret Hevel, this mother and daughter team share their invaluable advice with readers on how pets enrich the relationship between parent and child, and how a pet&#39;s nonjudgmental companionship can restore balance in the whole family.<br><br>For the pet professional, Parenting with Pets offers techniques to help parents cope with raising children and pets together. This book will complement a trainer or behavior consultants family plan, reinforcing the value of incorporating the pet into the family system. <br><br>Parents will appreciate the many examples of challenging life lessons where our pets can be the most effective teachers for our children. Fascinating and informative, Parenting with Pets is an essential guide for those interested in raising compassionate, responsible and thoughtful children.

Жизнь с хаски глазами кошатника, Или #Хасководам_номер_раз

Таисия Цой

Эта книга создана для трёх категорий людей: 1) Для тех, кто хочет приобрести себе хаски – для того, чтобы вы расхотели. 2) Для тех, у кого уже есть хаски – для того, чтобы вы не мнили себя исключительными жертвами этой породы. Не думайте, что вам досталось больше египетских казней, чем остальным счастливым обладателям хасей. 3) Для тех, кому просто интересно, как это – быть всегда кошатником, а потом «вжух!» и взять себе в качестве первой собаки хаски. Мы в ответе за тех, кого не приручили.

Strange Animals Of The World : First Grade Science Series

Baby Professor

Introduce your children to the strange animals of the world in order to increase his/her knowledge of the kingdom animalia. The more a child knows about the living world, the more aware he/she will be too. This awareness is the key to life preservation on the planet. Get ready to hear your 1st grader identify more animals than you would expect. Grab a copy today!

Rescuing Ladybugs

Jennifer Skiff

Countless times throughout our lives, we&rsquo;re presented with a choice to help another soul. <em>Rescuing Ladybugs</em> highlights the true stories of remarkable people who didn&rsquo;t look away from seemingly impossible-to-change situations and instead worked to save animals. Prepare to be transported to Borneo to release orangutans, Brazil to protect jaguars, Africa to connect with chimpanzees and elephants, the Maldives to free mantas, and Indonesia, the only place where dragons still exist in the wild.

Мышиный футбол

Елена Фили

Приключения дружной троицы домашних животных на даче во время карантина.

Все о дрессировке собак. Справочник ответственного хозяина

Валерий Степанов

Эта книга для всех, кто планирует завести щенка или уже имеет четвероногого питомца. Здесь вы ознакомитесь с различными курсами дрессировки и сможете выбрать наиболее подходящий для вашей собаки. С помощью этого справочника вы сможете самостоятельно обучить собаку основным командам, а затем продолжить ее дрессировку, развивая у питомца рабочие качества, необходимые для службы или охоты.

Лиза. Моя бесконечная любовь и боль

Елена Егоровна Мураховская

Данная книга повествует о любви к домашним животным и о том, что их нужно беречь и ценить.