Детские детективы

Различные книги в жанре Детские детективы

The Rat-a-Tat Mystery

Enid blyton

Staying at a creepy old house in the country surrounded by snowed-up roads, cut off from civilisation, Roger, Diana, Snubby and Barney witness strange goings-on, all tied up with ancient old legends of how the great knocker on the front door always bangs by itself to warn that traitors are in the house. When someone bangs on the door in the middle of the night but then mysteriously vanishes, faces peep in at windows, snowmen seemingly move by themselves and the phone is suddenly cut off, the children decide that it's their job to unravel the mysteries surrounding Rat-a-Tat House.

The Quest of the Missing Map

Carolyn Keene

Nancy investigates a small ship cottage at the Chatham estate and discovers a connection between the mysterious occurrences at the cottage and an island where a lost treasure is said to be buried. With one half of a map, Nancy sets out to find a missing twin brother who holds the other half. The mystery becomes dangerous when an assailant hears about the treasure and is determined to push Nancy off the trail. Can she endure this and other grave dangers, and recover in time to solve the mystery?

Боспорский артефакт

Вера Александровна Максимова

В новый сборник крымской писательницы Веры Максимовой вошли наиболее известные детективные повести «Золото Митридата», «Похищенная рукопись», «Загадка минерала» и другие. Во всех произведениях расследования ведут неразлучные друзья шестиклассники Владик и Стасик. Им помогает их дедушка. Любопытство и наблюдательность помогает ребятам в обыденной жизни замечать, что-то необычное. Владик и Стасик во время летних каникул пытаются найти пропавшие во время Великой Отечественной Войны из археологического музея небольшого приморского города экспонаты, известные как «Золото Митридата». В процессе поиска коллекции мальчикам встречаются не только отзывчивые и добрые люди, но и алчные «черные археологи». Пытаясь разгадать тайну старой крепости, ребята обнаруживают тайник бандитов. Но на этом не заканчиваются летние приключения детей. Им еще придется найти похитителей золотых находок у археологов и выяснить, кто украл из архива старого профессора папку с чертежами антигравитационного двигателя.

Детективы со Счастливого острова. Дело об очень странном воре

Марлизе Арольд

Чарли, бурундучиха-полицейский, знает: нет на свете места лучше, чем её родной остров! Тут есть всё: море, солнце, её друзья и даже магазин гусыни Карлы, рай для покупателей! Жизнь на острове – просто сказка! Но однажды произошло кое-что невероятное… На острове завёлся воришка! Загадочный похититель пробрался на виллу Джима Панзе, самопровозглашённого главы острова, и украл его сокровище – кожаные штаны! Чарли в недоумении: кому мог понадобиться такой непрактичный предмет гардероба? Ей предстоит выяснить это. Вот только в этот раз ей будет помогать её новый напарник, очень упрямая белка Мориц. Смогут ли Чарли и Мориц найти общий язык и поймать странного вора? Идеальная книга для первого чтения: удобный шрифт и много картинок! Полюбить читать просто!

The Skin Diving Mystery

Mary Adrian

THE SKIN DIVING MYSTERY is the story of four boys and a girl who belong to a skin-diving club. They have a wonderful time studying shells and marine animals together. But one day, a rare shell discovered by one of the members disappears. Then they all must concentrate on Operation Rare Shell to get it back. Jerry's «Sea Animal Log» which is included at the back of the book. <P> "Mary Adrian's new book, The Skin Diving Mystery, should prove as popular as her previous nature mysteries." –The News-Palladium, Benton Harbor, Mich.<P> "For skin diving fans 8 to 12, there's a good mystery by Mary Adrian…The Skin Diving Mystery concerns itself with the loss of a rare shell after it was found by a member of the skin diving club." – The Pittsburgh Press

Mystery on Nine-Mile Marsh

Mary C. Jane

Moody's Island, set like a jewel in Nine-Mile Marsh, is a valuable piece of property. When the widow who owns it dies and leaves the island to an absolute stranger, everybody wonders why. There is still one living relative, Clyde Moody, who was not even mentioned in the widow's will. Public opinion runs high in Clyde's favor, especially when incriminating rumors and evidence begins to mount against the new owner of the island who, after all, is not even a local Maine resident.<P> Lucille and Brent Pierce, young people who live nearby, become intrigued with this mysterious situation. Just as they begin to know and like their new neighbor, they make a terrifying discovery on Moody's Island. Could Clyde Moody be plotting against their friend, or have they accepted and trusted a probable criminal?<P> In this classic mystery by Mary C. Jane the young reader is again plunged into moments of suspense and anxiety as he races from one exciting chapter to the next. As in all of Mrs. Jane's books, the pace never flags."

Mystery in Old Quebec

Mary C. Jane

A mongrel pup helps two children unmask a clever deception!<P> Kerry and Mark get a special excuse from school to spend ten days in Quebec with their father. From the moment they step into the hall of the rooming house where they are to stay, though, they have a sense of things not being quite right. Kerry hears sounds of crying; her sweater disappears and reappears in a mysterious manner. The children receive a strange communication, and the landlady behaves in a most unfriendly way. All of this adds up to a baffling problem that the children set about solving. There are other things to do in Quebec besides solve mysteries, and Kerry and Mark find time for sight-seeing and for making a new friend – who turns out to be helpful in their job of detection…<P> Here is a timeless story that is just right for the reader who loves mysteries!

Mystery in Longfellow Square

Mary C. Jane

Only young Phil Holt suspects that the distinguished-looking Mr. Tate is looking for more than poetry in old Miss Goddard’s library. Miss Goddard thinks the self-styled poetry expert is charming. But Boz, the dog, takes an instant dislike to the elderly «scholar.» And Phil is sure he has seen Mr. Tate outside Miss Goddard’s house in the middle of the night, talking with a sinister stranger.<p> The unusual setting – Portland, Maine’s famous Longfellow Square – and the reality and appeal of the characters make this one of Mrs. Jane’s best stories. Family skeletons, a dognapping, and some furtive figures lurking in a closed-up church add to the excitement, as Phil proves that «bookish» boys can also be brave!

Mystery of the Red Carnations

Mary C. Jane

By Sunday evening Prue Tenney was despondent. She and the others in her class were supposed to write about something exciting that had happened over the weekend. All of her friends had either found an adventure or caused one to happen, but Prue had thought of nothing. Suddenly she remembered the one exciting event in her town – an unknown young man had been mysteriously shot eight years earlier. Although he was never identified, every year, on the anniversary of his death, someone placed red carnations on his grave. Neither the mystery of the shooting nor that of the flowers had ever been solved. Perhaps Prue could make an adventure out of visiting the grave.<P> She slipped out into the waning daylight, and hurried over to the cemetery. As she started toward the wooden grave-marker, Prue realized that someone else – a man – was already there. He turned and strode away. Prue tiptoed closer. A bouquet of red carnations was lying on the dead stranger's grave!<P> This was the beginning of real adventure for Prue, her brother, and two friends, one that lasted much longer than a weekend.<P> As in all Mary C. Jane's mysteries, the excitement and pace of her story build up to a satisfying climax. While her characters are confronted with a hidden gun, a strange woman prowling around an empty house, and a suspicious neighbor, these details fit plausibly into the everyday world of a small New England town.

Mystery in Hidden Hollow

Mary C. Jane

Amy and Freddy Connors can't believe their ears when their Uncle Ken tells them he is going to stay in Mr. Sargent's big old house in Hidden Hollow all winter. And, when their father says that they can stay with Uncle Ken, they can't believe their luck. They can be near their friends, Marcia and Jim, and best of all, they won't have to stay in their father's trailer and be part of «that shiftless Connors tribe.» Mr. Sargent wants Ken to take care of his house and his dog, but Amy and Freddy decide that being in the house will give them the chance to look for a lost inheritance. Before they have time to search for it, other mysteries pop up.<P> Who is the young woman whose portrait hangs in the Sargent house? Who is sneaking around the house at night? And why is someone trying to make trouble for Amy and Freddy?<P> The two children, with help from their friends, must find answers to all the mysteries – and, in the process, learn how to hold up their heads and keep their self-respect in spite of what neighbors might think of their family.