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Интересные истории в лесном царстве

Наталья Алексеевна Тимошенко

В сказочном мире, где живут наши герои. Происходит круговорот событий, который понравиться всем читателям.

Лунастры. Шаги в пустоте

Наталья Щерба

В третьей книге серии «Лунастры» Натальи Щербы читатели вновь перенесутся в таинственный мир, в котором живут крылатые лунаты, черпающие силу из лунного света, ловкие прыгуны астры, использующие энергию звезд, и, наконец, загадочные лунастры. Двуликий мир на пороге великого Часа Затмения. Кто проложит путь в таинственный Астралис, кто завладеет новым миром? И что если корни этого противостояния уходят в самые ранние времена, а у жителей древней Фамагусты тоже есть свои планы… Тим Князев, Селестина Святова и Алекс Волков ищут свое место в мире в эти трудные времена, они чувствуют, что наступает момент, когда приходится, рискнув всем, сделать шаг в Пустоту. Но хватит ли на это смелости и что ждет там, за Великим Пределом – жизнь или смерть? Читает: Юлия Яблонская © Н. Щерба, текст, 2019 © ООО «РОСМЭН», 2019 Запись произведена Аудио Издательством ВИМБО ©&℗ ООО «Вимбо», 2020 Продюсеры: Вадим Бух, Михаил Литваков

Сорселин. Книга 2. Девушка, которая любила фантастических существ

Сильвия Дуйе

Кто-то превращает существ и учеников школы криптозоологии в стеклянные статуи. Без магии здесь точно не обошлось, и под подозрением… Сорселин? Профессор Арчибальд Бальзар и его ассистенты намерены узнать правду, но они не догадываются, какой секрет хранит Сорселин.

Сорселин. Книга 1. Я стану фантастикологом!

Сильвия Дуйе

Сорселин только поступила в школу для изучения легендарных животных, где она обретет друзей, увидит вампиров, химер, фей, драконов и многих других необычных существ. Но привычную жизнь школы нарушает потрясение – кто-то заколдовал фей! Сможет ли Сорселин с друзьями выяснить, кто за этим стоит и не испугает ли их ответ?

The Land of Witches: The Sorcerer?s Dream

Jewell Claxton

This book is about an act of kindness in someone's time of need. The sorcerer outwitted Emily and won the valley but when he tried to be a leader and friend he was an outcast. The little witch came to his aide, not laughing at him or belittling him, but standing by him in his time of need.

Emily never spoke a bad word of the sorcerer nor did she condemn him for crying or being afraid of the creatures that lived there, but she stepped in and gave a helping hand or spell.

One act of kindness can create a beautiful world only if we believe that. When a person is in need and if we can lift them up, then why don't we, instead of pushing them back down?

An act of kindness creates joy in another person's life that touches others near and far. Do your part.

Heartlines and Bloodlines

Kristen Shurley-Han

Adeline and her sister Evelyn may be royalty, but they have never felt entirely at home among their fellow elves. They wield the power of wishsongs: magical melodies that allow them to harness the energies in the world around them. But in a world deeply divided along cultural lines and still reeling from the wars of the past, some see the girls’ differences as dangerous. Almost as dangerous as the realm of the Dark Lord—secured behind an energy wall that seems to be failing . . . When Adeline’s uncle is found murdered near the wall, everyone wants answers. The more Adeline investigates, the more mysteries she uncovers. What was Uncle Levi doing so close to the Dark Lord’s kingdom? Has there been a breach between the realms? And where does the greatest threat truly lie: outside her kingdom or within? Fully illustrated by Parker Turney, Heartlines and Bloodlines introduces a fantastic new world full of intrigue and danger. Smart, determined Adeline leads a cast of characters whose origins and outlooks are as diverse and imaginative as the magical landscapes they inhabit. Join her as she seeks the secrets hidden within her own family—and her own blood.


David Corkill

The kingdom of Teradil is celebrating its 500-year anniversary with food and games, a lively dance, and a dazzling fireworks display. Yet, what Rylan looks forward to most is seeing the girl he loves, Princess Emma of Austonia, whom he has not spoken to in four years. Emma remains confined to a tower where her royal parents believe she will be safe from worldly influences. She longs to experience new things, never anticipating how drastically her life will soon change for a great force of evil lies in wait, threatening to disrupt Teradil’s celebrations and destroy its tradition of peace throughout the land. When the enemy finally materializes and Prince Rylan’s own father is sacrificed, he must assume the strength and resolve of a leader and confront the challenges before him or submit to a bleak future in which he and Teradil are merely pawns in a menacing game. Whether the Prince and the Resistance can thwart the enemy, no one knows. But their determination will decide their fate. Full of action, suspense, romance, and supernatural twists and turns, Teradil: The Age of Darkness is a story for the generations as Rylan and his comrades fight for the survival of everything they value. The odds are against them; but in the end, when the true foe is revealed, all will understand how power in the wrong hands is the most terrifying enemy of all.

The Jabberwock Came Whiffling

Mel Gilden

Twas brillig–and Albert is vacationing with his family in The Valley of Enchantment in Redwoods National Park in California when something goes very, VERY wrong. Albert suddenly finds himself without cell phone service, and is forced to deal with slithy toves, mome raths, borogoves, and a pretty girl named Alice. The only way that Albert can ever return home, he's told, is by slaying the Jabberwock, the monster featured in Lewis Carroll's classic poem, «Jabberwocky»; and then getting into the cave of a snark, which is, unfortunately, a boojum. Wonderland was never so much fun–or so dangerous! This modern-day sequel to Carroll's Alice in Wonderland books is a middle-grade novel for kids–and for adults who can still remember when they were kids. Great fantasy adventure!