Различные книги в жанре Вестерны

The Lonesome Quarter

Richard Wormser

Her name was Vera Mae, and she had been around these dusty tank towns too long—working the two-bit rodeos and cozying up to suckers, like this fat tourist in the bar.<P> Oh God, she thought, I can con him and ditch him by nine-thirty, but what then? Sit in a hotel room. Get drunk and pass out. I'll be an old bag before I'm thirty.<P> That was Vera Mae: fed up and ripe for trouble, when a lean ex-bronc rider named Lonnie drifted in from the desert…

Curse of Texas Gold: A Walt Slade Western

Bradford Scott

Welcome to a Texas Boom Town – <P> Where outlaws ride roughshod and lawmen are laid low! <P> Where a vicious gang, greed-crazed for gold, guns down anyone who stands in their path! <P> Where Walt Slade, undercover ace of the Texas Rangers, is marked for death because he alone knows the twisted trail that led to their deadly secret! <P> This is another in the long-running series of exciting Westerns about Walt Slade, the most fearless of the Texas Rangers.

King of the Rodeo

Archie Joscelyn

Showdown at Gila Bend

Kingsley West

Lansen was a man who wanted his land and his woman on the terms he laid down.<P> When Matthew Kincaid and his hired guns tried to get him to settle for less, Lansen decided to stop talking… Blood started to flow – blood that washed down the valley, turning it into a long night of terror and death…

The Hate Trail: A Walt Slade Western

Bradford Scott

They called Amarillo “the Cowboy Capital" – but “Corpse-and-Cartridge City" would have been a better name after Veck Sosna and his Comancheros rode In! <P> Walt Slade, undercover ace of the Texas Rangers, tried every dodge he knew to trap Sosna, but the tricky, vicious outlaw was always one step ahead of him…until the bullet-filled night when Ranger and bandit chief met face to face at the end of The Hate Trail!

Apache Ambush

Will Cook

Apaches on the warpath! Raping and pillaging, torturing and killing! Ever since he had been their prisoner, Lt. Tim O'Hagen had been driven by his hatred for these savages. And now they had taken his woman! O'Hagen swore to get them – even if it meant battling them all the way to hell and back again.

Fury and the White Mare

Albert G. Miller

Alastor, the son of an iron-master, has no inclination to follow his father’s trade, preferring to work with wood. He and his musically-talented sister Catrianne leave the foundry to go and live in a town, where Alastor soon begins to specialize in making musical instruments. One day, while delivering an unusual musical instrument to a hamlet high in the mountains, he is thrown by his horse during a storm. Temporarily lame, he is forced to take refuge in a strange cabin in the forest, where the mysterious Melusine lived with her daughter Lucinia. When Alastor returns to the town, he takes Lucinia with him and marries her. They have two children, Handsel and Chanterelle. Everything goes well with the family until disaster strikes, leaving Catrianne in sole charge of the children, obliged to seek shelter first at the iron-master’s foundry and then at the cabin in the mountains, where a great many surprises await them regarding their own identity and the peril overhanging the forest and the world of Faerie, which is under threat of extinction. Perhaps something can be saved, and if it can, the key to its salvation might lie, at least in part, in Catrianne’s music, Handsel’s uniqueness, and Chanterelle’s dreams.

Bullets for a Ranger: A Walt Slade Western

Bradford Scott

Ghosts range – fearsome figures in gleaming armor, spirits of the conquistadores – are striking terror into the herdsmen of Texas' Matagorda Bay country.... But maybe, a skeptical Slade told himself, they're not ghosts – just smart owlhoots wrapped in tin plate.... So the Ranger ace went «ghost»-hunting – with hot lead and fighting fury!<P> But Slade didn't know how close he himself would come to being made a ghost....

Blood on the Range

Eli Colter

FEUD RAGED LIKE WILDFIRE – An old feud, a blood feud – and out of Great Lost Valley rode Gage Gardin to corner one of Louis Peele's gunhawks m the lonely desert. Meanwhile, Peele raided the Circle Crossbar – ruthlessly killing Gage's horses, gunning his best men, stealing his sweetheart, Mary Silver…<P> Gage hit the backtrail with flaring six-shooters, gunfight following gunfight as he blasted through the leadslingers between himself and Peele. Gage meant to shoot his way into a final showdown – but could he shoot his way out aqain?