Simple Pleasures of the Home. Susannah Seton

Сделай Сам. Simple Pleasures Series

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Simple Pleasures of the Home

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isbn 9781609253530

Автор произведения Susannah Seton

Жанр Сделай Сам

Серия Simple Pleasures Series

Издательство Ingram

"Home," writes Susannah Seton. «There are few words that carry such potent feelings. It's the place where we can let down our hair, loosen our clothes, put our feet up. It's where those we love most share in the ordinariness and extraordinariness of our days. It's the place many of us spend lifetimes trying to get back to. As the proverb goes, it's where our hearts are. Simple Pleasures of the Home is for everyone who has the nesting impulse – from passionate and accomplished home decorators to anyone who simply enjoys domestic downtime. Organized room by room, the book includes dozens of simple activities for bringing the family together, creative ideas for pampering yourself and loved ones, easy-to-follow instructions for making aromatherapy products, tips for candlemaking, and comfort-food recipes As the proverb goes, it's where our hearts are.»