Simple Pleasures of the Garden. Susannah Seton

Сделай Сам. Simple Pleasures Series

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Simple Pleasures of the Garden

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isbn 9781609253523

Автор произведения Susannah Seton

Жанр Сделай Сам

Серия Simple Pleasures Series

Издательство Ingram

Simple Pleasures of the Garden is a treasure chest of tips, how-to's, stories, and trade secrets gathered together in one beautiful book. Organized by season, the hundreds of suggestions and recipes present a profusion of ways to celebrate the bounty of the Earth all year round.Projects include handcrafted lotions and oils, baskets and wreaths, potpourris and floral waters, along with dozens of simple, inexpensive home decorations and easy-to-prepare recipes that utilize all of your garden's harvest. From compost tea to confetti corn chowder, Simple Pleasures of the Garden will inspire you to bestow the comforts and charms of your garden on family and friends.