Birthday. A sad holiday. Виктория Олеговна Рогозина

Приключения: прочее.

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Birthday. A sad holiday

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isbn 9785005305664

Автор произведения Виктория Олеговна Рогозина

Жанр Приключения: прочее


Издательство Издательские решения

There is a common phrase: “Born in a shirt”. Or “Born a second time”. Choosing a birthday present is a separate topic. The gift should be large and unnecessary. If there is nothing to donate, donate money. People love money – that’s a fact. Many do not like that very day, why?! Perhaps they inattentively read the Bible, which says that a person has two most important dates in his life – this is his birthday and the day of death, and life is a line on a tombstone.